cybergogy for faculty at mercy college l.
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Cybergogy for Faculty at Mercy College PowerPoint Presentation
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Cybergogy for Faculty at Mercy College

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Cybergogy for Faculty at Mercy College - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Cybergogy for Faculty at Mercy College. Anna Story, RN, MS, Assistant Professor Alayne Fitzpatrick, RN, CS, EdD, Associate Professor. netiquette discussion paper submissions welcome to course student camaraderie syllabus individual style. general ed competencies chat tips

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cybergogy for faculty at mercy college

Cybergogy for Faculty at Mercy College

Anna Story, RN, MS,

Assistant Professor

Alayne Fitzpatrick, RN, CS, EdD, Associate Professor

ponder cybergogy


paper submissions

welcome to course

student camaraderie


individual style

general ed competencies

chat tips

whiteboard tips

discussion tips


Ponder “cybergogy”
harvard online
Harvard Online??????
  • Harvard was quoted as stating that DL is not for them since learning occurs in interactions in the community, libraries, dorm rooms, cafeterias, and one to one interactions.......


determine your style
Determine Your Style
  • Do you like to respond to every student communication?
  • Do you like to use?
    • Discussion
    • Journals
    • Annotated bibliographies
    • Chat
    • Email
    • Announcements
    • other
  • Do you have a faculty website?
netiquette communicate clearly
Netiquette- Communicate Clearly
  • Faculty should respond to first communication from all students
  • Faculty should read all submissions from students at least once a week but may not respond to all communications
  • Faculty are available for student concerns and problems by email
  • communicate office hours and available response times
provide a welcome introduction
Provide a Welcome Introduction
  • Faculty CV
  • Virtual office hours, Email address and picture
  • Office room number, hours, and telephone number
  • Introduction including interests in academia, profession and hobbies
encourage students introduction
Encourage Students’ Introduction
  • The students will submit their picture and email address so the faculty can post it on the course site Prof. Feinstein’s INBS class
  • The students will share their interests, needs and strengths in academia, profession and hobbies
  • helps to develop human interaction
provide online syllabus
Provide Online Syllabus
  • Course Description
  • Course Objectives
  • Course Content
  • Calendar with due dates
  • Evaluation
  • References and Internet links
  • WebCT or on faculty website
online rules for discussion
Online Rules for Discussion
  • Determine your requirements and communicate ie.,
    • discussion question start & end dates
    • expectations to participate weekly
    • expectations in regard to response to other students’ comments
    • develop guidelines for discussion evaluation
    • late submissions are not accepted
online rules for paper submission
Online Rules for Paper Submission
  • APA guidelines
  • Due date by midnight of that date
  • email or submit to WebCT
  • Type of word processing program needed
  • evaluation criteria guidelines example
meeting gen ed competencies online
Meeting Gen Ed Competencies online
  • Writing- discussion board, paper submission
  • Critical Thinking- discussions, chat, papers
  • Quantitative Reasoning- whiteboard, chat
  • Oral Communication- chat, PP presentations, moderating discussion, Netmeeting (collaboration tools)
  • Information Literacy- research , library databases
instructional design key concepts
Instructional Design :Key Concepts
  • envisioning information
  • constructivists vs cognitivists
  • students read 25% slower online
  • retain only 10% of what is read
  • requires interactive component to improve retention
  • requires display differences- font size, color and weight
  • choose appropriate font, color, images, sound, display (columns), highlights, bullets
id font and color
use san serif font ie., Arial and Verdana

u u

serifs cause eye strain when read on monitors

Color- use colors to highlight main points

use font color: black or blue on white background for ease of reading

ID: Font and Color
id visual display
display text in columns (2) and use bullets versus narrative.

create call out boxes to highlight main points

give tip sheets- printable directions PDF or Word





multimedia hyperlinks

images, sounds, movies

ID : Visual Display
tips for chat
Tips for Chat
  • focus chat
  • provide questions to students ahead of time
  • limit size <8 students
  • limit time <45 min.
  • provide chat guidelines ahead of time
  • moderate the chat
more tips for chat
More Tips for Chat
  • query students by name
  • no hand raising option in WebCT
  • you need to take control of chat!
  • encourage group work with chat
  • Chat Tip Sheet
discussion board ideas asynchronous
Discussion Board: IdeasAsynchronous
  • have students create presentations ( with or without narration/sound) and moderate on the boards with the attached presentation
    • attach presentation, pose question and the creator of the presentation must moderate discussion
    • provides opportunity for gen ed oral communication competency assessment
more discussion tips
More Discussion Tips
  • use discussion boards for processing and open ended critical thinking questions versus posting written assignments
  • write questions containing process queries and finishing with a open ended
whiteboard usage synchronous
Whiteboard UsageSynchronous
  • math
  • art
  • designing
  • flowcharting
  • collaborating
  • WebCT
graphics tablet
Graphics Tablet
  • use pen to draw on whiteboard
    • math equations
    • design elements
    • flow charting
    • art
    • music notation
    • formulae
powerpoint slides online
PowerPoint Slides Online
  • create bulleted slides for easy viewing
  • have students download ppt and view in Normal Mode
  • write notes in the notes section and students can view notes while reading slides
  • purpose of notes
    • anecdotes
    • highlighting points
    • querying
    • talking around the bullets