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Social Recruiting

ZALP enables organizations to automate and streamline every aspect of their employee referral program while at the time same integrating it with the potent potential of social recruitment using its advanced social media capabilities. This employee referral program software is empowered with breakthrough features that tap into the full potential of Social Media with an extremely user friendly interface

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Social Recruiting

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  1. Is Your Employee Referral Program as Good as you think?

  2. While Most Recruiters have realized the Importance of Employee Referrals, many still have simple policies not Integrated Programs that: • Help in Recruitment • Build a Diverse Work Force • Grow the organization’s Employment Brands Performance Gaps between Good Employee Referral Programs and the Average Ones are WIDENING

  3. A Recent Study conducted across 145 Companies Revealed: • Compared to other recruiting sources, the Employee Referral Program had a success rate of over 42% (Referral to Hire Ratio) • 73% of the companies claimed that the cost-per-hire through their Employee Referral Programs is significantly lower than the other recruitment sources. • More than 53% of the businesses surveyed already had an established Referral Program in use, and 36% planned to set up one within the next year. Recent European Study Spanning 145 Companies Investing in an Employee Referral Program and the right technology to support it Is crucial

  4. Is your ERP Is your ERP OR helping you achieve: in the face of increased Hiring Targets • High Volumes • Quality Hires • High Interview to Hire Ratio • High Retention ratios • Low Time-to-Fill • Satisfaction of Managers, Employees & Prospects • Increased ROI • Outdated & Stale • Showing a Plateau in Performance • Necessitating a Quick Program Audit

  5. Here is a • Is your Referral Program Prioritized correctly? • The difference between a good & average program is often the difference between focus & a one-shoe-fits-all policy. Instead of covering the entire spectrum of jobs, an effective referral program focuses on: • Mission Critical Jobs • Hard to Fill Positions • High Priority Jobs USEFUL CHECKLIST to check the relevance & efficacy of your Employee Referral Program Utilizing Employee time in Referrals for positions that are easy to fill through other Recruitment Solutions, does not Increase ROI in the long run.

  6. Optimal Use of Is your Referral Program making Optimal use of Social Recruiting Solutions? An effective Employee Referral Software, must facilitate the Employee’s Social Media Relationships & provide Easy Tools to convert them into referrals. Social Recruiting Solutions Structured technology solutions which empower employees in the Referral process work better than fitting your process into the design of an available tool

  7. Maintaining • Is your Organization as Proactive as you would like it to be? • Slow Response Time is likely to affect the Referrals negatively, as also to frustrate Employees. In order to keep Interest Levels High: • Both the Referral & the Employee must be responded to, within a pre agreed time frame • The time frames must be communicated early on, to set common expectations • Should you be unable to reduce the turnaround time, it will be advisable to seek volunteers or reduce the scope of the program. Operational Responsiveness Opt for Agile Referral Tracking Software, that can keep employees updated about the status of the Referral made by them

  8. Ease of Use • Is your ERP a maze for employees to trudge through? • Even large rewards can fail to get employees to act, if the referral program is not backed by operational ease. It is worthwhile to consider: • Does the process have too many complicated steps? • Are the Employees able to access the program easily? • Employee Referral Programs should be integrated with the overall Recruitment Program A User Friendly Social Recruiting Software can go a long way in improving Employee Usage & Efficiency

  9. Is your Reward Program customized to excite your Target Audience? • The Primary Positioning of a good Employee Referral Rewards program is that referrals are to be made for the benefit of the Team & the Organization . Few points worth emphasizing are: • Employees have a crucial role in building the team. Employees are therefore positioned as Talent Scouts. • Benefits in productivity when working along with the best • If relevant, increase in Employee Stock Value, as a result of Increased Productivity can also be highlighted Relevant Reward Programs Public Recognition of an Employee making Great Referrals, goes a long way in Employee Motivation

  10. Relevant Reward Programs • Employees can also be motivated & engaged in Referral Programs through non monetary appreciation such as: • Personalized Thank You Notes • Opportunities to Interact with Top Management • Choice of vacation or work shift schedules • Opportunity to appear in Company Product Advertising An overall culture of employee appreciation on relevant referrals, can establish the importance of the Employee Referral Program

  11. Relevant Reward Programs • In addition to the recognition, you can also offer Prizes as well as Cash Awards: • Rewards could vary basis Salary of the Position • Higher Bonuses can be offered for Hard to fill positions • Additional Awards can be granted for Referrals who turn out to be High Performers • Rewards can also be offered for candidates who come close to requirement, but are not hired Periodic Surveys to determine what would motivate employees, will help keep Rewards relevant

  12. Appropriate • How important is Employee Education in your Organization? • Organizations need to provide adequate support & training to enable employees to unearth their contacts. Some important areas of education are: • Where to look for Prospects? • Best Practices to build Online Relationship with Industry Resources • Tips to help them leverage their Social Media Networks • Provide Improved Job Descriptions Employee Education Provide Effective Tool Kits that reduce Trial & Error for Employees

  13. Referral Hire Quality • What steps are being taken to ensure Quality Hires? • Organizations need to set both Culture & Processes to ensure Quality Hires through Employee Referrals: • Performers should be proactively reached out to, with required positions to be filled • Weak Referrers need to be tracked & given feedback • Boomerangs can be reached out to • New Recruits can be asked for Referrals on boarding. Proactively approach Top Performers Reach out to Boomerangs Identify Weak Referrers

  14. Inclusive Program • Have you created an Inclusive Program to increase volume of referrals? • In order to increase Referral Volumes, it will be prudent to bring the following people under the Program coverage: • Managers • Non Employees such as Consultants, Customers • Vendors • Vendors • Non Employees • Managers

  15. Referral Volumes • What are the specific measures taken to improve referral volumes? • The following measures can significantly impact the referral volumes: • Creating a community of referrers that includes highly networked individuals • Proactively seeking out employees who were earlier working at firms being targeted for acquiring employees • Holding competitions among employees, challenging them to visit competitor locations

  16. Quantifiable Targets • Is your Employee Referral Expectation converted into Measurable Targets? • It will help employees know the seriousness of the program if they have measurable targets. Targets can be set at the following levels: • SBUs • Managers • Employees

  17. Periodic Updates • Are you reviewing the success or failure of the Employee Referral Program often? • Program Evaluation is an important component of success. A review should be conducted at least once a quarter to: • Position the ERP in a changing Business Landscape • Review the Performance Metrics • Review the Performance Differential of the ERP versus other Recruitment Methodologies

  18. Unleash the potential of your Employee Referral Program with ZALP–The Socially Intelligent Employee Referral Tool ZALP enables organizations to automate and streamline every aspect of their employee referral program while at the time same integrating it with the potent potential of social recruitment using its advanced social media capabilities. Advanced features like the ZALP Track ensures that employees are kept well updated on the status of their referrals by giving them real time updates on the entire referral progress. The interesting thing about ZALP is that it is a highly scalable tool and can be seamlessly used by organizations having 100 to even 10000+ employees. Considering ZALP operates in the SAAS model (software -as-aservice) organizations do not have to go through the cumbersome hassles of integration and implementation. Organizations with even a global presence can effortlessly adopt ZALP without having to go through any elaborate integration process. Each of ZALP's features have been specifically developed to give organizations a new and innovative referral platform that drastically accelerates employee participation which in turn results in a considerable reduction in the cost per hire and time to fill. The unique aspect about ZALP is that it gives employees not one but five easy and convenient ways to refer jobs to their connections. Interesting features like the ZALP Match ensures that even if employees do not have a top of mind connection to make a referral, the built-in intelligent match feature suggests the most relevant matches for a job out of his/her own social network connections.

  19. Request a free demo www.zalp.com www.linkedin.com/company/zalp www.facebook.com/zalp03 www.twitter.com/zalptweets info@zalp.com | 1-866-217-1267

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