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IYB560E EXECUTIVE AND GROUP DECISION MAKING. Dr. Y. İlker TOPCU www.ilkertopcu. net www. ilkertopcu .org www. ilkertopcu . info facebook.com/ yitopcu twitter.com/ yitopcu instagram.com/ yitopcu Dr . Özgür KABAK web.itu.edu.tr/ kabak /. Course information. Credits: 3+0 ECTS Credits: 7

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  1. IYB560E EXECUTIVE AND GROUP DECISION MAKING Dr. Y. İlker TOPCU www.ilkertopcu.netwww.ilkertopcu.orgwww.ilkertopcu.info facebook.com/yitopcutwitter.com/yitopcu instagram.com/yitopcu Dr. Özgür KABAK web.itu.edu.tr/kabak/

  2. Course information • Credits: 3+0 • ECTS Credits: 7 • Type: Compulsory • Language: English • Web site: web.itu.edu.tr/topcuil/ya/IYB560E

  3. Course description • Decision analysis • Decision tables / payoff matrices • Decision trees • Group decision making • Voting • Social choice functions • Multiple Criteria Decision Making • Constructing the decision model • Analyzing the problem • Elementary methods • SAW, WP, TOPSIS • Analytic Hierarchy Process • Analytic Network Process

  4. Course objectives • to provide students practical techniques and decision support tools those help them to solve decision problems • to enable students to integrate judgments with other types of information in a logical and defensible manner • to improve students’ decision making skills, their ability to analyze problems systematically, and their confidence in their own decision making

  5. Course learning outcomes Students who pass the course gain knowledge, skill and competency in the following subjects: • identifying common errors and traps that prevent them from making effective decisions, • learning how decision making process takes place, • using a range of decision making techniques to improve the effectiveness of their decision making • finding (choosing, ranking, or classifying) the comprimise alternative for making a decision

  6. References Web site of thecourse • Up-to-datelecturenotes and supplements • Solutionstoexams and homework Books • Taylor B.W. 2012. Introduction to Management Science, Pearson Education Inc., New Jersey. • Render B., Stair Jr R.M., and Hanna M.E. 2011. Quantitative Analysis for Management. Pearson Education Inc., New Jersey. • Goodwin P., Wright G. 2010. Decision Analysis for Management Judgment, John Wiley & Sons, New York. • Saaty T.L. 2001. Decision Making for Leaders. RWS Publ., Pittsburg. • Saaty T.L. 2005. Theory and Applications of the Analytic Network Process. RWS Publ., Pittsburg. Web sites of othercourses

  7. AssessmentCriteria • Final exam (40%), 2 Midtermexams (60%) • All exams will be “open book” or "take home"

  8. Exams Midtermexam 1 • January 25 Midtermexam 2 • February 22 Final exam • March 14

  9. Cheating and Plagiarism • Do not! • Studying together to understand the material is fine, but the work you hand in is to be your own. • No cheating will be tolerated: A letter grade of F will be given!

  10. Schedule

  11. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Özgür Kabak Office address Management Faculty A311, Maçka, Istanbul Phone (212) 293 1300  /2039 office   /2073 secretary Web site web.itu.edu.tr/kabak/ E-mail address kabak@itu.edu.tr

  12. Assoc. Prof. at IndustrialEngineeringdepartment of ITU (2015) • Post-docstudies at Belgium Nuclear Research Centre (SCK.CEN) (2009-2010) • A fuzzymultiattributedecisionmakingapproachfornuclearsafeguardsinformationmanagement • Ph.D. in ITU IndustrialEngineeringprogramme (2008) • Modelingsupplychain network usingpossibilisticlinearprogramming and an application • Researchinterests • OperationsResearch (Mathematicalprogramming) • ModelingComplexsystems • Fuzzydecisionmaking

  13. Prof. Dr. Y. İlker Topcu Office address Management Faculty C301, Maçka, Istanbul Phone (212) 293 1300  /2069 office - (532) 355 5045 mobile Web site www.ilkertopcu.net, www.ilkertopcu.org, www.ilkertopcu.info, www.facebook.com/yitopcu, twitter.com/yitopcu E-mail address ilker.topcu@itu.edu.tr

  14. Professor at IndustrialEngineeringdepartment of ITU (2011) • AssociateProfessorship in OperationsResearch (2005) • Ph.D. in ITU Engineering Management programme (2000) • Integrated decision aid model for multi-attribute problem solving • Ph.D. research at Centrefor Decision Research of LeedsUniversityBusinessSchool (1998-1999) • Researchinterests • Decision Analysis, MultiCriteria Decision Making, Group Decision Making • OperationsResearch / Management Science • Logistics Management, Ethics in OR, Business Ethics,Transp’n, Energy, Bidding and Tender Systems, Scheduling

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