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What is a dictionary? PowerPoint Presentation
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What is a dictionary?

What is a dictionary?

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What is a dictionary?

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  1. What is a dictionary? I wish I knew! Whooo would know? Do you know?

  2. Children’s Dictionary • A dictionary is a book that lists words in alphabetical order – from A to Z. • It is filled with information about these words-how they are spelled, what they mean, and more!!

  3. Guide Words!!Most Important! These are the two words at the top of the page.Guide Words usually have two words at the top of the page…They help us figure out what page to check for our word.

  4. Guide Words • Let’s practice using Guide words… • Let’s try to find the word “book” • (This requires you to know your alphabet!!)

  5. Let’s figure out how I found my word together! First, I have to say the alphabet in my head to look at where my word should be… I want to look for the “b”s…. Then what? I sound out the “oo” sound… So I’m looking for boo…

  6. “Book” • So I’m looking for “boo”…then add the “K” sound… • Book…..find it yet? Now I can read the definition and find out what a book is! I can also see how it is spelled correctly! (Look on page 41)

  7. See the words “boiler/bore”at the top of the page on the right? • These are our guide words… • Boilerwill be the first word on the page… • Bore will be the last word on the page… • boi boo bor boo comes in between them…

  8. Figuring where it goes! • We have to look at the letters in the guide words to see where my word goes. boiler….(look at 1st, 2nd, & 3rd letters) book…. bore…. • Boi….boo….bor…. alphabetize!

  9. So what is an “ENTRY WORD”? “Entry words” are those words on the page that are in darker print that we can see easier. Sometimes there is a picture to look at as well as the definition.

  10. Entry Words Can you tell me some other “entry words” on the page?

  11. Can a word have more than one definition? Yes! Look at the word “calf”…try to find it!

  12. Calf • The word “calf” has two definitions…(pg 55) Calf(see the number 1 behind it?) a baby cow, elephant, seal, or whale Calf(see the number 2 behind it? the back of the leg below the knee

  13. So a dictionary can help us spell a word and define the word!That’s our lesson on “Using a Dictionary”! Let’s try to find some words on our own!