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Jaygorse’s story

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Jaygorse’s story
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Jaygorse’s story

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  1. Jaygorse’s story BOOK 1 A Hero Is Born

  2. JAYGORSE – Long haired, pale ginger tom with green eyes • HEATHERTREE– Ginger she-cat with blue eyes. • DAPPLEWING – Tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes • STORMPELT – Ginger tom • BOUNCESTAR – Gray tom with amber eyes • WOOLYTAIL – Gray tom with long hair • DARKFOOT – Black she-cat with blue eyes.

  3. The Beginning. • One day, 2 cats named Dapple and Christmas had 2 kits. They decided to name them Golden and Athena. Golden was a tabby tom with green eyes, Athena was a gray she-cat with amber eyes. The kits couldn’t see yet. So, Obviously they had to stay in the den. One day Dapple went hunting, Athena went with him. Dapple went to a cavern. He hunted Rabbits. Suddenly he fell in a cave-in. “Dad!” Athena screamed. Dapple was dangling, trying to hold on, but his paws were slipping. Dapple tried to use all of his strength to pull himself up, but he fell. Athena skidded off into the Cave-in, running….

  4. Athena ran in the cave, she looked around wildly to find her dad, but he was nowhere. Athena finally saw Dapple, lying still. “Dad! Wake up!” Athena wailed. Dapple didn’t reply. Athena ran to her den, telling her mom that Dapple fell in a cave-in. “Mom! Dad fell in a Cave-in!. C’mon, we got to get him out of there.” Athena told Christmas. “OK, let’s go, Golden, you stay here.” Christmas said. Golden was surprised, He’d never been in his den alone. So he decided to play with his friend, Ant. They played all day, till Golden got • Worried.

  5. Dilema • Christmas came back, wailing. “What’s the mater?” Golden asked. “Athena fell in the tunnels, she died.” Christmas panted. “I tired to save her.” She contuined. • “What are we going to do now?” Golden interupted. “We’ll live together, that’s all.” She replied. “It’s nighttime, you should go to sleep, Golden.” Christmas purred. “OK, goodnight,” Golden replied. Golden fell asleep In a snap. But that night, a cat came in the den, and kidnapped Christmas and Golden. They woke up on a plain, near a HUGE valley.

  6. They woke up the next morning. “Where are we…?” Golden asked. Golden noticed the huge valley. He was shocked. “Mom! Look!” Golden meowed. Christmas woke up. “What is i-” Christmas saw the HUGE valley, aswell. “Holly furballs!” Christmas hissed. “Let’s head towards it.” Golden insisted. “Good idea.” Christmas purred. The two cats headed towards the valley. When they got there… they saw seven, no more, no more that that, 29 cats. Golden looked at the cats, anxiously. “Who’s that?” A tom hissed. “I’m Golden… and-”

  7. Echoclan Golden was interupted by a hiss of a old, tom. “Why are you in our territory?” The tom snarled. “I’m stupid to bring my kit here, just don’t hurt my kti!” Christmas meowed. “Ah, Your kit…” The tom replied. “I’m Bounestar, Leader of Echoclan.” The tom meowed. “And imCloudfoot, the deputy.” The old tom hissed. “Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey, gather under the highrock for a clan meeting!” Bouncestar yowled. All the cats gathered. Golden stayed under Christmas’s belly. “We’ve found 2 loners in our territory, now, here Are their choices.” Bouncestar said,

  8. “One, they could join EchoClan, and her kit can stay in the nursery with her kit, Or two, be our prisonerrs.” The leader went on. Golden began whimpering. Christmas tried to calm him down, but he kept making whining noises. “So, What’s your deal, Christmas?” Bouncestar asked. Christmas gulped. “Stay here, with my kit.” Christmas said. “Then you shall take the name for now on, Dapplewing!” Bouncestar announced. “Dapplewing! Dapplewing!” • The cats yowled. “And your kit will take the name, Jaykit!” Bouncestar announced.

  9. Jaykit & Dapplewing • The crowd went wild for Jaykit and Dapplewing. “Now, you can let Jaykit in the nursery.” Bouncestar announced. Jaykit and Dapplewing left to the nursery. “I miss my old name…” Jaykit mewled. “Don’t be upset, you’ll make friends.” Dapplewing purred. Jaykit suckled from Dapplewing. All the queens looked at Dapplewing…Like she was crazy. Jaykit snuggled up with Dapplewing and went to sleep. “Your kit looks all rusty, and… I would say dirty.” Daisytail mewed. “Hey! Don’t say that!” Dapplewing hissed. Jaykit shivered in the middle of the night.

  10. He kept shivering, and shivering. Dapplewing hugged Jaykit and went back to sleep. The next morning, Jaykit and Dapplewing were fast asleep. “Wake up, Sleepy slug.” A voice said. Jaykit’s ears perked up. He saw a young she-cat kit. “I’m Heatherkit.” She purred. Jaykit looked surprised. He looked at the Long haired, ginger she-cat. “I’m Jaykit.” He replied, yawning. “Hey, wanna play?” Heatherkit asked. “No, I am tired, maybe later.” Jaykit purred. “OK! See ya later, Jaykit.” Heatherkit replied. Heatherkit bounded out of the nursery, going to play with her other friends. But Jaykitrelized he was 6… Moons…

  11. Apprentices • “Mom!” Jaykit mewed. “I’m six moons!” • Dapplewing opened her eyes, rapidly. “What does that have to do with anything?” She yawned. “I’m gonna be an apprentice! C’mon! let’s tell Bouncestar!” He squealed. Dapplewing yawned, again. “Yeah, let’s go tell him…” Dapplewingreplied, stretching. The two cats padded in the clearing. “Bouncestar, Jaykit is six moons.” Dapplewing whispered. “OK, I’ll call a clan meeting.” He replied. “Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather under the highrock for a clan meeting.” Bouncestar called. Jaykit darted towards the warriors. Heatherkit followed behind Jaykit. Darkfoot sat next to Woolytail. Rainbowfrost sat next to Bramblesky. And Whitelily sat next to Stormpelt. “Heatherkit, Jaykit, Flamekit, step forward.” Bouncestar commanded. The 3 kits stepped forward. “Do you vow to uphold the warrior code,

  12. Even at the cost of your life?” Bouncestar asked. “Yes!” Heatherkit, Jaykit, and Flamekit shouted. “Then you all, before you recive your warrior name, will be known as, Flamepaw, Jaypaw, and Heatherpaw.” Bouncestar mewed. “Jaypaw! Heatherpaw! Flamepaw!” The cats shouted. Jaypaw looked at Heatherpaw. “Congratulations, Flamepaw, Jaypaw, and Heatherpaw.” Stormpelt purred. “Thanks,” Jaypaw muttered. Jaypaw begin padding off. “Hey, what’s wrong?” Heatherpaw asked. “Nothing…” He replied. “Hey, look, Jaypaw, did anything bad happen?” Heatherpaw whimpered. “My father died, so did my sister.” Jaypaw muttered. Heatherpaw gasped. “I’m sorry about that.” She replied. Stormpelt came to get his daughter, Heatherpaw. She picked her scurff. “Bye, Jaypaw.” Heatherpaw purred. “Bye,” Jaypaw replied.

  13. The first mission Jaypaw snored. He was curled up with Dapplewing. The next morning, Heatherpaw woke him up. Jaypaw was confused. Why does she keep waking me up? Does she like me, or something? “Hi, Jaypaw.” Heatherpaw meowed. “Hi-i.” Jaypaw muttered. “We’ve got a mission today.” Heatherpaw hissed. “When?” He asked. “At sunhigh.” She meowed. “So, Jaypaw, should we eat some fresh-kill together?” Heatherpaw asked. “Yeah, sure.” Jaypaw muttered. “Well c’mon, then.” Heatherpaw purred. Jaypaw stretched and padded next to Heatherpaw. “Can you get me a plump vole?” Heatherpaw asked. “No problem.” Jaypaw replied. Jaypawgrabed a Plump vole, and placed it in front of Heatherpaw. “Thanks Jaypaw.” She mewed, Licking his cheek.

  14. Jaypaw stood still. • She just licked me… • Jaypaw was suspicous. “Hello.” Bouncestar said. “Hi, Bouncestar.” Jaypaw replied. “You and Heatherpaw have a mission.” Bouncestar rasped, Licking his paw. “I know that…” Jaypaw muttered. Jaypawsenced a she-cat bounding to him. It was Heatherpaw… “Hiya, Jaypaw.” Heatherpaw squeaked. “Hi…?” Jaypaw replied. “We should get going.” She mewled. “But-” Bouncestar cut her off. “Frozengaze will come with you.” He hissed. “The medicine cat?” Heatherpaw mewed. “Yes.” Bouncestar replied. “And Stormpelt will come with you.” He said, again. Oh great… Jaypaw thought. “Yay! Stormpelt!” Heatherpaw squeaked. “Let’s go, Jaypaw!”

  15. TROUBLE A LOT OF TROUBLE Stormpelt led the 2 cats out of the Camp, towards Vole mountain. They were led up to the snowy part of mountain. When they got there, they were COVERED in snow. “I’m cold…” Jaypaw chattered. “Me… Too….” Heatherpaw shivered. “So am I, But I can deal with it.” Stormpelt said, Licking his paw. YOOWWLL! The echo filled the air. “What.. Was that…” Jaypaw chattered. Stormpelt sniffed. “Hmm… Smells like cats.” He whispered. A blizzard started to howl. “Oh no…” Jaypaw muttered. Jaypaw, Heatherpaw, And Stormpeltsunk their claws into the ground. “This can get worse.” Stormpelt murmured. Suddenly, a pod of DarkClan warriors hopped out of the gorse. Vixenstar shot out, Diving into Stormpelt. Bloodclaw slashed Jaypaw’s muzzle, sending blood falling onto snow. Heatherpaw’s

  16. Warriors Finally As Jaypaw and Heatherpaw headed back to camp, Everyone was gasping. “JAYPAW? WHAT IN THE NAME OF STARCLAN HAPPENED?!” Bouncestar cried. “JAYPAW GO TO FROZENGAZE NOW!!” Woolytail yowled. “WHAT THE DARKFOREST HAPPENED, JAYPAW!?!?” Cloudfoot shrieked. Jaypaw looked at his paws. “And the report, Stormpelt…” Bouncestar snarled. “DarkClan attacked us, But we killed Vixenstar… And Bloodclaw.” Stormpelt said, as loud as the whole clan could hear. “HOOORAAA-” The clan was about to shout, but Bouncestar stopped them. “Did Jaypawfight…?” Bouncestar said, slowly. “Yes.” Stormpelt lied. “Like a warrior.” BouncestarexamedJaypaw. “And the scar… what about that?” Bouncestar growled. “The wh- Oh – Oh yes, th-the scar, he was fighting Vixenstar…” Stormpelt muttered. Bouncestar sighed,

  17. Flank rose up, Diving into Bloodclaw, sending him FLYING off the mountain. Smalltalonramed into Heatherpaw, sending her flying. Heatherpaw raised her head, getting up, Slashing Smalltalon’s muzzle. Blood scattered onto the snow. The blizzard grew higher, and higher. Stormpelt slashes Vixenstar’s pelt, sending him flying off the mountian. “We got em’.” Said Stormpelt. “Let’s go back…” Jaypaw rasped. “Jaypaw!” Heatherpaw squeaked, darting toward him. Heatherpaw skidded to a stop, halfway. “Jaypaw…” She murmured. “Wh- OW!” Jaypaw grunted. Jaypaw felt something hurting. “You have a GIANT scar.” Heatherpaw cried. “No worries.” Jaypaw mewed, sarcasticly. “You have to get that looked at.” Stormpelt said, sympitheticly. “I said NO worries.” Jaypaw hissed.

  18. “Jaypaw.” Bouncestar murmured. “Yes, Bouncestar?” Jaypaw mewed. “Go to Frozengaze…” He sighed. Jaypaw scrambled to the medicine cat den. After he was checked out, Bouncestar called a clan meeting. “After an… Incident, on Vole Mountian, Jaypaw has killed the Deputy and Leader of DarkClan. “ He said. The whole clan gasped. Then they started screaming. “WOOOHOOOO!” Bouncestar waved his tail to silence them. “Jaypaw, will now be known as… Jaygorse.” Bouncestar mewed. Jaygorse smiled.

  19. The Loner Shortly after his Warrior Ceremony, Jaygorse became the medicine cat apprentice of EchoClan. He was a quick learner about herbs, wheats, and food. Jaygorse padded out of the den to go on a herb hunt with Frozengaze, his mentor. They went to the plains to find some marigold, They went to the fourtrees to collect some juniper berries, and finally, they came to the empty town at night. Jaygorse noticed some stray cats looking out of the window, staring at him. Jaygorse’s mouth was full of juniper berries. “MfrozmezGwaze!” Jaygorse puffed. “What?” Frozengaze asked. Jaygorse dropped the berries onto the ground. “Frozengaze, are you sure this place is safe?” “Of course it is, I’ve been here before…” She said. “In the daytime…” She quietly added.

  20. Just then, a huge she-cat jumped infront of the two cats, the cat yelped. “Oh, I’m sorry!” The plump she-cat shrieked. Jaygorse looked closely at the cat. Could this be Athena? “What is your name?” Jaygorse asked. “Athena… is that you, Golden?” She asked. “Yes, it’s me.” “Ahem.” Frozengaze said. “Who is this?” “Oh, this is my sister, Athena.” Jaygorse meowed. “We’re looking for herbs, Do you have any Catmint?” “You mean… Catnip?” Athena Corrected.

  21. “Yes, Catnip, whatever.” Athena led them to a very, big twolegplace. (House) at the edge of the street. “Don’t let my owners know… they’ll capture you two.” The three cats crawled into the home, and looked at the pantry. “Its up there, I’ll get it.” Athena crawled up to the pantry. She ended up pulling down a huge can of Catmint. “That should be enough, you guys should go.” The two cats padded across the plains to the huge valley that led to the camp. They went to the Medicine cat den, and dropped all the herbs. “Everyone is asleep, you should get some rest.”

  22. The Mission The Next day, Jaygorse had to go on another mission, one of the most dangerous missions he’s ever participated in. He had to go on Vole Moutian, And fight ThistleClan, because the clan had claimed it as “their territory.” They would fight for the territory. Jaygorse nuzzled his mother before going with Woolytail, Cloudfoot, Bouncestar, and Heathertree. “I’ll be ok, I promise.” He said. The five cats walked up the mountian what seemed like hours. They reached the top of the peak at sundown.

  23. THE END (I WAS TOO LAZY TO WRITE THE LAST CHAPTER, SORRY.) Echoclan Defeated Thistleclan at Sunrise Jaygorse destroyed the clan, it was a very long battle that would probably take 20 pages, and its like 9:32 at night so i’m going to bed in like 2 minutes. So thanks for reading Book 1 of Jaygorse’s story, Book 2 will be finished soon. (Probably 3 weeks, Yes, I put that much effort into these books.) Goodnight. –Thomas BOOK FINISHED AT 9:35 PM ON APRIL 8TH 2014, STARTED BEING MADE ON JANURARY 10TH, 3:15 PM. (I work on other PowerPoints)