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WOW Science Museum PowerPoint Presentation
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WOW Science Museum

WOW Science Museum

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WOW Science Museum

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  1. WOW Science Museum Initial Exhibits

  2. Relief map linked to push-button to illuminate a select selection. Might be a good project to tie into faults lines.

  3. Very simple, consistently a favorite. Blower with traffic cone acting as concentrator.

  4. This is a shallow tank of water. There are two timers, each timer has a string attached. Pulling a string out resets it’s timer, letting go start the timer. Participants try different boat shapes, testing to see which shapes move best through the water.

  5. Cup Copter. Large fan facing up. Paper cup cut and spun over fan. Object is to see how long it will fly and what effects flight.

  6. Simple tool and materials. Paper cups, safety scissors and instructions.

  7. Innovation is everywhere. Here the Denver museum put a window in the side of their escalator and added how it works instruction. Everyone stops to look.

  8. The ever popular magnetic sand table.

  9. Derivation of the magnetic sand table using washers. Very popular.

  10. Liquid Mirror • Place your hand in the water and see a reflection in the underlying mirrors.

  11. Catch air bubbles as they rise through the water. Reflecting light and surface tension make the air bubbles appear to be drops of mercury.

  12. Mirrored table allows shapes pushed against the mirrored walls to make larger geometric shapes.

  13. Paper airplanes. • Two person station with dual computer interface.

  14. The visitor follows the direction on the monitor to fold a paper airplane.

  15. Paper Plane software, Word Perfect Main Street.

  16. Paper Plane targets, one high, one low.

  17. Lego earth quake shake table.

  18. Lincoln log shake table.

  19. Cross Bracing earthquake table uses board with holes trimmed in velcro, pvc pipe and velcro straps.

  20. Vibrating sand table.

  21. Build your own rocket. • Very popular exhibit. Several construction tables.

  22. Materials include sheet paper, sheet card stock and 35 mm film canisters. Canisters are the engine section, sheet paper is the rocket body, card stock is used for nose cones and fins.

  23. Rockets are place on machined tubes, pressure button charges launcher, launch button dumps air into rocket (inverted film canister) and off it flys.

  24. Sailboats has left and right material tables, grilled fan output and a shallow water tank.

  25. The visitor select a boat, sails and keel. Then test their choice in the tank.

  26. Very basic graphical instructions. Large letters. Lots of drawings.

  27. Masts, hulls, sails and keels.

  28. Wind sailing. • Uses three wheeled carts, different sail designs and fans.

  29. Wheels with equal distributed weights. One wheel has it’s weights close to the axis of rotation and it’s mate is farther from the axis. Visitors see the effect as it rolls down hill.

  30. Large Exhibits • These may be candidates for funded construction.

  31. Fuel cell demonstrator. Object is to demonstrate energy storage. Solar, bright overhead lamp, breaks down water into oxygen and hydrogen which are then used to create electricity for the fan.

  32. Icy Bodies • Thin shavings of dry ice are injected onto the surface of a shallow pool of water where they careen around like comets.

  33. Tiny jets of gas shoot out from the individual ice fragments causing them to spin and tumble as they drift about. Side-lighting brings out the detailed structure of the out-gassing jets.

  34. Cloud Rings uses a mist generator and a large rubber membrane with a hole in the middle to launch a ring of vapor up to the ceiling.

  35. The ring is generated by the friction between the hole's edge and the vapor flowing through the hole, which forms a swirling pattern known as a vortex.

  36. Trinocular microscope with video camera. Large and small LCD display. Stage steer-able with remote focus.

  37. Giant Microscope is a projecting microscope with which the public can view tiny plants and animals, such as paramecium, baby brine shrimp, tunicate eggs, algae, and hydra, which would be difficult or impossible to see with the naked eye.

  38. This seismograph is an earthquake detector that records up and down motions of the ground.

  39. The half size version of the Tornado uses a large mist generator, fans and a care fully-shaped structure to produce a large tornado.

  40. Large phosphor screens store light from a strobe flash, temporarily freezing the visitor’s shadow. A warning sounds just a few seconds before the strobe flashes so visitors can jump, stretch, pose and catch a good look at their acrobatic shadow.

  41. A pinhole aperture place in a beam of sunlight casts an image of the sun onto a screen, revealing solar features including sunspots.

  42. Listening Vessels consists of two large parabolic reflectors set at least 50 feet apart which act as mirrors to reflect sound from one to the other.

  43. The Jacob's Ladder is familiar equipment to all science fiction fans, being standard laboratory apparatus for all mad scientists.

  44. The Geochron is an instrument which displays the extent of the earth that is covered in sunlight on the current day at the current time.

  45. Overhead crane. One wheel lifts, one wheel moves the lifting mechanism in and out. Object is to put a box on the converyor.