aura analysis and crystal therapy for better n.
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Aura Analysis and Crystal Therapy for Better Health and Prosperity PowerPoint Presentation
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Aura Analysis and Crystal Therapy for Better Health and Prosperity

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Aura Analysis and Crystal Therapy for Better Health and Prosperity - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Aura Analysis and Crystal Therapy for Better Health and Prosperity

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    1. Aura Analysis and Crystal Therapy for Better Health and Prosperity The effect of precious and semiprecious stones in our lives is undeniable. There are those who take the time to understand it and incorporate it while there are those who miss it completely. To get the best benefit of these stones, you must have the guidance of an experienced Reiki master to show you how to proceed. Numerology for stress management Stress management begins with the proper understanding of the forces that govern us and influence our thoughts and actions. Among the occult arts, numerology is the easiest to understand. Using the birth date and the complete name of the individual, you can come to the basic eleven numbers used to find the governing property of the individual. They arrive at this by adding the basic digits over and over. Energy healing has a relationship to aura analysis. This has a relationship to the color analysis where each color has a significant meaning. For instance, red stands for sexual, willpower, determination, promoters, and salespeople. Orange stands for inventive, artistic, business-minded, creative, and ambitious people. They have a relationship with gemstones. You can get the ​Gemstones Online from the top online stores. You will understand the meanings when you apply them to the gemstones. Doing the Aura analysis The four facets of aura help in the perception of the energy. We define the layers of the aura by the shape, clarity, consistency, and color. A cloudy tone to the aura shows a negative projection of the quality while a clear and vibrant tone shows a positive

    2. projection. So, a vibrant yellow tone will depict a prosperous and happy individual while the cloudy tone of yellow means that the person is unhappy and tendency to be vain. The attitude and health of the person have a relationship to the energy field around his or her body. Sudden thoughts and emotions manifest as thunderbolts or spikes of light in the aura of the person. It is possible to make life-changing personality changes by gemstones and crystals. You get healing for the mind and body using crystals. You can get any ​Crystal Online depending on your need. the use of Use of Crystal Therapy For the treatment using crystals, the balance of the energy of the person occurs after the person undergoes deep relaxation. It is advisable to wear relaxing clothing and to sit in a comfortable position. One has to study the imbalances and blockages by going through the history of the person. You can use a pendulum or a hand-held crystal for doing this. They place the chosen crystals at chakra points on the body. You can cure the pain or discomfort by placing the crystals on these points. Reiki healing has a basis on a scientific approach to cure or rectify any deficiency. This may a defect of the mind or the body and has many manifestations. It combines the cosmic energy with the individual energy and so it proves very effective. This treatment is a positive effect that you can harness it with ease and it does not have any adverse side effect at all. Satyamani Address: 122, Jaina Tower I, District Center, Janak Puri, New Delhi-110058 Country: India Phone: +91-9899-291-202 Telephone: 011- 45651615 Website: