lesson 11 stored energy n.
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Lesson 11: Stored Energy

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Lesson 11: Stored Energy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Lesson 11: Stored Energy. Objectives: E nergy can be stored in food, fuels and electrical cells Describe how electricity transfers energy . Sort the cards at your table into the ones that store energy and the ones that don’t. Where does all of our energy come from?.

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lesson 11 stored energy

Lesson 11: Stored Energy


Energy can be stored in food, fuels and electrical cells

Describe how electricity transfers energy

where does all of our energy come from
Where does all of our energy come from?

Look on page 96 & 97 in the green science 14 textbook

Summarize in your own words how the world gets it’s energy from the sun.


10.3 Energy from the Sun

Animals, such as humans, need to eat to live, grow and reproduce ...

... and we eat things that grow as a result of sunshine ...

... giving us this food chain.

chemical (stored) energy(in the plant)

chemical (stored) energy(inside the animal)

light energy(from the sun)


Plants have their own energy chain……

This is an energy transfer diagram.

It shows where energy is transferred to and from, and what causes the transfer. Here, the plant transfers energy from light into energy in chemicals it can use


10.1b Electrical energy

Electrical energy comes from ...

light energy insolar cells

kinetic energy indynamos

chemical energy in thefossil fuels used inpower stations

chemical energy storedin batteries


10.1b Electrical energy

Electrical energy can change to ...

light energy

sound energy

heat energy

kinetic (movement) energy


Electrical energy helps move energy from one place to another

Here, the fossil fuel transfers stored chemical energy to electricity to light/sound/ heat.

10.1b Electrical energy

Most power stations use fossil fuels to make electricity ...

... which is transmitted through cables ...

... which we can then use in our homes.

light energy (or sound, movement or heat energy)

stored chemical energy

electrical energy


chemical (stored)energy

kinetic (movement)energy





The energy transfer diagram for a runner wouldlook like this:

The energy transferred is sometimes non-useful

  • There are 8 stations.
  • You have 3 minutes at each station to draw the transfer of energy at each one.