hong kong s harbour unlocking its potential n.
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Hong Kong’s Harbour – Unlocking its Potential PowerPoint Presentation
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Hong Kong’s Harbour – Unlocking its Potential

Hong Kong’s Harbour – Unlocking its Potential

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Hong Kong’s Harbour – Unlocking its Potential

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  1. Hong Kong’s Harbour – Unlocking its Potential Nicholas Brooke Chairman 12 May 2005 Professional Property ServicesLimited

  2. Victoria Harbour Waterfront – A century ago

  3. Background and Context • Historically – economic growth the paramount driver • Impact on Waterfront = price of Hong Kong’s development • Reclamation essential to provide new land for both development and infrastructure • Community in transient rather than ownership mode

  4. Background and Context • Mid 90’s saw growing awareness of importance of harbour and environmental issues • Emergence of Society for the Protection of the Harbour (“SPH”) • Culminating in Protection of the Harbour Ordinance • Presumption against reclamation in main harbour area

  5. Boundary of Harbour as defined in the Protection of the Harbour Ordinance

  6. Background and Context • Major initiative by the Town Planning Board to set a framework for the future planning of the waterfront • Promoted New Vision • To make Victoria Harbour attractive, vibrant, accessible and symbolic of Hong Kong – a harbour for the people and a harbour of life

  7. Town Planning Board – Goals • To bring the people to the Harbour and the Harbour to the people • To enhance the scenic views of the Harbour and maintain visual access to the harbour-front • To enhance the Harbour as a unique attraction for our people and tourists

  8. Town Planning Board – Goals • To create a quality harbour-front through encouraging innovative building design and a variety of tourist, retail, leisure and recreational activities, and providing an integrated network of open space and pedestrian links • To facilitate the improvement of the water quality of the Harbour

  9. Town Planning Board – Goals • To maintain a safe and efficient harbour for the transport of people and goods and for the operation of an international hub port

  10. Court of Final Appeal (CFA) Judgment • The CFA handed down its judgment on 9 January 2004 in respect of the judicial review on the Draft Wan Chai North OZP (S/H25/1). According to the CFA judgment, the presumption against reclamation specified in the Protection of the Harbour Ordinance can only be rebutted by establishing an overriding public need for reclamation.

  11. Court of Final Appeal (CFA) Judgment • Overriding public need must satisfy the following requirements:- • Compelling • Present • Public • Minimum • No Reasonable Alternative • The need must go far beyond something which is “nice to have”, desirable, preferable or beneficial

  12. Latest Developments • Government and Business Community has responded in two ways:- • Creating the Harbour-front Enhancement Committee (“HEC”), an advisory body to Government • Setting up the Harbour Business Forum (“HBF”), a coalition of diverse businesses and professionals

  13. HEC – Vision & Mission • Vision • Victoria Harbour : A harbour for the people, a harbour of life • Mission • To transform Victoria Harbour and its harbour-front areas into an attractive, vibrant, accessible and sustainable world-class asset

  14. HEC - Harbour Planning Principles • Preserving Victoria Harbour as a Natural, Public and Economic Asset • Victoria Harbour as Hong Kong’s Identity • A Vibrant Harbour • An Accessible Harbour

  15. HEC - Harbour Planning Principles • Maximizing Opportunities for Public Enjoyment • Integrated Planning for a World-class Harbour • Sustainable Development for the Harbour • Early and Ongoing Stakeholder Engagement

  16. HBF – Mission Statement • Harbour is core to Hong Kong’s heritage • Wish to see Harbour as a vibrant, accessible and sustainable world class asset • Provision of diverse leisure and business opportunities • To achieve consensus amongst business community and to engage stakeholders and Government

  17. HBF – Mission Statement • The development and implementation of an integrated plan to reflect and articulate the common vision for the Harbour • Consider the establishment of an authority with responsibility for the planning, implementation and management of Hong Kong’s Harbour and harbour front

  18. The Key Issues • No single body to take responsibility for the coordination, implementation and management of the master plan for the Harbour • Moved from little public involvement to selected consultation to much wider community participation

  19. The Key Issues • Many competing uses for waterfront, some essential, some incompatible. Consensus can only be taken so far. In final analysis, difficult choices have to be made • By who and how should that be done

  20. Sheung Wan

  21. Sheung Wan

  22. Central

  23. Central

  24. Central

  25. Queensway

  26. Queensway

  27. Wan Chai

  28. Wan Chai

  29. Wan Chai

  30. Fortress Hill

  31. North Point