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Fantasy Art

Fantasy Art

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Fantasy Art

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  1. Fantasy Art

  2. Fantasy or Fantastic art refers to art that is non-realistic is subject, but realistic in style. The subject matter for fantasy art is often influenced by folklore, mythology, or just the artist imagination. Fantasy art is similar to Surrealism; both are defined as using realism to depict something unreal. However, Fantasy art is a genre, it is not an “ism”. It is not restricted to one place or moment in time.

  3. Fantsy art is kind of like fantasy literature. Some artists are creating literature to accompany their art, or art to illustrate their writings.

  4. Chagall was born in 1887 in Vitepsk. This is a small Russian-Jewish village. His family was very poor and worked very hard. Mark Chagall Fantasy Artist

  5. Chagall started drawing after he saw a picture a classmate had drawn. The more Chagall drew, the more he wanted to be an artist. He begged his mother to take him to an artist’s studio. The artist said that Chagall had talent, so he taught him how to paint. Mark Chagall, I and the Village

  6. Fantastic Art Marc Chagall is famous for his “Fantastic Art” style. “Fantastic Art” is similar to Surrealism because it has a dream-like quality. This is his imagination influenced by childhood memories, folklore, and country life.

  7. Marc often puts pictures of himself or people he cared about in his paintings.

  8. Often the love he had for his wife was the subject of his art.

  9. Bob Eggleton- Contemporary Fantasy artist

  10. Born in 1960, Bob Eggleton gained notoriety in the 1990’s.

  11. Bob Eggleton

  12. Eggleton likes the character Godzilla, he worked on the American remake.

  13. Eggleton even illustrated cards for the Magic: The Gathering card game. These cards are collected by fans and gamers.

  14. Jacek Yerka • born in 1952, • Polish painter

  15. He creates colorful fantasy scenes and whimsical landscapes.