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nCode is launched: Potential is unlocked PowerPoint Presentation
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nCode is launched: Potential is unlocked

nCode is launched: Potential is unlocked

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nCode is launched: Potential is unlocked

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  1. 2004 nCode is launched: Potential is unlocked Players break the code to discover the benefit of nanotechnology for 2 X more strength 2 X more stable 22% more power

  2. 2[K]7 what’s the difference? [K] Factor is released: Take [K]ontrol The game and players are factored. A new dimension of [K]ontrol is discovered because Power without [K]ontrol is nothing [K]ontrol of the game, the ball, the opponent [K] Factor = More [K]ontrolled Power

  3. What’s ?

  4. ENVIRONMENT before Power, status, excess Conscientious, efficient, clean Thoughtful, healthier, cleaner Polluting, selfish, expensive

  5. TECHNOLOGY before Sustainable, environmental, durable Synthetic, toxic, non biodegradable

  6. PEOPLE before Steroids, bulk, superficial Natural, control, inner-self


  8. EXTERNAL Changes before : 15 : 21 Long rallies, unpredictable Shorter rallies, shorter game

  9. EXTERNAL Changes • Scoring systemhas changedfrom 15-point to 21-point • PAR (Points-a-Rally) introduced • Game has changed its characteristics and dynamics • Outcome and Resultare more diverse • Length of matchshorter &more predictable • Training and preparation have changed • Matches have gotten shorter

  10. ”When you hold the racket in your hand, youfeelthe racket or not” “The right feeling comes with the right sound when hitting the ball.” “The racket has got to feel like the extension of your arm.” “You have to be able to feel the shuttle through your racket.” “Control and precision have to be right.” “I can’t describe the feel. It just has to fit my playing style.” “The racket has to submit good feedback.”

  11. Common definition of feel Our study shows common elements from which we can create the following definition: Feel is the impact information transferred into the player's hand. It determines the ability to sense the ball coming off the strings to better control the shot. This is what connects shuttle, racket, and player's hand together.

  12. Technology… What if the new revolution combines different technologies to provide the perfect feel for each player type ? Design… What if the new revolution sources its inspiration from natural element to express a natural feel? Material… What if the new revolution is engineered from a natural element when added to the matrix turns natural Feel into Golden Touch? This element exist… it’s a rock…

  13. BASALT • Basaltis a natural volcanic rock • Basaltcan be used in manufacturing and made into fine and ultra fine gold fibers. • Basalt fibers are environmentally friendly and superior to other fibers in terms of thermal stability, sound insulation, vibration resistance and durability.

  14. BASALT (BL) is connected with other variables

  15. Basalt (BL) and other variables, X elements are all connected for the perfect feel X > > The NEXT revolution is born for 20X…

  16. definition BLX is the new Wilson racket technology engineered with BASALT fibers combining proprietary frame, grommet and grip technologies for THE PERFECT FEEL.


  18. = 1 material Basalt fibers are woven longitudinally with [K]arophite Black to create the most advanced composite in the industry. It offers unmatched frequency reduction while retaining carbon fiber performance in terms of lightness, responsiveness, stability and rigidity. Feel is redefined

  19. Like noise-cancelling headphones are filtering out unwanted external noise, Basalt added to the matrix filters the unwanted extreme frequencies that reach the hand. The racket’s ability to transfer impact information is substantially improved. = 1 material

  20. A smoother signal reaches the hand. BLX technology delivers a clean feedback and better sensation for the perfect FEEL ! = 1 material


  22. =4Frame Technologies • LINEAR:new and unique frame construction for better stability while overall beam width can be reduced • CONTROL BASE:innovative hoop engineering for maximum torsional stability • DUAL CONNECT TOP CAP:multi component constructionproviding immediate racket feedback • EXTENDED POWER SHAFT:new shaft engineering formore power and stability

  23. Famous basalt flow in world is Giant's Causeway on northern coast of Ireland =4Frame Technologies LONG LASTING, SOLID construction inspired by nature +32% Compared to classic beam construction, Linear Construction is up to 32% more stable

  24. =4Frame Technologies CONTROL BASE TORSIONAL STABILITY MAXIMIZED Due to Innovative Hoop Engineering Wider raised t-joint area Reinforced at Key Areas Greater Control Greater Torsional Stability

  25. =4Frame Technologies DUAL CONNECT TOP CAP IMMEDIATE RACKET FEEDBACK Multi Component Construction Provides Immediate Feedback Shaft movement is transferred to the athlete’s hand through thumb pad More Powerful Shots Improved Flexibility

  26. =4Frame Technologies EXTENDED POWER SHAFT INCREASED CONTROL AND POWER By Extending the Shaft Throughout the Entire Handle Lowers the Kick Point and Increases Overall Flexibility and Torsional Stability More Flex More Power More Control

  27. =1Grip Technology Grip Technology • Cotton Base • Softer than leather, firmer than foam • Organic, renewable material • Good moisture absorption • Tackified PU • High performance feel • Dampens vibration • Secure grip • Medium Thickness • All around racket feel & control

  28. Revolution Inspired by nature from the cosmetic to the segmentation to reconnect with the perfect feel of the ball

  29. Cosmetics Day & night Magnetic field Combined together…

  30. The NEXT Cover • New softer and more natural material • New more ergonomic shoulder strap


  32. Positioning • New flagship doubles racket • Improved Feel through integration of BLX • Probably the most versatile racket in the Wilson line redefined with an improved level of feel thanks to the BLX technology • Jonas Rasmussen’s racket of choice Rasmussen Jacquet Koehler

  33. Positioning • Most powerful singles racket out there • Improved Feel through integration of BLX • Sho Sasaki’s new racket of choice • Extended Power Shaft gives this racket the extra power needed to dominate your opponents Sasaki Baxter

  34. Positioning • Perfect all-around Power racket • Improved Feel through integration of BLX • BLX feel and the hybrid grip complete the Wave for those who are not willing to compromise between power, lightweight and comfort

  35. Positioning • Added Feel and enhanced stability for greater precision • Improved Feel through integration of BLX • The choice of a new generation of powerful players, offering up the pace and precision needed to penetrate the court from any position with BLX enhanced feel

  36. Positioning • Brand new control racket for players looking for great combination of versatility and feel • Improved Feel through integration of BLX • Offering plenty of feel and pop from any area of the court

  37. Positioning • A brand new addition in the all around family, with an easy to swing weight to make a perfect introduction to the BLX Feel revolution • Improved Feel through integration of BLX • Designed for players looking for great playing yet versatile racket

  38. [K] Brave Positioning • Extended Power Shaft for enhanced Flexibility and increased Torsional Stability • The Ultimate Weapon for Ambitious Doubles Players

  39. [K] Rival Positioning • Extended Power Shaft for enhanced Flexibility and increased Torsional Stability • For Doubles Players seeking additional Power