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Digital Marketing Agency?—?8 Reasons Why You Need One

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Digital Marketing Agency?—?8 Reasons Why You Need One - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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These are eight reasons that working with a digital marketing agency will boost your marketing efforts to the next level.

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Presentation Transcript

Digital Marketing Agency

8 Reasons Why You Need




Digital Marketing Agency

Wondering if it is time for your business to work with a digital marketing agency?

Modern marketing is complex, and if you aren’t blessed with a huge budget and a large team,

doing it alone will be a long, uphill battle.

It used to be that working with outside partner agencies meant flying to meetings and

coordinating strategy over the phone, but with modern technology, you can work with an

agency across the world if it’s the right fit for you. This ease means that you can get better

results, in less time.

A digital marketing agency is going to have your back as you grow your brand, helping you

scale your efforts up or down, and giving you the data to prove their results.

These are eight reasons that working with a digital marketing agency will boost your

marketing efforts to the next level.



You Need The SEO

SEO isn’t a one-man job; it takes foresight, planning, immediate execution, and a regular dose

of analytic monitoring to be done right. Not to mention, changing algorithms mean that you

have to keep your finger on the industry pulse, and be ready to change up your strategies when

an upgrade happens.

An agency will have a full-service SEO team that will make sure your efforts are paying off.



You Need The Content

Content marketing continues to be a major

focus of marketers — 72% of marketers are

producing more content in 2016 than they

were last year. Content will boost your SEO,

bring in new audiences, and keep your

customers engaged with your brand. But

creating good content on a regular basis is no

easy feat.

Working with a digital marketing agency opens

up the doors to a world of professional content

creators, skilled in everything from the written

word to high-quality videos. Of course, with

SEO specialists, they’ll also make sure that

content is optimized in every way possible,

giving you the biggest bang for your buck.



You Need The Design

Every day consumers get pickier with their online tastes; what worked one day is out the next.

When it comes to crafting the right design elements for everything from your on-site CTAs to

your landing pages, a digital marketing agency will have a team of knowledgeable designers

that make the most out of your assets. If you need a new website, they’ll be able to make sure

that your product starts off on the right foot.



You Need The Relationships

A digital marketing agency will be your partners in marketing success. They’ll be able to help

you craft or bolster a marketing strategy, and will have the resources available to get it

implemented. They are a set of fresh eyes to survey what you’ve done and how you’ve done it.

But, a marketing agency will also boost your relationships within the industry.

For both social media and blogs, industry influencers are the best form of promotion.

Leveraging their authority makes you look better, and accessing their larger audience will help

grow yours. A digital marketing agency will know what link-building strategies to use,

furthering your relationships, and will be able to connect you with the right influencers to

promote your assets.



You Need The Tech Knowledge

The biggest challenge for marketers in 2016 is meeting the increased mobile usage of their

audiences; 80% of online searching is done using a smartphone. Not only does Google factor

device-responsiveness into its current algorithm, but if your users can’t access your site or

content, then they can’t engage or convert. A digital agency will ensure that all assets are

always mobile-optimized, making sure you never miss out on exposure to your audience.

But there are other technical areas of your assets that a digital marketing agency can address.

Broken links, slow-loading images, and backend lapses in SEO can further impact your SEO and

marketing effectiveness, and they will have the team to help resolve any of these issues.



You Need The Data

How do you know if something is working if you don’t measure it? A digital marketing agency

will integrate analytic monitoring to ensure that all of your assets perform as intended. This

gives you a way to hold them responsible for performance, but also makes sure your strategy is

always up-to-date.

Marketing agencies also know that continuous testing of assets using A/B testing is crucial for

optimization. By knowing what elements could be improved on, and having the research to

back up these decisions, every change that gets made will be validated with data. As marketing

guru Jon Loomer (@JonLoomer) advises, “While the experiences of others can be helpful to set

general expectations, they do not replace hands-on testing. You need to test yourself. You need

to experiment. You need to find what works and doesn’t work for you.” (Source: Marketizator).

An agency will be ready to help you put these words into effect.



You Need The Speed

Digital marketing is all about speed — but

getting timely assets produced and making

immediate changes is only half the battle. If

you have to focus on individual team members

or freelancers for each of your marketing

needs, that means you will be spending the

time training them and getting them familiar

with your brand and goals.

An agency doesn’t have the time to waste for

that. They will be ready to hit the ground

running immediately, having efficient

processes for understanding your vision and

making it a reality.



You Need The Expertise Of A

Digital Marketing Agency

If it’s not clear by now, a digital marketing agency helps you handle all of the components

required for success. If you had to hire a content writer, web designer, SEO expert, social media

specialist and the other employees needed to execute a modern marketing campaign, your

marketing budget would take a huge hit.

A digital marketing agency, on the other hand, means getting access to all of these resources

for a fraction of the cost. Because they are an expert and well-rounded team, you’ll get high-

quality and results-driven work, at a pace that keeps up with your business.



SevenAtoms is a San Francisco based inbound marketing company that helps

businesses market their products and services online to achieve tangible,

bottom-line results. We have a passion for inbound marketing and love helping

our clients grow their brand and create sustainable lead generation sources.

Our expertise extends to SEO, PPC, social media, and content marketing, and

we are especially adept at integrating these channels so that they work

together to drive maximum performance.

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