Recent developments in epics based beamline software
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“Recent” developments in EPICS-based beamline software. 7/24/02 Tim Mooney Beamline Controls & Data Acquisition Group Advanced Photon Source Argonne National Laboratory. PPC compatible Include files Macro substitution Specify restore files Select directories for save files, request files

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Recent developments in epics based beamline software

“Recent” developments in EPICS-based beamline software


Tim Mooney

Beamline Controls & Data Acquisition Group

Advanced Photon Source

Argonne National Laboratory

Autosave restore www aps anl gov xfd softdist swbcda autosaverestore 3 13 5 tar gz

PPC compatible

Include files

Macro substitution

Specify restore files

Select directories for save files, request files

Dated boot backup

Reload request files

Manual save/restore works

Almost backward compatible

Request-file excerpt:

# comment

xxx:m1.DESC # comment

file myfile.req P=xxx:,M=m2


Include-file excerpt:



file nested.req P=$(P),Q=abc


Savedata v1 13
saveData v1.13

  • PPC compatible (EPICS >3.13.5)

  • Misc. bug fixes (stack size, trigger-PV field name, save-every-point fixed, string term.)

  • PC/Mac friendly file names, e.g.


Transformrecord v5 5
transformRecord v5.5

  • Test for old value failed (calc would never run) if value was NaN.

  • New field IVLA: can disable calc & output while record is in alarm

  • Backward compatible with everything in synApps

  • Scheduled for synApps 4.5

Scalerrecord v3 12
scalerRecord v3.12

  • Hold time before autocount overwrites scaler values is adjustable in st.cmd and in vxWorks console (default is 10 sec.)


  • Guaranteed to post VAL after count has finished and all scaler counts have been posted. (So clients know when they’ve received all the monitors they’re going to get.)

String calculations see www aps anl gov xfd bcda medm help yyscalcoutrecord adl html





Select field:


‘abcdef’[1,3] => ‘bcd’

‘abcdef’[‘a’,’f’] => ‘bcde’

‘abcdef’{‘ab’,’XY’} => ‘XYcdef’

printf(‘abc%.2f’,1.2) => ‘abc1.20’

dbl(‘abc1.20’) => 1.2

@@(0) => 0th string arg (AA)

‘abc’+’def’ => ‘abcdef’

String calculationssee

Serial o i block
Serial O/I Block

  • Combination of string calc to construct output message, serial record to send and/or receive, and string calc to parse reply

  • Write serial-device support at run time

  • Similar GPIB support

Optical table
Optical table

  • Newport (diffractometer base) geometry

  • PNC geometry


  • Dispersive double crystal (nested, in-line)

  • Spherical grating


  • Sample Wheel (scannable, sample averaging)

  • 4-step measurement (scannable, for dichroism)

  • Run-time table interpolation (``, feedback ctrl)

  • XIA filter/shutter


  • 4 positioners, 4 detector triggers, 70 signals

  • saveData client writes data to NFS-mounted disk

  • Can acquire 1D arrays (e.g., save MCA spectra)

  • Start/end, table, on-the-fly

  • Dedicated scan and parameter sets for 1-D automated alignment

Clients data analysis

scanSee (realtime display for 1D, 2D, 3D scans)

scanBrowser (offline display of MDA files)

NX Scan Browser (offline display of NeXus files)

IDL classes, routines for image data (plot, fit, ROI, overlay, etc.)

PVMail (send email when PV violates limits)

Channel Archiver

Clients, data analysis

Python - 1D real-time scan-plot demonstration - read MDA files into a structure

from readMDA import *

scan = readMDA(“xxx_scan2_0001”) - display images from MDA file

from detView import *




  • Working…


Paddle board for use with BC-005

OMS VME58 to StepPak transition board

Mycom microswitch interface (DIN-rail)

Optical isolation board for use with BC-005

Optical limit switch display/inverter

Step-Dir / Step-Step converter

Acromag 9440 interface

NEAT stage interface

TTL to RS232 converter

Xycom 240 -> QI 2000 adapter

Turbo gate valve controller

PSS remote shutter interface

Servo amplifier for use with BC-005

Nitrogen-distribution controller

Picomotor connections

Multi purpose IP to Lemo interface (DIN-rail)

IP330 ADC interface (DIN-rail)

IP-Unidig interface for BC-020

IP-Systran DAC interface for BC-020

B.O.N.E. box, for electronics prototyping

IP330 ADC interface for BC-020 IP-Lemo system

Xycom 240 - Mad City Labs Nano-Drive


Relay Module Board

VME58 front header adapter for BC-005

VME Digital Waveform Generator

VME 26-bit histogrammer