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IDDEA Conference

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IDDEA Conference. Donna Buchwald Deputy Director, Office of Local Systems Michael Ross ADA Design Coordinator, Office of Design. Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibilities Guidelines (ADAAG) (2010)

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IDDEA Conference

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iddea conference

IDDEA Conference

Donna Buchwald

Deputy Director, Office of Local Systems

Michael Ross

ADA Design Coordinator, Office of Design

setting the stage national documents

Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibilities Guidelines (ADAAG) (2010)

  • Proposed Accessibility Guidelines for Pedestrians Facilities in the Public Right-of-Way” (July 2011)
    • Public Right-of-Way Accessibility Guidelines (PROWAG)
    • “currently recommended best practices”
  • Chapter 12 of the Design Manuals based on PROWAG
Setting the Stage: National Documents
setting the stage why is this an issue now and why are we doing this

It’s a long-standing law

  • More awareness of aging population
  • ARRA projects shined a light
  • DOJ/USDOT are looking around
  • Dollars reversions
  • Easier to file and response to increasing complaints
  • A decision by Iowa DOT
    • The old way didn’t work
    • Standardization
Setting the Stage: Why is this an issue now and why are we doing this?
design m anual sections

General Sidewalk Requirements (12A-1)

  • Accessible Sidewalk Requirements (12A-2)
  • Protruding Objects (12A-3)
  • Pedestrian Facilities During Construction (12A-4)
  • Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities (12B-1)
  • Trail and Shared Use Path Design (12B-2)
  • On-Street Bicycle Facilities (12B-3)

DesignManual Sections
transition plans

Iowa DOT Transition Plan at

  • Cities and counties are required to have a Transition Plan, take a look at it before designing your road project.
Transition Plans

What we were doing was not being done correctly.

DOT needed more guidance on how to design and build according to the LAW.


The Design Manual is the Iowa DOT’s interpretation of PROWAG and is the standard for all governmental entities in the State. It will be the standard in which complaints will be judged.


Introducing …

Chapter 12 of the Design Manual



Design Manual InformationSidewalkChapter 12A-1----- General Sidewalk Requirements 12A-2----- Accessible Sidewalk Requirements 12A-3----- Protruding Objects 12A-4----- Pedestrian Facilities During Construction PathsBicycle and Pedestrian Facilities Use Path Design


More Links

Plan Sheet InformationS Sheets for Tab 113-10 for 113 Tab Series at bottom of page (Tabs for Sidewalks, Sidewalk Closures, Pedestrian Channelizers, Sidewalk compliance) Road Plans TC-601 and TC-602 I.M.s