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The civil war

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The civil war
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The civil war

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  1. The civil war Slide show by Nyisha V. Meyer

  2. When did the civil war take place? • In 1861 a war broke out between the north and the south, for more then four years Americans fought over Americans. • The civil war was a long difficult struggle that caused much suffering and pain on both sides. • The civil war happened in 1861-1865

  3. Who was involved in the civil war? • The north and the south where both involved in the civil war and both contributed to the reason the war took place. • John Buford also played a role in the civil war , he played the key role in the war in Gettysburg. • In fact Mr. Buford war captain of the war so he had say in a lot that happened.

  4. Why was there a civil war? • Because Lincoln was big on ending slavery and the South did want that. So the South rebelled against Lincoln, causing the Civil War. • Because Lincoln was big on ending slavery and the South did want that. So the South rebelled against Lincoln, causing the Civil War.

  5. What are some things that caused the civil war? • Slavery and money was the most thing that promoted the civil war in the 1860’s. • The economy also had something to do with the war and slavery also had a lot to do with the civil war because lot of people wanted slaves be some people were against it and Abraham Lincoln also was against slavery.

  6. What alliances were formed during the American civil war? • There were alliances set with the north and the south and that caused a big feud between the union and the confederate people. • Alliances were a big thing during the civil war

  7. What are the main events of the American civil war? • On of the most important thing that happened during the American civil war is when Abraham Lincoln was inaugurated as president. • Also when Lincoln was assassinated it was also a big thing that upset the people who were on Lincoln's side.

  8. Who were the leaders for both Union and confederate sides (the actual people)? • Brigadier General Irvin McDowell, he is a part of the union • Brigadier General Joseph E. Johnston and General P.G.T. Beauregard are apart of the confederate and were some of the people involved in the civil war . • and these are really some people that were involved in the civil war. • Abraham Lincoln was the president of the united states(Union). • Jefferson Davis was the president of the conference(Confederate )

  9. How did the civil war effect the people of the united states? • It changed because people could no longer own slaves. • Also America wouldn’t be what it is today if it wasn’t for the civil war. • I also feel as if America is a more stronger nation now that we had the civil war. • People also had to change the way they lived because the people who owned slaves had to start to do thing for themselves.

  10. Weapons used in the civil war. • Civil war Muskets. • Civil war Rifles. • Civil war Henry rifle. • Civil war Pistils. • Civil war Sharps rifle. • Civil war Cannons. • Civil war Bayonet. • Civil war Swords.

  11. sides • Confederate • Union • Border

  12. Battle of gettingburg • Date: July 1-3, 1863 • Confederate Commander: Robert E. Lee • Union Commander: George G. Meade • ConfederatLocation:Pennsylvania • e Forces Engaged: 75,000 • Union Forces Engaged: 82,289 • Winner: Union • Casualties: 51,112 (23,049 Union and 28,063 Confederate

  13. Disadvantages • North: To stand on the defensive meant that the North had to invade and carry the fight to the South. This allowed the South to prepare and receive the enemy, although Lee was not a passive man by any standards.

  14. How did the civil war end ? • The Civil war ended with the surrender of Lee to Grant, in Virginia at Appomattox court.

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