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MYP CAS. COMMUNITY, ACTION & SERVICE. What is CAS?. CAS stands for Community, Action & Service Collaboration Taking an active part in communities Experiential Learning (learning by experience) Becoming independent Becoming active global citizens Thinking creatively. Community.

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myp cas



what is cas
What is CAS?
  • CAS stands for Community, Action & Service
  • Collaboration
  • Taking an active part in communities
  • Experiential Learning (learning by experience)
  • Becoming independent
  • Becoming active global citizens
  • Thinking creatively
  • Developing awareness and concern for the communities we live in
  • Local
  • National
  • Global
  • Being involved in activities that strengthen our Uptown school community
  • Activities involving physical exertion that contribute to a healthy lifestyle
  • Taking action in a variety of ways for the benefit of others
  • Unpaid & Voluntary exchange that has a learning benefit for the student
  • Volunteering time to help others
links to learner profile
  • Being caring and principled – students will develop morality, integrity, honesty, empathy and compassion
  • Risk-takers – trying new things and being resilient and reflective in the face of failure
  • Balanced – balancing our social, academic, sporting and family lives with CAS
  • Thinking, Enquiring and Knowledgeable – Researching about various causes and thinking about creative ways to solve problems
  • Communicators – Being advocates for various causes and communicating using a variety of mediums – print, social media etc.
types of projects you might do
Types of Projects you might do
  • Running a lunchtime club or ECA
  • Organising/running events or activities
  • Advocating on behalf of a charity or cause
  • Volunteering your time for a charity or cause
for example
For example…
  • E.g. Running a lunchtime Debate club
  • E.g. Organising a school social/movie night with the proceeds going to a charity
  • E.g. Running an awareness campaign to teach others about a particular cause or charity
  • E.g. Volunteering on the weekends at an animal shelter
job board
Job Board
  • Job Board located in the corridor down to the cafeteria
  • Apply for jobs on the board with Miss Ronalds – just like a real job, you will have an interview!
  • You then need to arrange a meeting with your supervisor to plan out the activity before you get started
  • Don’t rely on the job board – start thinking of your own ideas NOW!
cas checklist
CAS Checklist


  • Completed an individual project?
  • Worked on a group project? Between 2-6 students. NO MORE than 6 people in a group. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Worked with students from different year levels? (not required, but recommended)
  • Completed projects around 6-12 weeks long? This should involve 2-3 weeks of planning, between 1 day and 12 weeks of action (depending on project), and then 2-3 weeks to prepare your presentation to submit for assessment
project requirements
Project Requirements
  • Find a supervisor!
  • Talk your project idea over with your form teacher, then fill out proposal form & give to Miss Ronalds
  • Once approved you will be emailed a guide to follow throughout your project
  • Spend a few weeks planning out every aspect of your activity
  • Complete the activity
  • Decide how to present your project (folder, iMovie, visual display etc.) Hand this in to Miss Ronalds for assessment
  • Be as creative as you like! Your presentation should tell your CAS story
what about attending a charity walk run
What about attending a charity walk/run?

If you wish to attend a charity walk or run then there are a few guidelines to make sure it can be counted as CAS

  • Must research the cause behind the charity & share your knowledge somehow (social media campaign, presentation to form room, fliers/pamphlets)
  • Submit a short blog entry for Mr. Galvin to put on the blog
  • Get some friends to go with you!
what about a beach desert clean
What about a beach/desert clean?

If you wish to do desert or beach cleaning activity then there are a few guidelines to make sure it can be counted as CAS

  • Must be an extended project – minimum of 1 hour per week for 6 weeks at least
  • Must cover several environmental area (beach, desert, park)
  • Must include some research into environmental issues and a share of your knowledge (presentation to form room, pamphlets etc)
  • Submit a blog entry to Mr. Galvin
what should a good project look like
What should a good project look like?
  • 2-3 weeks planning time, noting down all areas, what resources will be needed, what people need to be spoken to etc.
  • Well executed and documented activity (make sure to take photos and/or videos the entire way through your project, even the planning time. Keep everything!)
  • 2-3 weeks reflection and project presentation creation time
  • You should have learnt something useful!
how is it graded
How is it graded?
  • Below expectations – CAS project did not meet the requirements and as such will not be counted towards that student’s total number of projects for the year
  • Meets expectations – CAS project meets all the requirements
  • Above expectations – CAS project goes above and beyond the requirements, student has made an outstanding contribution to a community.
what do i do now
What do I do now?
  • Brainstorm some ideas with your friends, your form teacher, your mum, dad, siblings, dog, cat, pencilcase – whoever will listen!
  • Once your form teacher agrees your idea is a good one, fill out a form and give it to Miss Ronalds.
  • Wait for the approval email.
  • Once you receive this you can begin!
  • Don’t forget to take photos or videos the whole way through your project so you can use them for your presentation.
what is not cas how will i know
What is NOT CAS? How will I know?
  • Picking up trash
  • Helping teachers to clean or tidy their rooms
  • Attending fun runs, charity fundraisers (yes, we would love you to be involved but it doesn’t count as CAS unless you are organising it)
  • Helping people in their day to day life at school (you should be doing this anyway!)
what if i m amazing at cas
What if I’m amazing at CAS?
  • Special awards for students who have made outstanding contributions to CAS throughout the year
  • You will receive certificates if you complete more than the required amount of CAS projects
  • Even more special awards for students who make outstanding contributions to the Uptown School Community
how will i know if my project is suitable for cas
How will I know if my project is suitable for CAS?

If you can answer YES to most of these, then fill in a proposal and come and see me!

  • Am I providing a service to someone?
  • Am I raising awareness and educating people about a particular cause or charity?
  • Will I be learning new skills by doing this project?
  • Is my activity contributing to the Uptown school community, or the Dubai community?
  • Am I committing to an activity for a long time?