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How many lines on a staff? PowerPoint Presentation
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How many lines on a staff?

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How many lines on a staff?

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How many lines on a staff?

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Presentation Transcript

  1. 1A How many lines on a staff? 5

  2. 1B How many spaces on a musical staff? 4

  3. 1C What is the name of the graph that musical notes are written on? Staff

  4. 2A What clef do the flutes, clarinets, saxes, trumpets, and bells use? Treble Clef

  5. 2B What are the note names on the spaces of a treble clef staff? F, A, C, E

  6. 2C What are the note names on the lines of a treble clef staff? E, G, B, D, F

  7. 3A What is another name for the bass clef? “ F clef” (the two dots surround the F note)

  8. 3B What are the note names of the lines on a bass clef staff? G, B, D, F, A

  9. 3C What are the names of the notes on the spaces of the bass clef staff? A, C, E, G

  10. 4A What are leger lines? Small lines above or below the staff

  11. 4B Name this note in the treble clef? A

  12. 4C Name this note in the bass clef. D

  13. 5A What is the term for the lines that divide our music into measures? Bar lines

  14. 5B What is between two bar lines? Measure

  15. 5C Small section of music that has full number of counts in it. Measure

  16. 6A What does a double bar line indicate? End of a piece or section.

  17. 6B What is this symbol? Double bar line

  18. 6C Draw a double bar line.

  19. 7A What does the top number of a time signature tell you? How many counts per measure.

  20. 7B What does the bottom number of the time signature tell you? It tells you what type of note gets one beat or how many counts a whole note gets.

  21. 7C Define the time signature Three counts in each measure and a quarter note gets one beat (whole note gets 4 beats)

  22. 8A How many beats does a quarter note and a quarter rest get in 4/4 time signature? One

  23. 8B How many eight note can fit in the same time as a half note? Four

  24. 8C How many quarter rests could fit into this rest? Two

  25. 9A What are these signs? Repeat Signs

  26. 9B What do repeat signs mean? Repeat the section between the signs once.

  27. 9C Where do you go if there is only on repeat sign? To the beginning

  28. 10A The breath mark can indicate the end what? Phrase or musical sentence

  29. 10B What is this symbol? Breath Mark

  30. 10C What is diaphragmatic breathing? Taking a full breath pushing your diaphragm out to breath in and pushing the diaphragm in to breath out.

  31. 11A What is a sharp? It is a symbol that raises the note ½ step and is in effect for an entire measure. #

  32. 11B Describe what the flat does to a note. It lowers the pitch by ½ step and is in effect for the whole measure.

  33. 11C Describe a natural. Cancels a flat or sharp and remains in effect for the entire measure.

  34. 12A What is a beam? Two or more eighth or sixteenth notes are joined with a beam or a line across the top or below the notes.

  35. 12B What is this called? Beam

  36. 12C What is the difference between these eighth notes? The second group is beamed

  37. 13A Define dynamics. Volume of the music, use great tone at all dynamic levels.

  38. 13B What is the difference between forte and piano? Forte means strong and piano means soft.

  39. 13C What is this symbol and what do you do? Crescendo – gradually get louder

  40. 14A What is this musical symbol? Fermata – hold the note or rest longer.

  41. 14B This is a fermata it means to hold the note. What is the second meaning? Watch the conductor.

  42. 14C How long do you hold a fermata? Until the conductor cuts the band off or about twice as long if you practicing at home.

  43. 15A Define Allegro. Fast tempo

  44. 15B Define Moderato. Medium tempo

  45. 15C Define Andante. Slow tempo.

  46. 16A What information does the key signature give you? What notes are sharp or flat for the entire piece.

  47. 16B Where is the key signature located? Between the clef and the time signature.

  48. 16C How many sharps in the key of C Major? None – no sharps or flats

  49. 17A How many counts is this note? 3