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SmartFinds Internet Marketing is a Digital Marketing Agency providing businesses with Internet strategies for Internet Marketing and Internet Advertising.

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Introduction to SmartFinds

“The Art of Multi-Dimensional Promotion”

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SmartFinds Internet Marketing is a digital marketing agency dedicated to one thing: helping you drive business through Internet marketing.

Today’s web is a game changer for businesses, with powerful new tools for engaging with customers.

We leverage our 15 years of experience in the Internet industry to help you create successful online customer relationships, giving you a powerful marketing edge.

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  • SmartFinds Service Groups

  • Research, Strategy, and Planning

  • Creative and Technical Development

  • Digital Marketing

  • Digital Advertising

  • Management, Measurement & Analysis

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A Full Service

Digital Marketing Agency

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SmartFinds provides tailored digital marketing support for your objectives.

We help you drive conversion, loyalty, and sales through intimate connections between your brand and all your audiences.

We can do the research, develop a plan and manage its execution and measurement every step of the way.

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Fixed Time Frame.

With a Fixed Budget.

No Surprises.

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Understanding Your Business.

Understanding the Market.

Developing a Business Internet Action Plan.

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  • Creative and Technical Development

  • Interactive Design

  • Online Brand Development

  • Website Objective and Flow

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Technical Backend Service

  • P3 Technical Marketing

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Effective Outcomes.

For Your Business.

From Professional Creativity.

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  • Digital Marketing

  • Content Development: Articles, News, Videos, PowerPoint

  • Multi-Level Content Distribution

  • Linking, Cross Linking & Deep Linking

  • Digital Public Relations:Crisis Management and Brand Support

  • VPOD: Video Production Optimization & Distribution

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Posting Content on the Internet

Has a Shelf Life of Years!

Benefits Your Business Long Term.

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  • Digital Advertising

  • Digital Display Ads

    • Ad Development: Static, Animated, Rich Media, Expandable, Video, Interactive

    • Tier 1 Website Placement

    • Targeting: Geographic, Category, Demographic

    • Behavioral and Search Retargeting

  • Sponsored Search Management

  • Internet Offers, Coupons, & Bargains Campaigns

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Target & Reach Your Audience.

Fast Response.

Return on Investment you can Measure.

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Business Information and Data Collection.

Manage what we Measure.

Making Decisions Together.

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SmartFinds helps you achieve your online objectives through measurable actions and measurable results.

We really enjoy what we do for our clients, and have a high interest in their goals.

Thank you for considering SmartFinds.

We’d be happy to hear from you!

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Creative Strategies.

Resourceful Methods.

Innovative Ideas.

Connecting you with the Right Audience.

Use the full power of the Internet with us!

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Come Visit Us on the Web

or Contact Us Toll-Free