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Commonwealth AITR Communications Exchange

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Commonwealth AITR Communications Exchange. Lem Stewart CIO of the Commonwealth Commonwealth AITR Meeting October 23, 2006. expect the best. 1. Welcome! Our agenda. Your questions From last meeting Service escalation Federal cost allocation

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commonwealth aitr communications exchange

Commonwealth AITR Communications Exchange

Lem Stewart

CIO of the Commonwealth

Commonwealth AITR Meeting

October 23, 2006

expect the best

expect the best


welcome our agenda
Welcome! Our agenda

Your questions

    • From last meeting
    • Service escalation
    • Federal cost allocation
    • 2007 legislative initiatives
    • IT Infrastructure Partnership
    • Procurement
    • Standard infrastructure practices
  • Open Q&A/discussion
    • Improving communications

expect the best

your questions

Your questions

expect the best

expect the best


questions from september
Questions from September
  • Parking lot
    • Improving communications (Today)
    • Service escalation process (Today)
    • Enterprise Applications PPEA (defer to future)
  • Individual questions
    • Pat Wilson, Dept. of Correctional Education, procurement issue with battery backup
    • Sanford Hostetter, follow-up on metrics/SLAs for DMHRMRSAS
    • All, sharing names of Customer Advisory Council (now Partnership Advisory Council)

expect the best

service escalation process
Service escalation process


  • How do I escalate critical service problems when the normal VITA processes aren’t working?


  • Our first priority is to resolve IT emergencies as quickly as possible
  • If the normal processes aren’t working, you can follow an escalation path

expect the best

service escalation process6
Service escalation process
  • Critical incidents should be assigned a ticket number by the VITA Customer Care Center (804) 786-3932 or 1-866-637-8482
  • Contact your Customer Account Manager (CAM)
  • CAM Director Debbie Secor and Service Management Director Fred Duball
  • IT Investment & Enterprise Solutions Director Jerry Simonoff
  • CIO of the Commonwealth Lem Stewart

expect the best

service escalation contacts

Mary Davis-Barton

(804) 371-0628 office

(804) 559-2453 cell

(804) 263-1232 home

Bobby Keener

(804) 652-7293 cell

(804) 304-1171 home

Linda Smithson

(804) 343-9053 office

(804) 614-0639 cell

(757) 259-7959 home

Anne Wingfield

(804) 371-5620 office

(804) 400-0722 cell

(804) 320-2113 home

Debbie Secor

CAM Director

(804) 343-9049 office

(804) 652-5705 cell

(703) 362-2196 home

Fred Duball

SMO Director

(804) 343-9026 office

(804) 283-6479 cell

Jerry Simonoff

ITIES Director

(804) 343-9001 office

(804) 840-9265 cell

Lem Stewart

CIO of the Commonwealth

(804) 343-9002 office

(804) 363-9644 cell

Service escalation contacts

expect the best

federal cost allocation
Federal cost allocation


  • I hope we can get an update relating to agencies who receive federal funding and recent communications from HHS to agencies in the Commonwealth.


  • Does this [letter] mean that we can not charge the Federal Government the VITA Fee but need to pay it from the general fund?

expect the best

vita s services charges background
VITA’s Services Charges - Background
  • Internal Service Fund agency
    • Budget is the fees VITA collects
    • Rates are approved by ITIB & JLARC
  • Security
  • Project management
  • E-911
  • GIS (pending ISF July 2007)
  • Direct Bill: charged from its inception in 2003 until July 2006

expect the best

vita s service charge evolution
VITA’s Service Charge Evolution
  • Agency Services: From Direct Bill, VITA began charging in July 2006
    • Consistent vs. discretionary budgeting philosophy
    • Based upon each agencies’ historic IT spending
    • Transitional step
  • Enterprise Shared Services: 2007-2008
    • Based on service usage
    • Customers choose service levels
    • Consistent service levels at consistent costs

expect the best

federal cost allocation11
Federal Cost Allocation

VITA’s response to HHS

  • “Considering in your judgment we only appear non-compliant, that you and your colleagues in the various federal offices hold in abeyance any action on your September 29 letter for 60-90 days. That will give us time to work with you and our agencies on acceptable alternatives or modification. It will also avoid any interruption of federal and state program services since we will be unable to provide such services without revenue to support them.”
  • VITA convened a group of 6-8 seasoned agency financial officers to assist in crafting a new solution.
  • VITA plans to bring in an experienced and objective third party to help guide the development of a new plan.

expect the best

legislative initiatives

Legislative initiatives

expect the best

expect the best


legislative initiatives13
Legislative initiatives


  • I would like to know what issues VITA will pursue during the next General Assembly.  Are there any Code changes or additions VITA will push?


  • VITA has not submitted any legislation through the executive branch review process. At present, VITA has no plans to present any agency legislation in the 2007 Session.

expect the best

it infrastructure partnership

IT Infrastructure Partnership

expect the best

expect the best


it infrastructure partnership15
IT Infrastructure Partnership


  • Can we get an update on the IT partnership?


  • Several months ago at a general meeting preparing for the NG transition, mention was made of 10 or more technology tower areas that would be involved. Is there an update to the status on this? Can VITA provide a list of milestone dates when centralized services will be initiated?

expect the best


Infrastructure Partnership Update

Fred Duball and Joe Fay

Program Directors

October 23, 2006Agency Information Technology Resource Communications Meeting


The IT Infrastructure Partnership Program is a multi-year, multi-phase effort to stabilize, optimize and transform the people, processes and technologies for IT infrastructure services that support citizen services

A well-ordered introduction of services to VITA’s customers

  • Completed
    • Established the Operations Working Group
    • Built Root Cause Analysis (RCA) process, completed 28 RCAs
    • Bolstered operations organization with project, communications, and change management personnel
    • Held four in-scope manager Q&A calls
    • Disseminated and implemented 10 standard infrastructure practices
    • Published Central Operations Quality of Service (QoS) Report
    • Started collection of customer agency facing metrics
    • Implemented fixes to correct central operations Yellow and Red metrics
  • Planned
    • 10/16 -11/8 - 10 regional NG new employee training meetings
    • 10/31 – Complete evaluation of infrastructure against CIS Configuration Standards
    • 11/15 - In-scope manager off-site – management team alignment
    • 11/30 – Build process for flowing information on vital service interruptions
    • 11/30 - Build Emergency Operations IT support plan
    • 12/15 – Include all customer agency facing metrics in the QoS Report
    • Early 2007 – Consolidate service support contracts
transition challenges
Transition Challenges
  • Move Operations from primarily distributed/agency-focused model to centrally-focused model
    • Description
      • Effort now primarily performed in agency buildings and focused on agency support
      • Eventually move help desk, break/fix, server, network, security monitoring, e-mail to the Commonwealth Enterprise Solutions Center (CESC) and the Southwest Enterprise Solutions Center (SWESC) and focus on enterprise support
    • Near-term efforts
      • Moved East and West regions to geographic model, Capital region will move in early 2007
      • Accelerating interim help desk consolidation
      • Accelerating move of customer agencies to interim, existing single e-mail
  • Gain better understanding customer satisfaction at the agency level
    • Description
      • Currently getting informal, ad hoc comments
      • No overall view of agency satisfaction
    • Near-term efforts
      • Started collection of agency facing metrics, first report December 2006
      • Customer Account Managers (CAMs) providing agency satisfaction assessment
      • Customer agency survey planned for early 2007
central operations measures
Central Operations Measures

* Current measure assumes all initial calls can be resolved immediately; beginning Oct 06 and per industry standard, basis will consider resolvable versus all calls

  • Since service commencement:
    • 8,674 total incidents, 74 critical
    • 28 RCAs prepared and corrective action identified
  • Significant incidents for period:
    • 7/6, 12 Hours, VDOT: Poorly written script caused all employees to not be able to access applications
    • 7/9, 7 Hours, VDOT: Improper Raid Array configuration caused VDOT website to go down when a drive failed
    • 7/23, 32 Hours, VEC: Improper server restart after maintenance caused the VEC website to go down
    • 7/25, 6 Hours, VDEM: Antivirus software upgrade caused external e-mails to not be passed to VDEM
    • 8/8, DSS, DMV, VRS: A file storage parameter was improperly changed in Jan 06 causing permanent file deletion after 180 days
    • 9/2, 80 Hours, DGIF: Verizon circuit failure caused DGIF website to be unavailable to the public
end user services transition
40+ separate help desks

20 incident management systems

Limited call metrics

Desk side agency support centric

Multiple manufactures and support models

40+ email systems

40+ Global Address Lists

Unsecured Messaging

Enterprise help desk

Single Incident management system

Established call metrics

Regionalized management services

Standard systems, centralized software delivery, remote support

Centralized messaging system

Single Global address list

Secure Messaging

End User Services Transition

To Be

As Is

Desktop & asset mgmt system operational (1/1/07)

SWESC Staffed and trained


Complete Desktop Refresh

90% (3/1/09)

Single Statewide Address List (4/1/07)

Complete Desktop Refresh

50% (3/1/08)

Incident Mgmt.

Web Accessible (8/1/06)

End User Services Transition

Knowledge Mgt. System Operational 10/1/06


Infrastructure (8/1/07)

Enterprise messaging

90% complete (6/1/09)

Incident Mgmt System

/ SPOC Help Desk (SWESC) (7/1/08)

Begin Desktop Refresh (3/1/07)





  • Notes:
  • SWESC – Southwest Enterprise Solutions Center, Russell County
  • SPOC – Single Point of Contact Help Desk solution
data center services transition
Data Center Services Transition

To Be

As Is

Tape Automation Complete (3/1/08)

  • 3000+ servers 75% distributed throughout agencies
  • 3 mainframes located at RPB and VDACs
  • Minimal performance monitoring
  • Disaster recovery within 72 Hours
  • No standard server tools or processes
  • Multiple point storage solutions
  • Remote high volume print operations
  • Manual operations and tape management

CESC Ready for Occupancy (7/1/07)

  • Consolidated storage servers and tape
  • 75% centralized versus agency based server location
  • Enterprise monitoring performance data
  • 24 Hour disaster recovery
  • Centralized operations and printing
  • Automated tape processing and operations

Server consolidation

90% complete



For Occupancy


Server consolidation 65% complete (8/1/08)

Infrastructure Ops Center -

Interim (11/1/06)

Data Center Services Transition

RPB Server consolidation in-place


Mainframe Print

Consolidated (6/1/08)

Mainframe / server workload

migration from RPB to CESC (1/1/08)

Server consolidation 25% complete (11/1/07)





  • Notes:
  • CESC – Commonwealth Enterprise Solutions Center, Chesterfield County
  • SWESC – Southwest Enterprise Solutions Center, Russell County
  • RPB – Richmond Plaza Building Data Center
network services transition
Network Services Transition

To Be

As Is

75% LAN

Migration (10/1/09)

  • Agency Centric Approach to Network Design, Management Operations
  • Network Solution Not Scalable
  • Varying Levels of Network Technology
  • Multiple Connections (85+) to the Internet
  • IP Address Duplication Across Agencies
  • Frame Relay / ATM Network




  • Enterprise-Managed Single Multi-Service Network
  • Centralized Network Operations Center
  • Reliable, Scalable and Secure Network Infrastructure
  • Converged Communications (e.g., VoIP, QoS, MPLS / VPN)
  • Increased Performance and SLAs
  • Consolidated Internet Connections and WAN Links

Connectivity to CESC (7/1/07)

45% LAN



Temporary NOC (11/1/06)

Network Services Transition

Architecture Blueprint and Network Addressing



60% LAN




Established (9/1/07)

Complete LAN

Migration (1/1/09)

Connectivity to SWESC (11/1/07)





  • Notes:
  • NOC – Network Operations Center
security services transition
Security Services Transition

To Be

As Is

ESOC transitional (11/1/07)

  • 85 or More Internet Entrances to Defend to Varying Degrees, 40+ intrusion detection systems
  • Various Levels of Security Monitoring
  • Various Levels of Security incident Response
  • No Enterprise Wide View of IT Security Status
  • No Central Management of Enterprise Security Environment
  • Two Internet Gateways, Strongly Defended
  • 24x7 Enterprise Security Posture
  • Centralized Highly Trained Incident Response Team
  • Enterprise Security Dashboard Governance, Operational Control
  • Centralized Management, Standardized Enterprise Security Protection

Enterprise Vulnerability Assessment

Program Operational (3/1/08)

Interim Security Incident Tracking and Management System


CSIRC System Detailed Design Complete


Security Services Transition

Certification & Accreditation Planning Document


CSIRC complete


ESOC System Detailed Design Complete


Transitional ESOC Design Complete


ESOC complete (6/1/08)





  • Notes:
  • CSIRC – Computer Security Incident Response Center
  • ESOC – Enterprise Security Operations Center
  • CACI concluded its initial review and delivered its formal report 8/31 – assessed ITP as maturity level 2 (Repeatable)
  • ITP could be expected to achieve level 3 (Defined) in next 8-12 months
  • 180 positive findings, 138 minor negative
  • ITP action plan to sustain positive findings and address minor negative findings:
    • Evolve senior management teams, committees and forums with respective charters and prioritized processes
    • Document and communicate those prioritized processes
    • Establish consistent work methods producing artifacts and evidence of the processes and their outputs
  • First follow-up review by CACI scheduled Nov 27 – Dec 14


expect the best

expect the best




  • Could you spend a little more time on what plans VITA has to improve the current procurement process?


  • It appears that the new VITA processing is adding 3 to 6 weeks to expected delivery times; this is not very convenient but is probably adequate for many situations. There will be some situations though when we need goods and services much quicker than that - will there be an emergency process through VITA to get goods & services when we need them in a pinch or can we get waivers to procure and be reimbursed by VITA ?

expect the best



  • The IT goods and services commodity code listing provides a good start to determine items as in-scope, or out-of-scope. However, there are still questions for special situations, certain items not listed, or listing discrepancies, or a new category now identified when things may be in-scope for VITA but out of scope for Northrop Grumman. There continues to be a level of confusion at the agency level and perhaps also at VITA and NG. Can you provide guidance on how these items can be categorized?

expect the best

  • Since service commencement, there’s a combined NG and eVA procurement process
  • There are new standards based on transformation
  • There are three pathways for obtaining items/services: Procurement, requests for special services and TSR
  • There has been a backlog buildup
why are purchase requests taking so long to process
Why are Purchase Requests Taking So Long to Process?
  • NG process added to eVA process – the process is more complex
  • Lack of standard IT items and services across the environment
  • Until recently, lack of clarity around definition of standards
what is being done to speed up the process
What is Being Done to Speed Up the Process?
  • Senior members of VITA’s and Northrop Grumman’s technical team conduct weekly “Burn Down” sessions.
  • If a PR does not contain all of the required information, rather than deny it and make the user start over, it will be turned over to VITA APM (Agency Performance Manager), who will work with you to capture the necessary information.
  • Standards are being developed that will assist in speeding up the review process by reducing requests for non-standard items.
  • Additional clarity is being sought around in-/out-of- scope services
what have we accomplished
What Have We Accomplished?
  • One-time mass approval of PRs to reduce the backlog
  • “Burn Down” sessions to address non-standard requests
  • Documented the Technical Review process to ensure understanding of responsibilities
  • Modified criteria for denial of PRs and enlisted the aid of APMs to obtain missing information
  • Have established transformation standards for some of the towers. Should have all of the standards defined by the end of November.
  • Developed initial communication for eVA buyers and AITRs
what problems are we still encountering
What Problems Are We Still Encountering?
  • Lack of understanding of what information must be included on the PR
    • Business justification around …
      • Agency need
      • NG-VITA contractual obligation
      • Determination of timing related to transformation
    • Current vendor and or contract number if PR is for a renewal
    • New workstations – what is the current agency standard in addition to what features are required
  • Overall lack of understanding of the transformation strategy and how that impacts the procurement of goods and services today
  • SLDs/APMs need more information to assist the agency personnel and to coordinate the solutioning process prior to submission of the PR
what if there s a need for an emergency procurement
What if there’s a Need for an Emergency Procurement?
  • Contact your SLD
  • SLD will contact their RSDs to see if other options are available
  • RSDs will contact NG Procurement for next steps
what can you do to help
What Can You Do To Help?
  • As they are released, become familiar with the transformation strategy and schedule, and plan purchases accordingly
  • As they are released, become familiar with the transformation standards and work with your agency to plan your procurements around these standards
  • Realize purchases that don’t correspond to the transformation strategy may not have positive return on investment
  • Provide detailed business requirements versus requests for specific manufacturer equipment
  • Provide detailed justification of the business requirements
  • Be open to the technical solution we provide
  • Be patient with requests for non-standard items/services
  • Provide continuous feedback
what s next
What’s Next?
  • Joint VITA - Northrop Grumman weekly review of outstanding Purchase Requests
  • Establish a steering committee to provide direction and monitor progress
  • Implement revised process that will expedite the technical review process
  • Communicate to the SLDs and the agency the eVA PR criteria and the transformation standards
  • Communicate Transformation Plan and Schedule to Agency personnel
  • Implement reporting metrics and track trends
  • Report progress to VITA and Northrop Grumman management
in scope out of scope questions
In-Scope Out-of-Scope Questions
  • Cable plant issues (in state building / non-state building)
    • In-Scope = outside the wall
    • Out-of-Scope = inside the wall
  • MS Office products – software. Will VITA cover the cost of licenses? Are there in-scope / out-of-scope components
    • In-Scope
  • Agency specific application software. Are there in-scope / out-of-scope components?
    • In-Scope = DBMS (Oracle, Sequel Server)
    • Out-of-Scope = everything else
  • Video Teleconferencing Equipment
    • Out-of-Scope
in scope out of scope questions46
In-Scope Out-of-Scope Questions
  • Closed Circuit TV’s
    • Out-of-Scope
  • Voice Over IP (VoIP) telephony
    • In-Scope
  • Units utilizing adaptive technology. Are there in-scope / out-of-scope components?
  • Units supporting for profit business activities, are there in-scope / out-of-scope components?
  • Units supporting general public customer (not agency staff) direct use, with / or without agency specific software. Are there in-scope / out-of-scope components?
standard infrastructure practices

Standard infrastructure practices

expect the best

expect the best


standard infrastructure practices48
Standard infrastructure practices


  • VITA recently communicated some standard infrastructure practices to technical staff. What are they and what’s changing?

expect the best

standard infrastructure practices49
Standard infrastructure practices
  • Purpose: Ensure basic infrastructure practices are being followed enterprise wide
  • Detailed description of Practices sent out to the field through Management Chain - Sept 21
  • Compliance Tracking sheet will be sent back up through Management Chain – Tracking sheet consists of checkboxes for compliance, working on compliance, exceptions.
  • Response due Oct 27
  • Have allowed exceptions, will address those exceptions to determine if we can assist agencies reach compliance.

expect the best

standard infrastructure practices50

Standard infrastructure practices

Production server backup daily

Rotate backup tapes

Change user passwords every 90 days

Admin passwords restrictions

Load OS patches monthly or as directed

Distribute virus patches daily

Test 2 server restores yearly

Default passwords removed from network monitoring accounts

Document RAID configuration

Firewall on laptop - recommended

expect the best

questions answers

Questions & Answers

expect the best

expect the best


moderated q a
Moderated Q&A
  • To make the session productive
    • Ask questions that apply to multiple agencies
    • Please talk to your CAM with agency-specific questions
    • New issues may go to “parking lot” for future meetings
  • We welcome your questions
    • Call us or send your questions to us after the meeting

What’s on your mind?

expect the best

parking lot
Parking Lot
  • Technical architecture
  • Request for Special Services (RFSS)
    • Decommissioning services
    • Impact to monthly service rates
  • IT investment management update
  • List of infrastructure standards
  • Maintenance contract renewals
    • Proactive reminders to agencies prior to expiration

expect the best

improving communications discussion
Improving communications discussion
  • What we have in place today:
  • Customer Advisory Committee – ITIB
  • AITR Communications meetings – CIO
  • Cabinet Technology Team meetings
  • Cabinet meetings
  • Agency Head meetings
  • Partnership Advisory Council (formerly CAC)
  • Information Security Officer meetings
  • UVA Survey
  • Feedback from all used to develop Action Plans

expect the best



Next meeting:

November 21, 2006

8:30 a.m. Networking

9 – 11 Meeting

Location TBD

Send your questions, comments, suggestions to:

expect the best