curriculum night september 2 2014 n.
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Curriculum Night September 2, 2014 PowerPoint Presentation
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Curriculum Night September 2, 2014

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Curriculum Night September 2, 2014 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Curriculum Night September 2, 2014
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  1. Curriculum NightSeptember 2, 2014 Fifth Grade Teachers Ms. Hartman Mr. Hughes Ms. Jolley Ms. Kosoy

  2. Communication • Agenda • Email • Web Page • Conferences

  3. Discipline Plan • 1st Disruption: Verbal Reminder • 2nd Disruption: Respect Report is sent home • 3rd Disruption: Student generated email to parents • 4th Disruption: Assistant Principal referral **Severe Disruption: Sent to Principal’s Office**

  4. Positive Feedback! Caught Being Good Marble Jar Whole class reward Surprise! • Individual reward • Drawing every other Friday • Reward • Treasure box • Homework pass • Eating lunch with another 5th grade homeroom

  5. Cafeteria Notes • Birthdays • You may come eat lunch with your child. • No food may be brought in: i.e. fast food, take-out, or soda • Visiting for Lunch • Lunch Money in an envelope or online

  6. Visiting Vanderlyn Elementary • Please only enter through the front door of main school building, not the modular. • Please wear a visitor badge every time you enter the building. • Please do not come directly to your child’s classroom. If you have an item to drop off (lunch, etc.), please leave it in the office for your child to pick up.

  7. Absences and Tardiness • Unexcused: vacations, etc. • Excused: Illness, death in the family, or religious observance (Front Office changes to excused or unexcused)) • Make-Up Work will be sent home to either a sibling/neighbor at VES or given upon their return. (Pick up of HW will be after dismissal.) All make-up work is the responsibility of the student! • Note must be sent in by the parent for all absences

  8. Common Core Georgia Performance Standards (CCGPS) • Please visit for a complete listing of all standards taught by subject • National Standards • Language Arts & Math • Writing Standards in all content areas • Milestone test takes the place of CRCT (no more bubbling) beginning this year

  9. New Online Gradebook (see flyer)It is called Infinite Campus.If you have been using a login/password with the old online gradebook, that login/password combination will work with Infinite Campus.If not, please follow directions on the Infinite Campus flyer to set up your account.

  10. Dekalb County’s New Grading Weights Beginning this school year, 2014-2015, the grading weights will be distributed as shown below: Assessment During Learning – 25% Examples: class written journals, quizzes, etc. Guided, Independent or Group Practice – 45% Examples: classwork/class participation (joining book discussions), research for projects, homework Assessments of Learning – 30% Examples: Unit tests, Finished Projects

  11. Science, Mr. Hughes Please visit to access the online textbook. (Under Academics, on my website, I have links for textbooks and the steps to logging in.) • Classification • Cell Study • Genetics • Matter • Electricity and Magnetism • Earth Science • **The Science Journal!!** • Notes, investigations, journal entries, videos, projects…..

  12. Social Studies, Ms. Hartman Units Please visit for the online textbook. • Unit One: Eight Themes of Social Studies • Unit Two: Effective Citizenship • Unit Three: Civil War • Unit Four: Reconstruction • Unit Five: The Changing Nation • Unit Six: World I and the Great Depression • Unit Seven: World War II and It’s Aftermath • Unit Eight: The Age of Civil Rights • Unit Nine: America’s role in the 21st Century

  13. Math, Ms. Kosoy 8 Main Units this Year • Place Value and Order of Operations • All About Decimals • Multiplying and Dividing with Decimals • Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying, and Dividing Fractions • Geometry and the Coordinate Plane • 2-Dimensional Figures • Volume and Measurement • Show What We Know *Writing is now a KEY part of math!

  14. Math, Ms. Kosoy • Students will have a weekly “quick” quiz or check in each Friday. • Edmodo is a new tool that I have introduced this year to the 5th grade. The parent letter went home today and your student has already completed their first assignment. There will be one Edmodo homework assignment each week. • ScootPad is also a new tool we will be using. This is a practice program for all Common Core math facts. • I will offer tutorial sessions on Tuesday mornings from 7:00-7:30 in my classroom beginning Tuesday, Sept. 9th. Students will receive math tutorial passes for their agendas. This will give them permission to be released from the gym. • IXL will be up and running in the next few weeks. As soon as it is available, an email will be sent out.

  15. Language Arts, Mrs. Jolley WRITING • Narrative • Opinion • Informative READING • Infer • Provide evidence • Summarize • Theme • Main Idea & Supporting Details • Determine the meaning of words and phrases • Reading Journal • See Mrs. Jolley’s Webpage • Monthly notebook checks • First check next Tues.

  16. Important Note Student Work Samples & Study Tools • Please be aware that students work in their binders and practice books throughout the week. In addition to reviewing the work that comes home in your child's blue binder, please also discuss with your child the work that is in his/her binder and practice book. This work can be used to help students study for quizzes and tests. • Most notes and PowerPoints are uploaded to teacher webpages.

  17. Unstructured Play Time • Three different play areas • Daily opportunity to socialize with other homerooms • Safety

  18. Important Dates… • CogAT: October 06 - 10 • ITBS: October 14 – 23 • Milestones testing: April 21 - 30 • 1st Semesters Progress Reports: 09/15, 10/16, 11/17 • 1st Semester Report Cards: 01/12 • 2nd Semester Progress Reports: 02/09, 03/19, 04/23 • 2nd Semester Report Cards: 05/22 • Conference Nights: 9/18, 11/20, 02/12, 4/30 • Extended Day Trips – 10/02/14 • No more writing test!

  19. A few reminders… • Please sign the agenda each night. Remember, this is a communication tool! • Make sure everything for your child is labeled. (Water bottles, lunch boxes, etc.) • Please send notes (signed with phone number) for any dismissal changes in the morning. We have very little time during the day to check email.  • VIP papers will be sent home in blue home work folder