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WebCT: CE-6

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WebCT: CE-6 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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WebCT: CE-6
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  1. WebCT: CE-6 Group Manager

  2. Working with Groups: • In WebCT Ce-6 you can: • create custom groups. • create multiple groups. • create groups with sign-up sheets. • create discussion topics for groups. • create chat or whiteboard rooms for groups. • send mail messages to groups. • edit group settings. • edit sign-up sheet settings. • delete groups.

  3. Creating Groups • Create Custom group • One group, you select the members to add • Create multiple groups • empty groups, you add members manually at a later date OR • creates groups and randomly assigns students • Create groups with sign-up sheets • Students sign up for by using a sign-up sheet

  4. Creating Groups – Custom Group: Adding Members Manually • Good to use in setting up a course • Simplifies facilitation process • All groups established prior to start of course • All supporting tools established (chat, discussion topics, etc.) • All you have to do is populate groups prior to the assignment date

  5. Creating Group – Multiple Groups: Random Group Population • Good strategy if groups are created after the course begins and random generation is appropriate

  6. Creating Groups: Sign-up Sheets • Create prior to the start of the trimester • You can specify the maximum number of students allowed in a group • Supports self-selection

  7. Create Sign-up Groups: Students Self-enroll in Groups

  8. Create Sign-up Groups In “Teach” tab, click on “Group Manager”

  9. Create Sign-up Groups

  10. Create Sign-up Groups 1. Select “Create Groups with Sign-up Sheets 2. Click on “Continue” 1 2

  11. Create Sign-up Groups – First Half of Entry Screen

  12. Create Sign-up Groups – Second Half of Entry Screen

  13. Groups Established

  14. Edit Topics So They Are “Student-Friendly” Click on the ActionLinks dropdown menu and click on “Edit Group”

  15. Edit Topics So They Are “Student-Friendly” • Type the desired name in the Group Name Box. • Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click ‘save’. • Repeat for each of the groups established.

  16. Groups Renamed

  17. Create Custom Group: Instructor Assigns Members to Group

  18. Create Custom Groups In “Teach” tab, click on “Group Manager”

  19. Create Custom Groups

  20. Create Sign-up Groups 1. Select “Create Custom Group” 2. Click on “Continue” 1 2

  21. Create a Custom Group • Name the Group • Add a description, if you choose • Save– if you want to populate the group later ORClick on “Add Members” to add students to the group, and then click on “Save” Note that you have an option to ‘Save’ and add another group which can save you time if you have multiple custom groups to create.

  22. Group Appears in Alphabetic Sequence in the Group Manager List

  23. Create a Multiple Custom Groups Note that you have an option to ‘Save and create another group’ instead of just Saving. This can save you time if you have multiple custom groups to create, each with a different name. OR, you can use “Create Multiple Groups” option and create all groups at one time if you just want to have groups differentiated by a number (group 1, group 2, etc.)

  24. Create Multiple Groups: WebCT Can Randomly Assign Members Note: If you want WebCT to randomly assign members, create groups after the course has started. Otherwise, there are no students available to put in groups and you have to go back and add students manually. However, create multiple groups can also be used in lieu of “Create Custom Groups” to avoid repetitive entry of information.

  25. Create Multiple Groups In “Teach” tab, click on “Group Manager”

  26. Create Multiple Groups

  27. Create Multiple Groups 1. Select “Create Multiple Groups” 2. Click on “Continue” 1 2

  28. Create Multiple Groups: First part of Entry Screen:

  29. Create Multiple Groups: Second part of Entry Screen – Decide How to form groups Complete each of the elementsand click on ”Continue”

  30. Groups Created Click Save

  31. Multiple Groups In Group Manager Multiple groups are added to the Group Manger screen in alphabetic sequence.

  32. Managing Groups

  33. Managing Groups • Once the groups are created, you can do the following: • create discussion topics for groups • create chat or whiteboard rooms for groups • send mail messages to all members of one or more groups. • edit group settings, such as group name and description. • edit sign-up sheet settings • add and remove group members. • delete groups.

  34. Set Up Private Discussion Topics and/or Chat Rooms Select all Groups by clicking in the box to the left of Group Name (To select only one group, click on the box next to that group’s name).

  35. Set Up Private Discussion Topics and/or Chat Rooms Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the dropdown menu to reveal options.

  36. Set Up Discussion Topic Select the activity (i.e. Discussion Topic) from the drop-down menu and then click the green arrow .

  37. Discussion Topic Set-up: First Part of screen

  38. Discussion Topic Set-up: Second Part of screen

  39. Discussion Topic Set-up: Bottom section of screen

  40. Discussion Topic Set-up: Bottom section of screen

  41. Discussion Topic Set-up: Bottom section of screen You can place the topics into a special discussion category (recommended). In this instance, I had set up the category before creating the groups. You can also set up the category at the same time you create the groups by clicking on the “Create a Category” option and completing the entry boxes.

  42. Confirmation Screen

  43. Discussion Topics? Let’s click on the Discussions Topic to see what has been created

  44. Discussion Topics Set up for Sign-up Groups

  45. To Add Group Chat Rooms Repeat the process by going back to the Group Screen and selecting “Chat Room” from the Group Activity Drop-down menu and following the input screens.

  46. Managing Groups Click on the “Action Links” drop-down menu to see options • Options • Edit Group • Edit Sign-up Sheet for the Group • Send mail to just this group • Delete the group

  47. Group Manager Edit Groups

  48. Edit Group: Sign-up Group

  49. Edit Sign-up Sheet SettingsNote: All changes affect all groups

  50. Edit Group: Edit Assignment Settings – Add Additional Groups