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  1. MADISON COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL RED RAIDERS What are we going to do? “Whatever it Takes” Junior Transcript Evaluation August 24, 2011

  2. Goals of Today’s Advisement During today’s advisement, we will accomplish the following things: • We will review the specific requirements you must meet to graduate with your class. • We will explain how to read and understand your transcript. • You will review your transcript and identify your academic GPA, cumulative GPA, and class rank. • We will remind you about resources and steps you need to take to plan for college. • You will complete a credit check-off sheet using your current transcript.

  3. Understanding Unit Requirements Madison County High School RED RAIDERS

  4. Class of 2013Unit Requirements • Graduates of the class of 2013are required to have 25 units to graduate. • Graduates of the class of 2013 must have 18 units to be promoted to 12th grade. • You must have at least 12 Carnegie Units (credits) completed at this point in order to be classified as a junior . You should check your transcript to see how many credits you have earned.

  5. Important Reminder--GHSGT • To be eligible to take the Georgia High School Graduation Tests this year, you must be classified as an 11th grade student, meaning you must have at least 12 units completed. You will not be eligible to take the Georgia High School Writing Test or the other GHSGT if you have not met this minimum. • In order to participate in the Graduation Ceremony, students must meet all testing requirements for graduation (GHSGT and/or EOCT) in addition to meeting all of the course/unit requirements.

  6. Stay on Track to Graduate! • If you have fewer than 12 units, you need to meet with Mr. Spellman to discuss credit recovery and/or credit restoration options ASAP.

  7. Credit Recovery & Tutoring • Tutoring is available Wednesday mornings (except the 1st Wednesday of the month) from 8:00 – 9:25 am. • Credit recovery and tutoring after school will be available after the 1st nine week grading period. • Students needing credit recovery must register with Mr. Spellman. His office is located in the back left corner of the media center. • Credit recovery courses are available online through E2020 so if you have internet access at home, you can sign up and get started now!

  8. Understanding Graduation Requirements Madison County High School RED RAIDERS

  9. Class of 2013:Graduation Requirements Typical Course Sequencing This is what your 9th grade courses probably looked like:

  10. Class of 2013:Graduation Requirements Typical Course Sequencing This is what your 10th grade courses probably looked like:

  11. Class of 2013:Graduation Requirements Typical Course Sequencing *For the Class of 2013, Math III Support has been approved by the Board of Regents as a core Mathematics credit. **Spanish I & II are not required to graduate, but completion of 2 units of the same foreign language is required for admission to many colleges/universities.

  12. Class of 2013:Graduation Requirements Typical Course Sequencing *Only for students who took Math III Support as the 3rd math. **4th science options include 1) an approved academic science course not previously attempted (Chemistry, Environmental Science, AP Physics, AP Biology) 2) an approved CTAE science course or 3) an approved science elective—Human Anatomy, Forensic Science, Botany, Genetics, or Zoology. **Spanish I & II are not required to graduate, but completion of 2 units of the same foreign language is required for admission to many colleges/universities.

  13. Class of 2013:Graduation Requirements Overview of required courses— Grades 9-12 **4th Science options include Chemistry/Environmental Science/AP Physics/AP Biology, Human Anatomy, Agricultural Science, or Other Approved CTAE Science or Academic Science Course ***Spanish I & II are not required to graduate from MCHS but are required for students who plan to enter the University System of Georgia and many other colleges

  14. About the 4th Science Requirement • Most of the academic requirements are generally prescribed (with little choice in the courses you take), with the exception of science • Students have several options for meeting for the 4th science requirement—the chart below identifies courses that are currently approved to meet the 4th science requirement *CTAE courses that have been approved to meet the 4th science requirements can meet both a science & CTAE requirement

  15. 4th Science Requirement & College Admissions Students need to carefully consider their postsecondary plans before selecting their 4th science course. Some of the courses recognized by the state department of education to meet graduation requirements do not meet the Board of Regents’ requirements for admission to a GA public college or university.

  16. Elective Course Requirements CTAE/Fine Arts/Foreign Language Requirements • In addition to the academic and health/PF requirements, all students are required to take a minimum of 3 CTAE and/or Fine Arts and/or Foreign Language courses during high school in order to graduate. • These courses do not have to be in the same area but students are encouraged to select courses in a Career Program Concentration or complete a Career Pathway related to their future career interests.

  17. Elective Course Requirements Career Program Concentration A Career Program Concentration is a career-related education area.

  18. Elective Course Requirements Career Pathways • Career pathways are available in each Career Program Concentration. In order for a student to complete a career pathway, he/she must complete a prescribed sequence of courses within a Career Program Concentration (usually 3-4 specific classes). • A career pathway leads to college and work readiness in a student’s area of interest. • Students who complete one of the pathways offered at Madison County High School will be eligible to take a pathway assessment (not available in all pathways), which may qualify them to earn a industry-recognized credential.

  19. Career Pathways Available at MCHS • Agriculture • Animal Science Pathway • Agricultural Mechanics Pathway • Construction, Communications, & Transportation • Architectural Drawing & Design Pathway • Construction Pathway • Business & Computer Science • Administrative/Information Support Pathway • Interactive Media Pathway • Small Business Development Pathway

  20. Career Pathways Available at MCHS • Education • Early Childhood Education • Family & Consumer Sciences • Nutrition & Food Science Pathway • Non CTAE Pathways • Journalism Pathway • Performing Arts Pathway • Visual Arts Pathway

  21. Class of 2013 & Foreign Language Important Notes About Foreign Language • Under your graduation rule, foreign language courses are not specifically required for students to graduate from high school. • However, 2 units of the same foreign language are required for any student who plans to enter a University System of Georgia institution and many other colleges. • Remember--If you do not meet a college’s admission requirements, you will not be admitted. Please think about this, begin researching college admission requirements, and plan ahead!

  22. Now It’s Time to Complete the Graduation Check-off Sheet Pull out your Graduation Check-off Sheet & Your Transcript • Beginning with the classes you took in the ninth grade, record the actual grade you made in the class (only if you received a passing grade and credit) on the line beside the corresponding course on the graduation check-sheet. • Note: You may not have space to list all classes on the check-off sheet (i.e. team sports and some other electives…). The point of this is to make sure you’re on track with required courses. • If you have questions, please ask.

  23. Reviewing Your Transcript Madison County High School RED RAIDERS Understanding GPAs

  24. Understanding Your High School Transcript • Your transcript is an official document listing all of the classes you have taken, along with the grades you made, in the 9th – 12th grades • Additionally, a transcript lists your GPAs, total credits earned, and shows a record of standardized tests including EOCTs, Georgia High School Graduation Tests, & SAT/ACT/AP scores • Colleges require a copy of your official transcript before they will admit you and many employers request a copy of your transcript before they hire you

  25. How to Read Your Transcript Academic GPA –based solely on grades in academic classes. This most closely resembles your HOPE GPA. Work in Progress shows current semester’s classes Standardized Tests shows EOCT, SAT, ACT, AP, GHSGT Scores Cumulative GPA—based on all courses attempted. Credit Summary shows total units attempted & completed overall and by course category. Rank GPA—this GPA is cumulative but grades in academic courses are weighted based on the level of rigor. This GPA determines your rank in class. Course History shows grades (marks) in each course and credit completed by term.

  26. Grade Point Averages Each grade point average is listed on the transcript in 2 separate ways: • NGA – Numeric Grade Average This equals your GPA on a 100 point scale • GPA – This equals your GPA on a 4.0 Scale

  27. More GPA Information Academic GPA The Academic GPA is the average of all academic courses listed on the high school transcript. This GPA includes academic electives. The Academic GPA (on the 4.0 scale) most closely mimics a student’s HOPE GPA, although it may not be exact due to differences in how MCHS computes academic GPA and the way the Georgia Student Finance Commission computes HOPE. To be eligible for the HOPE Scholarship upon graduation, students graduating with the class of 2013 must have a 3.0 Academic GPA. To be a Zell Miller Scholar, students must have a 3.7 Academic GPA and have either a 1200 SAT (CR & Math during one sitting) or 26 composite on the ACT. For more information about the HOPE Scholarship, please review the HOPE Scholarship regulations located at the Ga College 411 website.

  28. More GPA Information Rank GPA • The Rank GPA is the average of all courses listed on the high school transcript with weights added to Honors level, Advanced Placement, and ACCEL (college level) courses. • Grades in academic courses taken at the AP, Honors, and ACCEL level are weighted with 12 bonus points. Grades in required academic courses are weighted with 10 bonus points. Non-academic courses and academic electives do not receive bonus points. Important Note: These bonus points are used for calculation of rank only and do not appear on the transcript. • A Rank GPA of 96.5 or higher is required to be considered an honor graduate. Final honor graduates are determined during your senior year after 3rd quarter grades are posted. Honor graduates receive special recognition at Honors Night & wear Honor stoles at graduation. • The Rank GPA is also used to determine your rank in class (your standing compared to other students in your grade level).

  29. More GPA Information Cumulative GPA • The Cumulative GPA is the average of all courses (academic and elective) listed on the high school transcript. • Many colleges, military personnel, and potential employers ask for your cumulative GPA.

  30. Transcript Evaluation Madison County High School RED RAIDERS Where Do You Stand?

  31. Transcript Evaluation Now we’re going to pull all the pieces together and look at where you currently stand in your high school career and what you need to do to continue planning for the future. Activity: At this time, please take out the Transcript Evaluation Form. Refer to your transcript and your Graduation Check-off Sheet to complete the information. Advisors should walk around and assist during this process. Please raise your hands if you have any questions.

  32. Information & Reminders for Further Planning Madison County High School RED RAIDERS

  33. Important Reminders • In order to be eligible to take the Georgia High School Writing Test in September and the spring GHSGT you must be classified as a junior and have at least 12 units. • You can access resources to assist you with EOCT & GHSGT Prep online at: • • on curriculum and testing)

  34. Career Planning • In addition to considering career options, you should also begin exploring training and post-secondary options during your junior year. • Please utilize the following websites to assist you with career exploration and the post-secondary planning process GCIS Career Cruising Ga College 411

  35. College Entrance Exams College Entrance Exams—SAT & ACT • Any student who plans to apply to a 4 year college or private school will need to take the SAT or the ACT. Many 2 year colleges now also require the SAT or the ACT. You should plan on taking one or both of these tests once during the spring of your junior year and again during the fall of your senior year. We do not offer testing at MCHS. Each of these tests costs about $50 each time you register. College Entrance/Placement Exams—ASSET & Compass • Technical schools generally do not require the SAT or ACT and some 2 year colleges do not require these (although more and more are requiring them starting this year—including Gainesville and ABAC). Instead you can take the ASSET or the Compass at the college/technical school campus to which you are applying. There is no fee to take the ASSET or Compass.

  36. SAT in a Nutshell • The SAT has three parts: Critical Reading, Math and Writing. • It is important to note that colleges only consider the Critical Reading and Math sections when determining admissions eligibility. • Most colleges still use the Writing score for statistical purposes only.

  37. SAT in a Nutshell • Each college can set their minimum SAT requirements. A general rule of thumb is that you would need at least a 450 Critical Reading and 450 Math to meet college minimums. • However, many colleges set their minimums much higher and admission decisions are also based on the quality of the pool of applicants. For example, UGA is very competitive with the middle 50% of Fall 2010 admitted students SAT scores (Critical Reading and Math only) ranging between 1190-1360. • For more information about the SAT, please visit the CollegeBoard website at .

  38. ACT in a Nutshell • The ACT has five parts: English, Reading, Math, Science Reasoning, and an optional Writing section. If you plan to take the ACT, you should register for the writing section as well. • Colleges set their minimums for the ACT. A general rule of thumb is that you would need at least a 19 on each section to be considered by most colleges. • Again, many colleges are more competitive. For example, the middle 50% of students who were admitted to UGA for Fall 2010 scored between 27-31 on the ACT. • For more information, please visit

  39. ASSET & Compass • The ASSET and Compass are college placement tests designed specifically for technical colleges and 2-year schools. • In order to register for the ASSET or Compass, you must first apply to the technical or 2-year college during your senior year. Upon processing your application, the college will send you a date and time for taking the ASSET or Compass. This will be free of charge to you.

  40. Final Thoughts • It is very important that you do everything within your power to be successful in high school so you can have many options available to you when you graduate. • If you have additional questions about graduation requirements, credit recovery options, or career/college planning, please schedule a time to see Ms. Bruce in the Guidance & Counseling Office.