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  1. Company Profile Index • CEO Greeting • Organization Structure • Vision And Mission • Management System ISO 9001 : 2008 • Wire Harness Equipment • Our Customer • Closing & Mapping CEO's Greeting 2004. 04 : Founded PT.Totan Global Indonesia (Local ) 2004. 06 : Awarded Bounded Zone (EPTE) 2005. 02 : Awarded ISO 9001 : 2000 Quality Management System Certificate 2009.08 : Upgrade ISO 9001 : 2008 2012.09 : Upgrade ISO 9001 : 2008 Investment : USD 550.000 Land Area : 1200 m2 Manufacturing Area : 900 m2 Number Of Employer : 120 Person Pray to Almighty God Allah Swt. as we could build The Factory while the growth of global technological system is seems to be increasing rapidly. We are certainly sure that our Team Work with all dedications and Professionalisms at our own, with the best Quality System will create additional value for us to produce best quality for your company. We have the ability to convince you that supporting your Company will built additional advantages to you. We thank you for trusting us as your business partner Kind Regards, Ir. Achmad Wibawa Mufti

  2. Organization We’re Totan Global Indonesia, with a rich heritage and extensive electrical systems knowledge that can offer customers a broad range of solutions, from components to subsystems to full systems and modules. Experienced and motivated management team which Quality and Customer Focused. We have listened to our customers by unifying our identity and adopting a consistent approach to the market. Organization Structure President Director Director General Manager Quality PPIC Maintenance Production Hrd & GA Accounting Wire Harness Teknisi Material Engineer Exim Utility Vision ToBe The Best Manufacturing with the optimum operational. The Place that the employees could be energic, creative and dynamic through up dating the knowledge and technologies. The Country as a subject of company growth. Mission Leading in electronic Manufacture & sub-cont in Indonesia. Passionate Pursuit of Customer Satisfaction through Quality, Cost and Responsiveness. Create an Environment Where Every Employee Can Contribute and xcel. Support and contribute to Local Government Program which reflecting with Capital Country Growth

  3. Management System Management of PT Totan Global Indonesia had been supported by system : Quality Management System ISO 9001 : 2008 RoHS Material (environment friendly) Team Work which has expertise in electrical manufacturing & sub-cont Supporting tooling with auto cutting-stripping machine Quick responsive for any problems with the exact solution Complete and fast information media using internet and email Supporting pick-up and delivery armada Bounded Zone (EPTE)‏ Competitive Price PT Totan Global Indonesia is the Specialist Manufcturing & Assembly company which can give a full Guaranty in term of : Quality, On - Time Delivery, Production Capacity, Customer Satisfaction In the other hand, the company should keep some of basic components which covered by rule and standard such as : Standard labor salary which define by the government policy Company overhead cost Meal cost Delivery Cost Quality Cost Other expenses All of the above points will slow down the company growth if not properly handled by the “Cost-Down” program. Proposal Business The important thing to do is how to reduce all expenses which have a maximum OUT-PUT as a result

  4. Wire Harness Equipment Automatic Crimping Machine JC-S10 / JC-W20 For processing LCD & LED Electronic Conector With Spec of wire AWG 18 to AWG 34, Maximun Speed output 3000pcs / hour , Qty : 2 Unit Automatic Crimping Machine YXGS-12 Double Head crimpFor processing LCD & LED Electronic Conector With spec AWG 18 to AWG 28. maximum speed output : 3000 pcs lead crimping / hour. Qty : 4 Unit Automatic Crimping Machine KOMAX GAMA - 255 For processing Electronic Audio, Video, display LCD & LED and Otomotif Wiring System with spec AWG 18 to AWG 30Maxsimum speed output : 3.500 lead crimping / hour. Qty : 1 Unit NEW NEW Jan 2014 Jan 2014 Automatic Crimping Machine YXGS-11+T One Head crimp + Twist & SolderFor processing Electronic Conector Trafo With spec AWG 18 to AWG 28. maximum speed output : 3000 pcs lead crimping / hour. Qty : 2 Unit Manual Crimping Machine Manual Crimping For All Item Part Number & Varian Terminals Capacity 3000 pin / hour / Machine Qty : 100 Unit Kappa Cuting Machine (All item Lead & shield wire) For AWG 18 to AWG 30 Capacity : 3000 pcs/hour Quantity Machine : 4 Unit

  5. Push Pull Test Other Equipment for Harness YX-200+T ( Cutting- Striping-Twist ) (All item Lead & shield wire) For AWG 18 to AWG 30Capacity : 1000 pcs/hour Quantity Machine : 1 Unit Double Twisting Wire Two ways twisting left & right Capacity : 600 sets / hour Qty : 10 Unit Solder Pot PB and PB Free Solder Qty : 6 Unit NEW Mei 2014 Connecting Jig Tester Tester Connecting For Wire Harness Capacity : 450 set / hour Qty : 10 Unit Cord Twisting Machine Twister Cord For Lead Wire Capacity : 5000 pcs / hour Qty : 2 Unit Push Pull Machine For measurement Crimping Terminals Qty : 2 Unit Microscope Machine For Checking Terminal after Crimping process Used for Wire AWG 30 to AWG 34 with new Project LCD and LED wiring harness Connector Qty : 3 Unit

  6. Our Customer 2 3 1 PT EMSONIC INDONESIA PT KGEO ELECTRONICS INDONESIA PT BUMJIN ELECTRONICS INDONESIA 4 5 6 PT BO MYUNG INDONESIA PT TOA GALVA INDUSTRIES PT GALVA KAMI INDUSTRY Our Product Lead wire Trafo Lead wire Trafo Shield wire Connector Connector Connector Network Network Network Network Network Acessories Acessories

  7. Jababeka II Industrial Estate From Cikampek Jababeka II To Lippo Cikarang / Hyundai / EJIP Hotel Grand Cikarang SPBU Cikarang Barat I Tol Gate To Cikampek Jalan Jababeka Raya Kali Malang PT. SAMSUNG Jalan Tol Jakarta-Cikampek PT. Unilever Indonesia Jababeka I Industrial Estate From Jakarta Cikarang Listrindo Closing On behalf of PT. TOTAN GLOBAL INDONESIA here with we would like you to consider our offer as a “WIN-WIN” solution, And finally we can work as a benefit partner. Thank you very much for your kind attention and looking forward for hearing the good news from you, we are. “SUCCESS ALWAYS IN OUR HANDS” Thank You !! Kind Regards, Apip Sahlani , SE Director PT. TOTAN GLOBAL INDONESIA JABABEKA INDUSTRIAL ESTATE Jl. Jababeka IIG Kav. C-16T , Cikarang – Bekasi Jawa Barat INDONESIA 17520 Telp. 62-21- 89835743 Fax. 62-21- 8936463 PT. Totan Global Indonesia Route Map Station Lemah Abang PT. KAWANLAMA PT TOTAN GLOBAL INDONESIA JL Jababeka IIG Kav C-16T