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The Asylum

The Asylum. Molly Hull – Title Sequence . Summary. The sequence’s purpose is to set the mood, genre and location (an abandoned asylum).

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The Asylum

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  1. The Asylum Molly Hull – Title Sequence

  2. Summary The sequence’s purpose is to set the mood, genre and location (an abandoned asylum). Each image or film will be shown for a short period of time and cut close together, so as to create a sense of fast-paced thrill. The images will depict the location and relevant props. The credits will appear in patient files. The music and sound effects will correlate with the sequence (e.g. title appearing, loud sound effect).

  3. Examples • Shutter island – this too is filmed in an asylum. The title sequence has longer shots of the location and props (i.e. a gun, a fireplace etc). The music is relevant to what is happening on the screen, and is used to create mood and emotion. The film clearly contains a narrative but doesn’t give to much away. • Insidious – This title sequence allows the viewers to understand the location and bases of the film. As the title appears, an abrupt loud sound effect appears which is what I plan on incorporating; unlike mine however, this title sequence establishes characters.

  4. Target Audience, Characteristics • The target audience of my film will be from the ages of 15+, both boys and girls – this is due to the lack of gore or specific violent images, though there may be inappropriate language. • The genre will be horror/thriller; this will be characterized via dark music and lighting, along with fast-paced shorts to create thrill. The props will also be horror-orientated, such as patient files/medical tools with possible fake blood.

  5. MoodBoard

  6. Sound Samples • http://www.freesfx.co.uk/soundeffects/horror/ - ‘Dizzy Melody’ by aelfric3333's - ‘Dark Tension’ by music4tv’s • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9WKk5ZkLpk - - Nails on chalkboard scratch • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e33yjsT_kSI - Static sound effect

  7. Target Date Action • All planning including powerpoints, story boards and props to be done by 20th-25th. • Filming to be finished by the 5th of December. • Editing to be finished by the 10th of December.

  8. Practical Challenges • The title sequence I have chosen to do serves an array of challenges. For one, I have to find a location that is open to filming but also fits the brief. Things such as props may also be hard to come by, for example I want medical-looking tools such as a scalpel, however these aren’t available to buy.I have also decided to work on my own, which could cause various issues such as handling equipment and the camera whilst still directing what will be in the film.

  9. Satisfaction • The camera shots and angles are all aligned straight; I also wish to keep a steady image, and all shaky/blur-like effects to be clearly intended. • The props and location are all relative to the story. • The credits are easy and precise to read. • The mood to be heavily emphasised.

  10. The End Molly Hull – Title Sequence

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