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Charoite: A Transition Stone PowerPoint Presentation
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Charoite: A Transition Stone

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Charoite: A Transition Stone - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Charoite: A Transition Stone

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  1. Charoite: A Transition Stone Charoite is a transition stone. It works as a soul stone to overcome fear. Charoite stimulates enormous changes in vision and spiritual insight to deal with AIDS and spiritual level. To facilitate this work, which combines the heart and crown chakra, aura cleansing, stimulating and unconditional love. Charoite encourages vibration change and is linked to a higher reality. At the same time, it provides a deep physical and emotional healing. It can help you buy that perfect moment. Psychologically, Charoite integrates the "negative mass" to facilitate acceptance of others. It releases deep fear, to overcome resistance, or put things into perspective of particularly useful. It gives the drive, vigor, spontaneity and reduces stress and trouble, brings a relaxed state of mind. Charoite can be used to overcome obsessions and forced. By balancing the crown chakra, it helps to overcome the feeling of alienation or frustration. Mentally, Charoite stimulates insightful observation and analysis and apply these to facilitate rapid decision-making. It can help anyone who is someone else's ideas and programs, rather than their own driving. Spiritually, Charoite spirit of self-justification to everyday reality. It encourages the service of humanity's path. Stone open, balanced crown chakra. It can last insightful views and suggestions on how to correct the level of individual and collective karma. To buy gemstones online and chakra healing crystals online, please visit SevenChakraIndia. Reference: a-transition-stone.html