curriculum night september 5 2012
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Curriculum Night September 5, 2012

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Curriculum Night September 5, 2012 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Curriculum Night September 5, 2012. Julie Gosdanian Gifted Intervention Specialist Freedom Trail Elementary. By TOP 10 QUESTIONS OF GIFTED EDUCATION . Question #1 What assessments does Olentangy use to identify students for gifted?.

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curriculum night september 5 2012

Curriculum Night September 5, 2012

Julie Gosdanian

Gifted Intervention Specialist

Freedom Trail Elementary


Answer: Question #1Gifted identification is required by state legislation.Students are identified as gifted through Terra Nova (ITBS) and Inview (Cog.AT) exams.Terra Nova/ITBS: Reading, Math, Science, & Social StudiesInview/CogAt: Cognitive Ability
Question #2

What qualifies students to be

identified as gifted?

answer question 2
Answer: Question #2

State ID

  • Terra Nova/ITBS Assessment
  • ID: 95 %ile or higher
  • Reading, Math, Science & Social Studies
  • Specific Academic Ability
  • Qualify for consultative or indirect services

Olentangy ID

  • InviewExam: Superior Cognitive Ability (128+)
  • CogAt: Superior Cognitive ability (129+)


  • Specific Academic Ability (95%ile)
  • Qualify for direct services
Visual and Performing Arts

Identified in visual art, music (vocal or instrumental), dance or drama

Students are nominated by teachers, parents or self

Must pass GATES checklist: 78 or above

Performance Evaluation with group and individual performance rated on rubric

No service from district

answer question 4
Answer: Question #4
  • Not required by legislation.
  • Students who are Olentangy ID qualify for direct services and instruction from the GIS in the area(s) of identification.
  • Direct services from the GIS are provided for only math and/or reading.
  • Contact time for direct services may be met using pull-out, inclusion or a combination of services for the program.
  • Students who are Olentangy ID will receive a written education plan (WEP).
answer question 5
Answer: Question #5

Description of Consultative Services

Not required by legislation.

The gifted intervention specialist is available to meet with teachers to assist with differentiation strategies, planning, assessments, and to provide resources.

The gifted intervention specialist (GIS) will consult with classroom teachers as well as assist in collaboration with students, parents, and teachers to ensure that student work is appropriately challenging.

answer question 6
Answer: Question #6

Classroom teachers provide differentiation within the classroom when necessary.

  • Preassessments -Tiered lessons -Choice menus
  • Flexible Grouping -Interest surveys -Conferencing
  • Learning Centers-Curriculum -Indep. Study
  • Contests & Compacting -Inclusion

special opportunities

Answer: Question 7Olentangy uses projection data to determine who is likely to be successful in an advanced math classat grades 3 and 4.Students placed in 5th grade enriched math are those students who have an Olentangy ID in math. (95%ile or higher and a superior cognitive score)5th grade math class at FTES also use flexible grouping and differentiation strategies to make sure the needs of all students are being met along with appropriate pacing.
Answer: Question #8Once a student is identified as gifted they stay identified. Parents may deny services if they choose.Services may change at the middle school and high school levels due to offerings of advanced classes.
answer question 9
Answer: Question 9


Spend time doing enriching activities with topics your child has a high interest in.

Engage in discussion with your child about what he/she is learning about. Ask questions that will allow them to think more deeply about a topic.

Remind your child that people learn from mistakes.

Help your child become an independent learner.

Understand that while your student has academic strengths, they may also have weaknesses in other areas.

Let your child be a child!

  • DON’Ts
  • Compare your gifted child to other siblings or other children.
  • Over-extend your child with extracurricular activities.
  • Although your child may seem adult-like, don’t release too much power/control to them. Remember they still need guidance and support.
  • Set unrealistic goals or push for perfect.
contact information
Contact Information

Julie Gosdanian

Freedom Trail Elementary

Gifted Intervention Specialist


[email protected]

Melanie Ondrus

Director of Gifted Services



There is a district and building

webpage for gifted services.