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Some Interesting Facts

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Some Interesting Facts. Нехорошева Наталья Владимировна учитель английского языка ГБОУ СОШ № 901, г. Москва. William the Conqueror. The first Monarch who was crowned at the Abbey was William the Conqueror ( Вильгельм Завоеватель ), it happened in 1066 . Westminster Abbey.

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Some Interesting Facts

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    1. Some Interesting Facts Нехорошева Наталья Владимировна учитель английского языка ГБОУ СОШ № 901, г. Москва

    2. William the Conqueror The first Monarch who was crowned at the Abbey was William the Conqueror (ВильгельмЗавоеватель), it happened in 1066.

    3. Westminster Abbey Westminster Abbey stands on the site where the first church was built in 1065, it was later rebuilt and enlarged many times.

    4. Westminster Palace • Westminster Palace is 1,0000 years old. • It was damaged by fire in 19th century hand rebuilt. • An architect Charles Barry, who won a competition for the best design, redecorated the interior of the Palace.

    5. Westminster Bridge • Westminster Bridge is painted green in honour of the House of Commons. • It is interesting that there is Lambeth Bridge in London that is painted red in honour of the House of Lords.

    6. «Big Ben» bell «Big Ben» bell weights 13,5 tons. It rang out for the first time in 1859. St. Stephen’s Tower is 98 m high.

    7. St. Paul’s Cathedral • St. Paul’s Cathedral is a place for many state ceremonies. Every year a special service is held on the occasion of the Monarch’s birthday.

    8. The Buckingham Palace • The Palace was built in 1677 and received its name from the Duke of Buckingham who lived there. • In 1762 king George 111 bought the Palace as a present for his wife.

    9. The Buckingham Palace • The first monarch who worked and lived in Palace was Queen Victoria in the 19th century. Since then all British Monarchs have used Buckingham Palace as their working place.

    10. The Buckingham Palace • Buckingham Palace was opened to the public in 1994. The money the Queen received from the tourists went to restore her home, Windsor Castle, after the great fire.

    11. Hyde Park The patch of land where Hyde Park lies was bought by Henry VIII from the monks of Westminster Abbey. The park got its name from the mansion of Hyde which also belonged to the Abbey and stood there.

    12. St. James's Park In the 13th century there was St. James hospital on the place of St. James's Park. This is from this hospital that the park took its name.

    13. Тhe Cabinet Room There are many racks with books and maps in the Cabinet Room. The ministers often use them when they discuss international affairs.

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