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Recruiting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  1. Recruiting

  2. Your Network determines your Net worth Recruiting is made simple by Relationship Building We are in business to provide people with what they want! Whether it be a better product, more income or time we have a solution! Find what they want FIRST.

  3. What do you DO? (What is it?) I am an Internet franchise owner I specialize in billion dollar markets like beauty and wellness. I work from home which allows me to be a full time mom and spend time with my family while still earning a professional income

  4. What do you DO? (What is it?) I am an UnFranchise Developer with Market America / SHOP.COM (ever heard of it?) I Implement profitable business networks that leverage online shopping revenue (as you know online shopping is a mega-billion $ industry…where is the last time you shopped online? Did you earn any Cash back?)

  5. Recruit them to Review Info & Send You Referrals! Ask for their HELP. “I am expanding my business and could use your help. Can you help me out?”“Great, I am looking to expand through a few development partners. Would you be open to sending referrals once you have a slight grasp of what I do?”

  6. Sell the Appointment, Not the Business! The business can sell itself through the information and resources that are available to us!

  7. Ask for the Appointment “When can we get together online or in person so that you can review the information with me?” “I am really interested in help with referrals BUT you may see something in it for yourself…(Cashback, products or part time income)Which we can certainly discuss when and IF it even applies”

  8. Recruiting and Follow Up Tools - “About MA” PDF (UnFranchise Back Office > Downloads > Sales Aids) - MA / SHOP.COM Annual Report- Retail Events (wellness 101s, Beauty 101s etc) - NMTSS Schedule of Events - (Tickets) - YouTube Videos - Million-Dollar Earners - Shopping Annuity - SHOP.COM / Cashback / MA / Product related

  9. Recruiting and Follow Up Tools - & 22 min UBP video - (expands into SHOP.COM) • Visit your SHOP.COM website - Social Media • Connect with them on SM networks (who are they??) • Add them to your Group Pages • Invite them to “LIKE” MA / SHOP / MA Brand Fan Pages

  10. 4 Results after the Review • Become a Cashback / Preferred Customer (try samples of ma brands) • Give you Referrals • Investigate, Trial run or fast startand Become an UnFranchise Owner • Not Interested Right Now (But still willing to help, they have the info so ask for referrals, remember their TIMING may change too)

  11. Find us on Facebook, Twitter & Online Laura @lauralaire@toddlaire Blog -