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History of Sustainable Fashion PowerPoint Presentation
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History of Sustainable Fashion

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History of Sustainable Fashion - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sustainable fashion is making its way in the industry at its own pace. Find out how and when the concept of sustainability started and why in this presentation.

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History of Sustainable Fashion

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    1. History of Sustainable Fashion

    2. How And When Did It All Start? • Sustainability is just a mere mention on the internet when you try to search about future of fashion, yet it is making its way in the industry at its own pace. The giants in the fashion industry realised the importance of sustainability, thus, with the innovative business measures and practices, the environmental and social conditions along complex global supply chains, has improved.

    3. Situation During the Industrial Revolution(1970-1990) • Child Labor was prevalent • Bad effects on the environment • Low wages and poor working conditions

    4. First Companies To Introduce Sustainable Fashion (1980-1990) Patagonia Esprit

    5. Some Popular Campaigns Around Sustainable Fashion (Mid 2000-2011) • “Green is the New Black” – Forbes • “Global Warming Ready” – Diesel • “Earthkeepers”– Timberland • Detox ”– campaign has challenged some of the world's most popular clothing brands to eliminate all releases of hazardous chemicals

    6. Slow Fashion • The term slow fashion was authored by Kate Fletcher in 2007. • The slow fashion ethos is a bound together portrayal of all the "feasible", "eco", "green", and "moral" design developments. It emphasizes learning about the clothing industry's illeffect on the earth. A key expression more than once heard in reference to sustainable fashion is "quality over quantity". This expression is utilized to abridge the essential standards of backing off the rate of clothing utilization by picking pieces of clothing that last more.

    7. Future of Sustainable Fashion • While it is hard to anticipate what's on the horizon, it surely appears that organic fashion will keep on increasing as the purchaser’s familiarity and awareness with the issues of sustainability increases. Battles by associations like Greenpeace are expanding mindfulness and help to drive change inside the fashion business. What's more the measure of decision, the accessibility, openness and perceivability of sustainable design is expanding constantly. Web based business apps and sites are likewise making it faster and less demanding for buyers to shop organic design by uniting bunches of brands in one place.

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