starbucks and the sirens
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Starbucks and the Sirens

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Starbucks and the Sirens - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Starbucks and the Sirens. Class: 2 nd Grade Highschool E8 Teacher: Kyriakidou E. Students : Athanasouli Christina & Vagiaki Danae. I Wish I knew how to quit…. Starbucks Craze….

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starbucks and the sirens

Starbucks and the Sirens

Class: 2nd Grade Highschool E8

Teacher: Kyriakidou E.

Students: Athanasouli Christina & Vagiaki Danae

starbucks craze
Starbucks Craze….
  • Everyday, hundreds, thousands, no wait; millions of people partake in the Starbucks craze. We love it, we crave it, and we get massive headaches without it!!!
  • Each and everyone of us, in America and in Europe have indulged in a Starbucks Grande Caramel Frappuccino!!!!!
  • However, very few of us know something about its brand logo….The Starbucks brand logo is the Siren….
  • WHY?
why do the starbucks use the siren as a logo
Why do the Starbucks use the Siren as a logo?
  • Well, the answer to this question lies centuries ago in Ancient Greece…Yes! No matter how strange this sounds, the Starbucks logo brings to mind the Sirens, mythic creatures known for their seductive voice…..Their power as seductresses is known worldwide….They used to sing on their remote island and attract sailors passing by with their beautiful, irresistible voices….
odysseus and the sirens
Odysseus and the Sirens.
  • Odysseus confronts many different variations of the siren on his journey. One of the most interesting is his desire to be bound to the mast of his ship so he can listen to their song and be enraptured, yet live through the experience without being destroyed by it. He seems to be saying that having been under the spell, yet surviving it, would somehow make him stronger.
starbucks the sirens of today
Starbucks: the Sirens of today!!!
  • In the same way, Starbucks attracts us with its beautiful, irresistible tastes…various coffees, with cream, without cream, latte, espresso, coconut, mango, dreamy combinations, cookies, cheese-cakes!! All these temptations are the modern Sirens calling us to have a…sip or a bite and forget ourselves in a Starbucks coffee shop…