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London Science Museum

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London Science Museum. By Lindsey Corey. Image courtesy of: science-museum-1.jpg. What is it?. The London Science Museum is a place where individuals (young and old) can go to learn about science using all of their senses.

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london science museum

London Science Museum

By Lindsey Corey

Image courtesy of: science-museum-1.jpg

what is it
What is it?

The London Science Museum is a place where individuals (young and old) can go to learn about science using all of their senses.

  • Hearing – Girls/Guys can listen to what they would sound like as a guy/girl in the Who Am I exhibit or go to the Universe of Sound: The Planets, special exhibit.
  • Sight – Also, in the Who am I exhibit digitally see what you look like at an older age.
  • Touch – Go to The Garden, Pattern Pod, or Who Am I exhibits for a hands on experiences.
  • Smell & Taste – The museum offers 1 restaurant (Deep Blue) and 2 cafes (Energy Café and
where is it
Where is it?
  • The Science Museum, Exhibition Rd, London, City of London, Greater London SW7 2DD, United Kingdom
  • South Kensington
  • Find more directions at:

  • Map courtesy of:,&hnear=Exhibition+Rd,+London,+UK&cid=11192809544125421680&z=15&iwloc=A
what you can find there
What you can find there!

The galleries and exhibits are broken down into specific topics but the material in each provide a broad spectrum to learn from. This is a list of some of the current galleries and exhibits:

  • Atmosphere gallery
  • Agriculture
  • Challenge of Materials
  • Computing
  • Docks and Diving
  • Energy Hall
  • Glimpses of Medical History
  • Health Matters
  • Making the Modern World
  • Mathematics
  • Psychology: Mind Your Head
  • The Secret Life of the Home
  • Ships
  • Flight
  • Exploring Space
  • Telecommunications
  • Measuring Time
  • Veterinary History
  • Who Am I?
  • Signs, Symbols, Secrets: an illustrated guide to alchemy
  • The Science and Art of Medicine
  • Science in the 18th Century
what you can find there1
What you can find there!
  • During CMU’s trip to the London Science Museum on Wednesday, June 13th you can check out:
    • Launchpad Science Shows - 14:00, 15:00, and 16:00 (20 min., free)
    • What Makes Your Walk Unique - 10:00 (15 min., free)
    • IMAX Cinema (all 3D shows £10.00 )
      • Deep Sea 3D - 13:30 (40 min.)
      • Hubble 3D - 14:45 (50 min.)
      • The Human Body 2D - 10:40 (45min., £8.00)
      • Space Station 3D - 12:15 (45 min.)
    • Special Exhibits all of these are free and approximate times to see exhibit are listed)
      • Ariel 1 (15 min.)
      • Cosmos & Culture: how astronomy has shaped our world (45 min.)
      • Intersections: Henry Moore and Stringed Surfaces (15 min.)
      • Oramics to Electronica: Revealing Histories of Electronic Music (15 min.)
      • Signs, Symbols, Secrets: an illustrated guide to alchemy (15 min.)
      • Ten Climate Stories (45 min.)
      • Universe of Sound: The Planets (30 min.)
      • Water Wars from Antenna (15 min.)
  • The Great Exhibition of 1851 had financial success that provided funding for a science museum as well an art and history museum. The Science Museum has evolved over the last 150+ years with name changes, location and the diversity of exhibits. A place to look at the history of science in hopes of educating minds to shape and change the future.
find out more information at
Find out more information at…
  • Check out your guide (Frommer’s London 2012)

References the Science Museum in multiple places – make sure you catch that it is FREE, easy access, and a fun learning experience.

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    • The Web offers multiple sites:
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