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Absolutism. Honors Western Civilization Mrs. Civitella. What was absolutism?. absolutism - political system in which a monarch (or group) holds supreme, unlimited power or a system of government in which a ruler determines policy without consulting the people. Results of Absolutism.

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Honors Western Civilization

Mrs. Civitella

What was absolutism
What was absolutism?

absolutism- political system in which a monarch (or group) holds supreme, unlimited power


a system of government in which a ruler determines policy without consulting the people

Results of absolutism
Results of Absolutism

  • a great increase in the power of kings

  • kings developed strong standing armies to replace the private armies of the nobles

  • standing armies are armies that are kept in times of peace and times of war

  • actively enlarged their territories

  • kept armies outside of their national boundaries

Results of absolutism continued
Results of absolutism continued

  • increased taxes

  • strict control over the lives of the people

  • persecuted traitors

  • bureaucracies- career officials appointed by and solely accountable to the king

  • Glorification of the state over all other aspects of a culture

    For example: Viva la France!

I the golden age of spain
I. The Golden Age of Spain

  • King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella were the first modern European monarchs (1469-1516)

    • The Reconquista in 1492 pushed the Muslims out of Spain and united the country with Catholicism

    • Created the Spanish Inquisition

    • Also in 1492, Columbus discovered the New World

    • The Columbian Exchange made Spain very wealthy

    • Spain continued exploration increasing her power and influence

Ferdinand and isabella
Ferdinand and Isabella

With Christopher Columbus

B charles v and his empire
B. Charles V and his empire

  • In 1519, Charles V the grandson of Ferdinand and Isabella inhereted Spain

  • He also inhereted the Spanish empire in the Americas

  • From his other grandparents (The Hapsburgs of Austria) he inhereted Austria and the Netherlands

  • Fought Luther and the Protestant Reformation

  • Peace of Augsburg in 1555 where German princes could decide for themselves if they wanted to be Catholic or Lutheran


The Lutheran Cross

Martin Luther at the Diet at Worms in 1521

Reign of charles v continued
Reign of Charles V continued

  • Charles was loved and respected in Spain

  • He had to spend the riches of Spain to finance wars in France, Italy, Burgundy and Flanders

  • He also had to defend his Austrian lands against the Turks

  • By 1556, Charles abdicated the throne and divided his empire between his brother Ferdinand and son Philip II

  • Ferdinand ruled the Hapsburg lands and Philip II ruled Spain, Southern Italy, the Netherlands and the Spanish empire in the Americas

  • Charles then retired and joined a monestary

C philip ii divine ruler of spain
C. Philip II divine ruler of Spain

  • Philip II ruled Spain from 1556-1598

  • Very religious, Philip II believed that his right to rule came from God called divine right

  • During his reign, Spain was the most powerful nation in Europe

  • Spanish fleets carried treasure from the New World

  • Philip II chose to be very involved in all aspects of his government

Philip ii
Philip II

  • Saw himself as the defender of Catholicism in the Catholic Reformation

  • Philip II fought protestants in the Netherlands

  • The people of the Netherlands revolted against their Spanish ruler

  • Revolts were fought in the Netherlands from the 1560s until 1581 when the northern, mostly protestant , region of the Netherlands declared their independence and became known as the Dutch Netherlands

The wives of king philip ii of spain king philip ii of spain had four wives
The Wives of King Philip II of SpainKing Philip II of Spain had four wives:

  • The First wife of Philip II of Spain was his cousin Maria of Portugal in 1543

    In 1545 their son, Don Carlos (1545–1568),  was born

  • The Second wife of Philip II of Spain was Mary I of England in 1554

    Philip and Mary had no children

  • The Third wife of Philip II of Spain was Elizabeth of Valois, daughter of Henry II of France, in 1559

    They had two daughters, Isabella Clara Eugenia (1566–1633) and Catherine Micaela (1567–1597)

  • The Fourth wife of Philip II of Spain was Anna of Austria, daughter of his first cousin the emperor Maximilian II, in 1570

    They had one son who would become Philip III (1578-1521)