Assessing crb competence
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Assessing CRB Competence. Accreditation means: Organisation & operation is impartial and independent Impartial & independent assessment and certification Competent to do the work Office personnel & the assessment team. Assessing CRB Competence. G.2.2.1.

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Assessing crb competence
Assessing CRB Competence

Accreditation means:

Organisation & operation is impartial and independent

Impartial & independent assessment and certification

Competent to do the work

  • Office personnel & the assessment team

Assessing crb competence1
Assessing CRB Competence


Personnel of CRB to have competence to direct and manage the process




Or other

And auditors/technical experts

Assessing crb competence2
Assessing CRB Competence


“A registered QMS auditor is competent to assess any quality system”

A scope extension required to undertake assessment of new client.Submit an auditors CV with “some relevance to clients scope” + some guidance notes if “shaky”.

If rejected,--submit another, and another


Assessing crb competence3
Assessing CRB Competence

.“ A BIT OF HISTORY” cont’d

The 39 scopes, - wider operating opportunities for the CRB– inspection not possible, Management system and ASSURANCE/CONFIDENCE was needed.

FOCUS on CRBs management systems and control to deliver competent teams.

Assessing crb competence4
Assessing CRB Competence


Management should have enough

knowledge relevant to the technical

areas in which the CRB is active.

G 3.5.5. Accreditation means,..

Management has demonstrated necessary understanding of the sector and ability to manage audits.

Assessing crb competence5
Assessing CRB Competence

G.4.2.9 (IAF GD6)

Competence analysis

G.4.2.10.(IAF GD6)

Contract Review

Assessing crb competence6
Assessing CRB Competence

G.4.2.10 (IAF GD6 )

Contract Review.

Evaluate requirements of client.

Confirm scope of assessment

Identify assessor requirements

Select/deploy competent team

Assessing crb competence7
Assessing CRB Competence

(IAF GD6 )

Management Competence to;

Select, train, monitor auditors.

Manage technical experts.

Conduct contract reviews

Review reports and decision to certify.

Assessing crb competence8
Assessing CRB Competence

Accreditation means:

.CRB can deploy competent team to undertake rigorous assessments

  • Knowledge to apply the standard

  • Knowledge of the industry & client’s business

  • Adequate time

  • Produce meaningful reports (judgements)

    Which ensure certified management system

    delivers the end product or service.

Assessing crb competence9
Assessing CRB Competence

Technical management of sector/element

  • Competency needs analysis for carrying out assessments in the sector/element

  • Specifying assessor competence criteria

  • Evaluation/confirmation of individual assessors’ competence

  • Identification of/selection of experts

Assessing crb competence10
Assessing CRB Competence

Technical management

  • Expertise to undertake contract review

  • Identify assessment team requirements

  • Select team members

  • Deploy competent team

Assessing crb competence11
Assessing CRB Competence

Technical management

  • Review and technically challenge reports

  • Correct team

  • Correct use of team members

  • Correct programme/assessment of processes

  • Adequate report content

  • Correctness of NCR’s

  • Independent decision to certify

Assessing cb rb competence
Assessing CB/RB Competence

Technical management

Use of ‘experts’:

  • Advisor to management

  • Advisor to audit team

  • Member of audit team

  • Confirm competence of individuals for specialist areas

Assessing crb competence12
Assessing CRB Competence

AB assessment of CRB

To make a judgement on accredited scope, the AB needs confidence in CB technical management of the scope.

Auditing crb competence
Auditing CRB Competence

CRB must demonstrate.

What is the process for development into new areas.

Research and development.

Designing a new service.

Verification….technical detail, competence criteria, CVs, training,records,& more records.

VALIDATION. ? ? ? How and by whom .

Auditing crb competence1
Auditing CRB Competence

AB team must be competent to judge the CB

technical management for each scope of


Assess the design/development process output.

  • Determine extent of knowledge of the sector

    • Review documents and interview

  • Confirm competency needs analysis

    • Review documents

Auditing crb competence2
Auditing CRB Competence

  • Confirm assessor competence

    • Examine records of knowledge, experience, training

    • Interview assessors

  • Confirm contract review/assessor competence needs

    • Review records/client file

Auditing crb competence3
Auditing CRB Competence

  • Confirm technical review/decision to certify

    • Review client report.


  • Conduct witness assessments

Auditing crb competence4
Auditing CRB Competence

Purpose of witness assessments

The final confirmation (or otherwise) that CB

can deploy a competent team

  • Knowledgeable about the requirements of standard as applicable to client operation

  • Carries out rigorous assessment

  • Correctly reports on effectiveness of the management system.( ref ISO9001 scope).

Auditing crb competence5
Auditing CRB Competence

Witness Assessment.

One of the assessment tools to confirm confidence in the total process.

Any deficiencies identified should be a reflection of failure in technical management or administration arrangements.


Post audit review with team, or client.

Auditing crb competence6
Auditing CRB Competence

The development process approach will work for all CRBs of all sizes, and for any “scope” full or limited.

i.e CRB applying for scope of Food Products, Beverages, and Tobacco.


Dairy products.