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SIRENS. Rhiannon Reynolds Alex Hardesty Madeline Gere. The Odyssey . The Story.

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Rhiannon Reynolds

Alex Hardesty

Madeline Gere

The story
The Story

  • During the Odyssey, Odysseus and his companions are approach “the sirens”,creatures with the head of a female and the body bird. With their song they distract sailors ultimately luring them into rocks, hopefully killing the sailors. To avoid this tragedy Odysseus orders his crew to put earwax in their ears and tie him to the ship. It is a major obstacle in his journey. He survives.

  • The Odyssey is a platform for many great tales to follow which may be why the archetype of “the siren” can be found through out society.

What do sirens say about society
What Do Sirens Say About Society?

  • Despite their traditional Western history the siren figure has been seen throughout international culture. For example in India there is a woman demon who seduces men and kills them. The theme of a woman bringing man to destruction, unleashing desire, and being evil at heart- the essence of a siren- has evolved to be apart of society. It places blame on women, and furthers societies sexist attitude.

Video clips page
Video Clips Page


How to be seductive

HOW TO BE SEDUCTIVE sirens in literature.

Aka how to i d allusion to sirens
Aka How to sirens in literature. i.d. allusion to sirens:

  • The malicious other woman

  • Women who seduce

  • Women as “obstacles”

  • Women leading men down sketchy paths

  • Women luring

  • Women taking advantage

  • Women with beautiful voices or looks

  • Women ruining lives

  • Ocean bodies of water