5 th grade curriculum night n.
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5 th Grade Curriculum Night PowerPoint Presentation
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5 th Grade Curriculum Night

5 th Grade Curriculum Night

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5 th Grade Curriculum Night

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  1. 5thGrade Curriculum Night Mrs. I. Espinoza Mrs. M. Ochoa September 9, 2014

  2. Classroom Rules • Complete assignments. • Turn in all homework on time. • Listen and follow directions. • Respect others. • Use self discipline.

  3. Consequences • Verbal warning • Loss of conduct point and/or phone call to parents and/or • Lunch detention (no recess) • 30 minutes after school • Parent conference • Referral to office • SEVERE DISRUPTION – Immediate referral

  4. Dress Code-Examples • Hair length for boys- must pass the 3 way test. • No leggings, or jeggings are allowed unless worn with a top, blouse, skirt, or dress worn 2 inches above the knee. • No spaghetti straps, tank tops, or midriff showing. • No camouflage outfits. • Shorts and skirts MUST be no shorter than 2 inches above the knee. • A copy of the dress code is provided on page 46 for boys and 47 for girls in the Student Parent handbook.

  5. Attendance and Tardies • State law permits only 8 absences per semester • A note within 3 days of your student returning from an illness is necessary or the absence is unexcused and work/tests cannot be made up. • 3 tardies = 1 absence for Perfect Attendance Award in May

  6. Academic Planners • All homework and important messages will be written in the planner daily. • Please write any notes or questions in planner. We check them every day. • Your child loses a conduct point when their planner is not signed, (even on Fridays). • We are creating lifelong organizational skills with the planners.

  7. Morning & Afternoon Procedures • Morning procedure is that every student will go to cafeteria – even if they are not eating breakfast. • Grade levels are dismissed to classrooms one at a time starting at 7:40. • Pick up after school is on the North side of the building. • Class begins promptly at 8:00 A.M. • Dismissal is at 3:25 P.M.

  8. Homework • AR Reading is recommended every night. Spelling assignments are daily. • Homework should be approx. 90 minutes nightly, depending on how your child uses their time in class. • There will be occasional projects assigned. • Each missing homework assignment is a loss of a conduct point.

  9. Cafeteria Procedures • State law prohibits children from sharing food in school cafeteria. • Parents may bring outside food/drink for their child only. No sodas are allowed. • The goal is to encourage healthy life skills for all Texas children. • There is a list of healthy snacks on the Sharyland ISD website. • Meals may be paid for on SISD website.

  10. Accelerated Reading • Your child has a weekly goal based on their ZPD range from their STAR test. • Each child is given AR time during the school day and should read 20 minutes nightly. • 5th Grade requires 20 points per grading period as a reading grade. • Rewards will be given to those students attaining their 6 week AR goals. • Family reading nights will be available every grading period.

  11. Reading • STAAR Reading test is April 22, 2015. • STAAR Reading Test has approx. 46 questions. It tests main idea, summary, context clues, author’s purpose, point of view, sequencing, plot, inferencing, generalizations and much more. It is a timed test! (Only 4 hours allotted.) • Curriculum consists of basal reading and/or novel sets. Emphasis on vocabulary is included. Every day students will receive 60 minutes reading and 30 minutes STAAR preparation instruction integrated as part of reading.

  12. Math • The STAAR Math test will be administered Monday, March 30, 2015. • The test consists of approx. 50 problems and it’s a timed test, with only four hours allotted. • Every day students will have Math homework over the specific concept of the week plus STAAR questions.

  13. Science • The Science STAAR test will be administered on April 22, 2015. • Science will consist of a science journal, science vocabulary, and hands on lab work. • A Science journal, folder and index vocabulary cards will be maintained by each student.

  14. Daily Math • Binders and Math journals must be organized and complete. • Quizzes consist of 10 questions. • There will be 1-2 quizzes weekly and a weekly test. • If a student fails a quiz or test, their test must be signed by a parent. Students will work on corrections in class.

  15. Composition/Grammar • Composition will be every other week. It will vary from narratives, poetry, autobiographies, biographies, research articles, observations of current events, etc. • Grammar grades will be taken from assigned text pages.

  16. Spelling/Science Vocabulary • Spelling and Science vocabulary words are integrated into one list. • Lists will be in their planners on a weekly basis. • Science words will be kept in their spelling composition notebook and in their index cards. • Tests are given on Friday over both Science vocabulary and spelling words assigned. • Spelling words and Science definitions can be found on Mrs. Ochoa’s webpage.

  17. Social Studies • United States history, civics, economics, and government are the essence of Social Studies. • There are daily readings and discussions. • Work is assigned to complement instruction. • Projects will be assigned in Social Studies.

  18. Academic Unit Assessments and “Rigor” • At the end of every Academic unit there will be an assessment for all academic areas. • “Rigor” is a required method of instruction to prepare the students for state tests. • STAAR test questions are rigor based and require higher order thinking skills.

  19. P.E./Specials/Recess • P.E. is 5 days a week. Your child must have a doctor’s excuse if they can’t participate. • Music is once a week. • Recess is everyday after lunch.

  20. Texas State Performance Standards Project • G/T project required from grades 2nd through 5th grade G/T classrooms • Done in class with teacher guidance and monitoring • One assignment per student

  21. Technology Project • All 2nd and 5th grade students are required to complete a technology project. • Fifth graders are required to complete a Power Point presentation. • **Each student will need to have an external storage USB drive**

  22. Friendly Reminders • Grades are posted weekly. • You will receive a 3 week progress report to advise you of grades as well as a 6 weeks report card. • Students may bring a water bottle for after P.E. • SPTSO membership and Volunteering • Classes with 100% participation will receive an ice cream sundae party.

  23. Closing Thought “I never teach my pupils; I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn. -Albert Einstein “I believe the most important single thing, beyond discipline and creativity is daring to dare” -Maya Angelou