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IDN Conference – Hong Kong

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IDN Conference – Hong Kong. Your New Solution | Expansion into Greater China. 19 April 2013 Presented by King Leung, Managing Director – Datatrade Ltd. Founded in 1983 Direct Marketing. Specialize in loyalty marketing outsourcing Loyalty Consulting Data Analytics Technology

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Presentation Transcript
idn conference hong kong

IDN Conference – Hong Kong

Your New Solution | Expansion into Greater China

19 April 2013

Presented by King Leung, Managing Director – Datatrade Ltd.


Founded in 1983

  • Direct Marketing
  • Specialize in loyalty marketing outsourcing
    • Loyalty Consulting
    • Data Analytics
    • Technology
    • Marketing Execution
  • Incubated since 2004
  • Official launch in Q2 2013
  • Overall brand custodian in helping overseas companies expand in China
  • Incubated since 2004
  • Official launch in Q2 2013
  • Acquisition through network of local agencies
  • Loyalty “in-sourced” to Clix

Seasoned management team with 90+ years of direct marketing experience

King Leung

Managing Director

Lilian Salenius


Monica Chan

Group Managing Director

  • Since 2003
  • Former Booz Allen Hamilton / KPMG Consulting
  • University of Chicago (MBA)
  • Stanford Who’s Who (Marketing)
  • Since 1983
  • Former International Advisory Board – Direct Marketing Association in the US (DMA)
  • Henley
  • Since 1988
  • Board of Director – HK Direct Marketing Association (HKDMA)
  • Henley

Bo Salenius

Co-founder / Special Advisor

  • Since 1983
  • Former Chairman – Union Carbide Asia
  • Harvard (AMP)
we support our clients projects through our 120 team members across 4 major cities in asia pacific
We support our clients’ projects through our 120+ team members across 4 major cities in Asia Pacific
  • Client facing
  • Program planning
  • Project management
  • CRM consultancy & analytics
  • IT architecture design
  • Data management
  • Operation management
  • Client facing
  • Campaign planning
  • Project management
  • Data management
  • Operation management

Hong Kong, China (Headquarters)

Guangzhou, China

  • Rep Office
  • IT development
  • Data management
  • Contact centre

Shanghai, China

Manila, The Philippines


2003 & Before








Snapshot of Datatrade’s clients in recent years (selected clients only)


… and since industry domain knowledge is one of our major value propositions, we are targeting industry verticals that leverage on our industry experience


Fashion and Accessories


Food & Beverages



We are honored that our work was recognized by industry by winning Direct Marketing Agency of the Year Awards from Marketing Magazine in 2011 and 2012

  • Local Hero (#1 independent agency) (2011 & 2012)
  • Bronze Overall (2011) > Silver Overall (2012)
crm methodology and approach
CRM Methodology and Approach

Event Management

Channel Coordination

Contact Centre Support


Phase 5 – Operational Support

Marketing Strategy (e.g., media plan)

CRM Campaign Planning

Campaign Delivery (Operation Support)

Campaign Measurements


Phase4 – Marketing Planning & Execution

Customer Research

Customer Lifecycle Management


Customer Segmentation & Analytics

CRM Reporting

Phase3 – Learn about Customers

Data Hosting

Data Cleaning

Data Synchronization (ETL)

Data Entry

Phase 2 – Data Management

Overall CRM Program Strategy

Overall Technical Design (Data warehouse)

Web Development

Other Infrastructure

(Campaign response tracking, etc.)

Phase 1 – Infrastructure Setup

Existing client’s agency / Clix’s partner



Case Highlights

  • Client Challenges
  • Foresaw an increasingly tight supply of infant milk formula for local mothers
  • Our Value Adds
  • Proactive planning from ramping up active engagements with our Mother’s Club members to online sales system upgrade to resources planning on operation support were made in early 2012 in anticipation of sudden spike in demand, esp. by end of 2012 through CNY in 2013
  • Building & maintaining a passionate operation team who serve members with “heart”!
  • Results
  • Friso achieved No.2 marketshare in 2012 where the client attributed part of success to our “personal” member engagements – which helped foster their brand reputation and loyalty over the 7 years of our partnership
  • Overall member engagements increased by over 500%
  • Significant increase in online sales
  • Despite exponential demand growth, our “personal” member engagements were being widely recognized by public (see customer online excerpts on last page)

Print communication for key channels

Note: Above-the-line executed by client


Clear message about commitment on securing supply

Note: Above-the-line executed by client


Customer Intelligence Discovery

  • Client Challenges
  • Inadequate in-house expertise and resources to analyze and take action on customer data
  • Little visibility of customer insights (e.g., didn’t know where to focus in driving customer retention)
  • Our Value Adds
  • Performed customer segmentation and CRM analytics to understand unique characteristics across different customer segments more intimately
  • Outlined execution roadmap, esp. on Customer Lifecycle Management programs – New Customer Cultivation, Retention, Value Segment Migration – in order to better focus CRM efforts
  • Uncovered in-depth customer insights for the Hong Kong market for the first time in the history of the client
  • Results
  • Identified substantial business opportunities through low hanging fruits in customer retention and cross-selling
  • Successfully gained buy-in from client’s regional marketing and CRM leadership regarding our proposed longer term CRM strategy and execution roadmap

Total imports accounted for USD 1.7 trillion and its growth (24.9%) has outpaced export (20.3%) in 2011

Total Imports:

USD 1.7 trillion

= 2011 GDP of Canada, #10 in the world (IMF)

Source: China Census Bureau


Domestic Consumption, a USD 2.9 trillion market, had double digit growth over the past 5 years

Domestic Consumption Market Size:

USD 2.9 trillion

= Between GDP of Germany (#4) and France (#5) (IMF)

Year-on-year (YOY)

Growth Rate:



Boosting domestic consumption is a key policy drive from Chinese Government for next 5-10 years


Consumer, industrial products and services in China are amongst the most attractive sectors for foreign players


Case Study #1 – DigiKey (USA)

Nature: B2B

Path: Hong Kong, China, Taiwanand Singapore concurrently via eCommerce since 2004

Legal Entity in China: No

Products Registered in China: No


eCommerce – individual packages shipped directly from US into Asia markets

Accept RMB? No


Offline (Trade magazines); Search Marketing



Sales over

USD 1.5 billion in 2012

(with significant % growth from Asia)

“Digi-Key initially engaged with Datatrade in 2004.   Our sales in Greater China at that time was very small.  We credit Datatrade with being a truly significant factor in consistently and capably supporting our exponential sales growth in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and China.”

Mark Larson

President - Digi-Key Corporation

Ranking of worldwide marketshare rose

from 11th to 8th

case 2 oz kids australia
Case #2 –OZ Kids (Australia)


To support the new product launch, we have designed a 360-degree marketing campaign for OZ Kids on both offline & online channels

showcase oz kids website
Showcase - OZ Kids (Website)


Facebook Connect

Integrated webstore

Celebrity endorsement

User-friendly CMS

Web-based membership

ePayment mechanisms

w ebstore


User-friendly shopping cart

weibo chinese twitter
Weibo (Chinese Twitter)

Activities and sharing

Weibo verification


Case Study #3 – Beauty Brand (USA)

Nature: B2C

Path: Hong Kong > China shortly after

Legal Entity in China: Yes (from scratch)

Products registered in China: Yes (30+ SKUs)


Phase 1 – Offline retail in Hong Kong

Phase 2 – Offline retail in China

Phase 3 – eCommerce in China

where DT helps negotiate with largest health & beauty retail chain in Hong Kong and southern China

Accept RMB? Yes


Offline (Print) + Online Display + Blogging + In-Store Promotion


Why you should bring your local clients abroad

Think about the advantage of global agencies with their global accounts, once you advise the client beyond your local market, they have less incentive to change agency due to higher switching cost.


The Suggested IDN Working Model

IDN Affiliate


  • Client Management
  • Marketing / Brand Strategic Advisory
  • Brand story / Creatives
  • Local logistics coordination (e.g., Swedish Post)
  • Local execution in Greater China (Above-the-line, Below-the-line, CRM)
  • Feedback on local market knowledge
discussion how could we get the ball rolling

Do you see this “China Solution” as a viable new product for your agency?

Any of your clients that have plans to expand into China?

What are their considerations / “mental blocks”?

Any client that we can pilot with?

Discussion: How could we get the ball rolling?

thank you
Thank You!

This document is prepared by:

  • King Leung, Managing Director
    • (+852) 21575338
  • Sheila Chan, Marketing Officer
    • (+852) 21575322
  • Jennifer Tsui, Senior Consultant – Consumer Intelligence
    • (+852) 21575337