fantasy art and surrealism n.
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Fantasy Art and Surrealism PowerPoint Presentation
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Fantasy Art and Surrealism

Fantasy Art and Surrealism

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Fantasy Art and Surrealism

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  1. Fantasy Art and Surrealism

  2. What is Fantasy Art? • Fantasy art is a genre of art that depicts magical or other supernatural themes, ideas, creatures or settings. • Magical or supernatural elements • Dragons, wizards, fairies and other fantastical and mythical creatures are common features in fantasy art.

  3. What is surrealism? • Surrealism was an artistic and literary movement, dedicated to expressing the imagination as revealed in dreams, free of the conscious control of reason and convention. • The principles, ideals, or practice of producing fantastic imagery or effects in art, by means of unnatural or irrational juxtapositions and combinations.

  4. Juxtaposition in Surrealism Juxtaposition – the placing of random objects close to each other, or side by side, especially for comparison or contrast. Surrealists place random objects near each other than make no sense together.

  5. In this Hand-scape Fantasy Art assignment, you will use pencils AND/OR pencils to create a “Hand-scape”. This is a sketch of a human hand integrated into a fantasy or surreal background.

  6. This landscape is “surreal” because it places objects together that don’t normally belong together. Here we see part of a galaxy with trees and rock. This landscape came from someone’s imagination and breaks the rules of conventional landscapes.

  7. Fantasy Landscape

  8. Surrealism – random objects placed together in a fantasy background.

  9. The imagination plays a huge part in surrealism and fantasy

  10. Vibrant colour, interesting shapes

  11. Kinda creepy, but kinda cool!

  12. You’ve seen fantasy backgrounds. Now you will see how to incorporate your “hand sketch” into a fantasy landscape.

  13. Fantasy “Hand-scape” Black and White The artist has sketched a hand, and placed it into a scene with dolphins by the sea. The dolphins are smaller than the hands.

  14. This hand sketch is placed with doves perching on it into a cityscape. The hand is larger-than-life.

  15. Hand sketch and surreal landscape. Coloured with pencil crayon.

  16. Fantasy Hand-scape in Colour What do you think the message is here?

  17. Your assignment • Sketch a black and white hand, and a colour hand on 8.5x11 paper. • Create a fantasy hand-scape in black and white or full colour. •

  18. What do I hand in? • Your rough hand sketches (2 of them) • Your fantasy “hand scape” (black and white, or colour…your choice) • DUE FRIDAY, DECEMBER 18