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Red package 红 包

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Red package 红 包. Chinese New Year 华人 新年 ( 农历). 2013. I wish you 愿你. A very prosperous New Year 一 个大肥 年,恭 喜发 财 A very lucky year 宏运当 头 Be blessed with lots of money 财源广进 Blessings be as vast as an ocean 福如东海 A long life 夀比南 山 Successful in your study, your business … 新年进步 , 万事如意 , 生意兴隆

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i wish you
I wish you愿你
  • A very prosperous New Year


  • A very lucky year宏运当头
  • Be blessed with lots of money财源广进
  • Blessings be as vast as an ocean福如东海
  • A long life夀比南山
  • Successful in your study, your business …新年进步,万事如意,生意兴隆
  • Good health身体健康

In summary, the new year greetings are all about more money, wealth, better education, success in business, better health & peace and so on.恭喜的话都是有关发财,好生意,事业,学业成功

  • The focus is on wealth. Good health is important so that one can enjoy the benefit of the wealth…有了钱,还要有健康的身体才能享受

The word blessing 福is consist of two parts福由两个部份所组成:

  • Property, wealth, money ,一口田
  • God

Money is so important. Good education will bring about money. So study hard!金钱很重要,教育能够带来金钱。所以努力读书。

Besides wealth, we must acknowledge God being the maker of all things & the Judge of all Man.除了财富,我们应该要认识那位创造万物,审判万人的神。


All blessings come from heaven.福气从天而降,天指创造天地万物的神

  • Heaven refers to the most high God.老天爷就是那位创造天地万物的之高的神
many expressions
Many expressions不同的词句,看出相信有神
  • Heavenly God, pour down your blessings!
  • Heavenly God, open your eyes, look at our situation down here!
  • 老天爷赐福,老天爷开眼

This Creator God is the one created the first man and the first woman. The Chinese word for good is 好which is the combination of a man 子& a woman 女。 Surely, our ancestors knew the most high God.这位创造主就是创造第一个男人和女人的主。 中文‘好’字就是由一个男和女组成的。在文字上我认为我们的祖先认识上帝。

  • Today there are more than 50 millions of Christians in China. 今天在中国就有超过5千万个基督徒。
there is a god
There is a God有一位神
  • The most high God is Jesus Christ.上帝就是耶稣基督
  • He came to earth 2000 years ago to look for us & to open a way to heaven. 祂两千年前来到世上为世人开启通往天堂的道路。
  • He loves us so much that he came to pay for all our punishment so that we can be saved!祂非常爱我们,祂为我们承担起一切過犯的惩罚,使到我们可以得赦免。

Money is not all about life. We need money. But money can’t save us from death when we are facing imminent death. 金钱不是 生命的全部,我们需要金钱。但是当我们面对死亡的时候,金钱却不能救我们脱离死亡。

  • My personal experience
  • 我个人的见证