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Exchange Web Services Managed API Unified Communications Development For Exchange PowerPoint Presentation
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Exchange Web Services Managed API Unified Communications Development For Exchange

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Exchange Web Services Managed API Unified Communications Development For Exchange - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Exchange Web Services Managed API Unified Communications Development For Exchange.  Jason Henderson Senior Program Manager Microsoft Corporation. Agenda. Software plus services Microsoft Exchange 2007 Architecture Microsoft Exchange 2007 APIs “Cloud Ready” Exchange Web Services

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Presentation Transcript
exchange web services managed api unified communications development for exchange

Exchange Web Services Managed APIUnified Communications Development For Exchange

 Jason Henderson

Senior Program Manager

Microsoft Corporation

  • Software plus services
    • Microsoft Exchange 2007 Architecture
    • Microsoft Exchange 2007 APIs
    • “Cloud Ready”
  • Exchange Web Services
    • Overview
    • Drilldown
    • Exchange Web Services Managed API
exchange n tier architecture

Exchange 2000/2003Mailbox Server

Exchange 2007Mailbox Server

Exchange N-Tier Architecture




CDO 1.2.1

Exchange 2000/2003



Windows Client

Exchange Web Services

Exchange 2007



X-Platform Client

Exchange 2007Client Access Server

simplifying the api matrix
Simplifying The API Matrix

Outlook interop responsibility




CDO for Exchange



CDO 1.2.1



Remote access from


Exchange Web Services


exchange web services overview
Exchange Web ServicesOverview
  • Open Standards-based protocol
    • XML/SOAP/WSDL-based Web Service
  • Implements Exchange/Outlook business logic
    • Strongly typed access
      • Message/tasks/contacts/calendar/folders
    • Workflow
      • Free/busy
      • Suggested meeting times
      • Accepting/sending/updating meeting requests
      • Delegation and permissions
      • Replying to messages
      • Notifications
      • Synchronization
ews overview
EWS Overview

Exchange mailboxes

Public folders

Business logic layer (shared with Outlook Web Access)

Public folders

Post items

Create, get, update, delete items, folders and attachments


OOF settings

  • Utilities
  • ResolveNames
  • ExpandDL

Delegate management

Folder permissions

OWA/Availability Id conversion

Exchange 2007

Exchange 2007 Service Pack 1



Auto-generated proxies, raw XML

EWS Managed API


did you say easy
Did You Say Easy?

GetFolderType request = new GetFolderType();

request.FolderShape = new FolderResponseShapeType();

request.FolderShape.BaseShape = DefaultShapeNamesType.AllProperties;

DistinguishedFolderIdTypeinboxId = new DistinguishedFolderIdType();

inboxId.Id = DistinguishedFolderIdNameType.inbox;

request.FolderIds = new BaseFolderIdType[] { inboxId };

GetFolderResponseTyperesponse = serviceBinding.GetFolder(request);

FolderInfoResponseMessageTyperesponseMessage =

response.ResponseMessages.Items[0] as FolderInfoResponseMessageType;

if (responseMessage.ResponseClass == ResponseClassType.Success)


FolderTypeinbox = responseMessage.Folders[0] as FolderType;









<t:DistinguishedFolderIdId="inbox" />














<t:FolderIdId="..." ChangeKey="..." />











Folder inbox = Folder.Bind(service, WellKnownFolderName.Inbox);

Increased Productivity


Auto-generated proxies

EWS Managed API

  • Cross-platform
  • No client-side logic
  • Manual plumbing
  • Multiple platforms
  • Class-based access
  • No client-side logic
  • Windows only (.NET 3.5)
  • Fully Object Oriented
  • Smart client-side logic
exchange web services managed api design goals
Exchange Web Services Managed APIDesign Goals
  • Exchange development is easy!
    • Object oriented design
    • Smart client features
      • AutoDiscover built in
  • Expose full power of web services
    • Batch processing
    • Delegate Access
    • Custom Properties
  • Cloud/On-Premises same code
let s start coding
Let’s Start Coding!
  • Initialize the service
    • Authentication
      • Windows integrated
      • Basic
    • Use AutoDiscover
      • Locate service endpoint
      • Bootstrap on smtpaddress
  • Rich Calendaring Support
    • Retrieve/Create appointments
      • Recurring meetings
      • Recurrence expansion
    • Meeting Requests
      • Accept/tentative/decline/update/cancel
      • Automatically send responses/updates
    • Free/Busy views
      • Meeting suggestions
  • Always use AutoDiscover to boostrap based on mailbox address
  • Use Tracing to understand underlying SOAP protocol
  • Use FindAppointments/FindItems to efficiently query and retrieve Items
  • Use Load*/Bind to retrieve streamed and calculated properties
call to action
Call To Action
  • Learn about Exchange Online
  • Learn more about Exchange Web Services
    • MSDN
    • “Inside Microsoft Exchange 2007 Web Services”
    • Hands On Lab
    • Watch for the Managed API Beta Release
  • Fill out session evaluations
final slide for pdc presentations
Final Slide For PDC Presentations
  • Are you interested in receiving the VPCs for Microsoft Exchange 2007 and Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2 after RTM in early 2009? If yes, please email with your contact information and subject line: UC VPC Download Request

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