the ink operation n.
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THE INK OPERATION. QUESTION:. What solvents (tap water, Suave hair spray, rubbing alcohol, white vinegar, or Tide detergent) will remove ink?. purpose.

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What solvents (tap water, Suave hair spray, rubbing alcohol, white vinegar, or Tide detergent) will remove ink?

  • THE PORPOSE OF MY INVESTIGATION IS TO DETERMINE WHAT SOLVENT WILL REMOVE INK . This is important to know because if you have a stain of ink on your shirt, which solvent could you use to remove it without damaging the fabric.
  • I hypothesize that Tide detergent will remove ink the best. We believe this because when we use detergent, it removes most of the stains to be found, on the cloth.


5 droppers

1 bottle of Suave hair spray

5 spray bottles

1 bottle of rubbing alcohol

500 ml of Tide detergent

500 ml of white vinegar

500 ml of tap water

A jar of ink

25 pieces of 4x4 cloth

v ariables
  • Manipulated variable
  • The solvents
  • Responding variable
  • The remainder of ink left on cloth
  • Constant variables
  • The amount of each solvent
  • Size of cloth
  • Rating scale
  • Toothbrush
  • Method of rubbing time
  • 1. Gather all materials
  • 2. Lay out 5 pieces of cloth of 4 cm x 4 cm
  • 3. Drop two drops of ink on each square of cloth
  • 4. Spray three sprays of each solvent on each square
  • 5.Scrub each solvent for 30 seconds with an old toothbrush
  • 6. Leave cloth pieces on a towel under the shade for 3 hours
  • 7. Rinse each cloth piece in water for 15 seconds
  • 8. Rate each cloth piece for the amount of ink remaining using a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being all ink remaining and 10 being no ink remaining. RECORD.
  • 9. Repeat steps 2-8 for four more trials

My hypothesis was correct. Tide detergent removes ink the best. Using a scale 1-10, the average for tap water was 2.4. The average for Suave hairspray was 2.8. For rubbing alcohol was 3.4. white vinegar was 2.2. Finally, Tide detergent was 5.2. If I had to do this experiment again, instead of rubbing, I would of just sprayed it and left it alone for three hours.