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Servant Leadership

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Servant Leadership
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Servant Leadership

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  1. Servant Leadership

  2. Servant Leadership What do those 2 words mean ? How does one be an effective Servant Leader ? What types of things do Servant Leaders do ?

  3. Servant Leadership 1st - Servant – what does good look like in this role Voluntary Submits to a higher purpose Performs the servant role without any expectation of reward

  4. Servant Leadership Servant – what does good look like in this role Performs the servant role without any expectation of reward Not looking for some check marks on the get to Heaven scorecard Not desiring a bunch of “atta-boys” Not thinking what’s in it for me

  5. Servant Leadership Servant – what does good look like in this role Simply serves because that is what Jesus did Serves out of love for Jesus and others Serves others needs before their own Thinks of others and caring for them Realizes the value of our fellow human beings

  6. Servant Leadership Servant – several Biblical references John 13, verse 1 – Jesus’ basic motivation was his love for his followers John 13, verses 5 to 12 – Jesus voluntarily becomes a servant to his followers He did not come primarily as their foot washer But – he was ready to do this service for his followers if needed

  7. Servant Leadership Servant – key summary thoughts Christ-centered in all aspects of life Voluntary Committed to serve the needs of others before their own And – your 1st commitment is to Christ

  8. Servant Leadership 2nd Leadership – views today

  9. Servant Leadership 2nd Leadership – views today

  10. Servant Leadership Leadership for Servant Leaders rests on these types of thoughts and questions What can I do for others How can I help How can I engage others to help How can I create an environment for others to know Jesus and to grow in a life with Christ

  11. Servant Leadership Discussion Discuss when you have served others How did it come about What was the value to the receiver What was the value to you

  12. Servant Leadership Several Bible examples of Jesus’s leadership style Foot washing – probably normally done by a house-servant John chapter 13, verse 14 – Jesus sets examples for his followers to follow – walks the talk

  13. Servant Leadership Leaders use power entrusted to them to serve others We all have these God given powers Our thoughts, our words, our actions – these 3 – when used properly gives one the power to relate to others as Jesus would

  14. Servant Leadership When our thoughts, words, actions align with what Jesus would think, say, do We are creating the type of environment that Jesus did The result of that type of environment is those we serve want to become more knowledgeable of Who we are Who we follow Who we believe in

  15. Servant Leadership Effective leaders we have had Cared about us Inspired us Created an environment for us to be the best that we can be

  16. Servant Leadership Leadership – key summary thoughts Supporting and nurturing of others is better than directing – it realizes the individual power each person has Our individual leadership style is constantly observed by others – if Jesus were in the room, what would he say Effective Servant Leadership creates an environment for others to know Jesus

  17. Servant Leadership Now 2 words together - Servant Leadership Those 2 words together - doesn’t that sound like an oxymoron ? Servant can imply not leading Leading can imply not serving

  18. Servant Leadership Don’t the 2 words Servant Leadership together sound like an oxymoron The Great Depression Definitely a maybe Alone together Awfully good Noticeably absent Short wait

  19. Servant Leadership Discussion Based on what we have talked about so far how would you define Servant Leadership in 15 words or less

  20. Servant Leadership Here is the connection of those 2 words that seems to make sense for me The role of a leader is to serve those that follow

  21. Servant Leadership Let’s compare that type of leader role - serving those that follow – with what might be termed self serving leadership

  22. Servant Leadership

  23. Servant Leadership Key summary Servant Leadership thoughts A servant leader 1st serves God A servant leader then serves those that follow A servant leader creates an environment through their thoughts, words, actions that provide opportunities for those they serve to experience Jesus That environment can be One on one conversations Group gatherings Verbal and written conversations Basically anywhere, anytime

  24. Servant Leadership With that understanding - how does one become an effective Servant Leader ? To get to the spot where I can say – put me in the game coach, I’m ready to play – what needs to occur ?

  25. Servant Leadership How does one become an effective Servant Leader ? 2 basic parts of the answer for me Preparation Measuring - self awareness, feedback, observation

  26. Servant Leadership 1st – let’s look at basic model for human behavior

  27. Servant Leadership 1st – let’s look at basic model for human behavior

  28. Servant Leadership Once I have been working on the right beliefs and thoughts what happens next ? Let’s look at another model for human behavior

  29. Servant Leadership Let’s look at another model for human behavior

  30. Servant Leadership Let’s look at another model for human behavior

  31. Servant Leadership Let’s look at another model for human behavior

  32. Servant Leadership Once something becomes internalized, then the actions become instinctive are aligned with our core beliefs and thoughts

  33. Servant Leadership Internalizing something also means whatever it is has moved from your head into your heart Internalized beliefs and thoughts come from one’s heart Without a serving heart, it is almost impossible to become a servant leader Serving God – getting one’s heart, beliefs, and thoughts aligned with God will lead to effective Servant Leadership actions

  34. Servant Leadership Does being a Servant Leader imply that one has to have the Bible memorized and able to quote scripture at a given moment ? A Servant Leader is a growing leader, one who is eager to learn and practice and learn and practice Preparation and practice are key elements of internalizing Servant Leadership

  35. Servant Leadership Another part of being an effective Servant Leader to me is measuring one’s self on a Servant Leadership scale The measurement can come from Self awareness Feedback Observations

  36. Servant Leadership Let’s look at another model for human behavior

  37. Servant Leadership Self Awareness - reflect back on day’s activities How did I do on Servant Leadership ? What opportunities did I miss ? Key thought – life must be lived forward, but it is only learned looking back For us to grow as Servant Leaders requires some level of assessment of how we did and how we might improve – what gets measured > gets done

  38. Servant Leadership Feedback and observations from others on the results of our Servant Leadership can be helpful

  39. Servant Leadership People observe our words and actions everyday Obtaining input can be helpful and is needed to grow as an effective Servant Leader Providing input can be helpful, especially reinforcing effective Servant Leadership you have observed

  40. Servant Leadership How about every day situations and Servant Leadership – is it hard to put others ahead of yourself in certain situations ? What about during rush hour traffic around Atlanta What about selected moments in Corporate America What about when you really want something more than anything

  41. Servant Leadership Some key words Patience Know yourself and how you will react in situations and temper that reaction with Servant Leadership beliefs and thoughts In the cosmos of things – what really matters ?

  42. Servant Leadership Summary thoughts on being an effective Servant Leader Remember – the cornerstone towards living an effective Servant Leader’s life is eternal vigilance over self What am I doing to develop my life with Christ Are my thoughts, words, actions aligned with what Jesus would think, say, do Am I practicing Servant Leader skills

  43. Servant Leadership Discussion What are some qualities or characteristics that an effective Servant Leader must have and be able to demonstrate ?

  44. Servant Leadership What are some characteristics of a Servant Leader Listening – must be deeply committed to listing to others and deeply committed to listening to one’s inner voice. Reflecting on what is heard is critical Empathy – strive to understand other people and accept them where they are Healing – healing one’s self and relationships that need work can free a Servant Leader, Servant Leader’s realize they have an opportunity to create an environment where healing can occur for those they come in contact with

  45. Servant Leadership What are some characteristics of a Servant Leader Awareness – general awareness of situations around you and self-awareness are key Guiding – versus directing and controlling, the Servant Leader provides input through words and actions Seeking – asking for and receiving input, seeking to understand versus seeking to be understood

  46. Servant Leadership What are some characteristics of a Servant Leader Proactive – the Servant Leader recognizes opportunities to act and takes actions – different from the Maytag repairman we all know who is waiting for a call Humility – recognizes that all people have value and gifts and does not need to have the only idea Respect – treats others with honesty, dignity, respect, and sensitivity

  47. Servant Leadership Question – can I measure myself at how good I in these characteristics I think the answer is no, and that’s the key – we might have feeling about how we are at practicing these characteristics, but it takes a genuine dose of self-awareness and feedback and observations from others you trust to help you grow in these areas

  48. Servant Leadership Where do opportunities for Servant Leadership arise ? Outreach activities at our Churches One on one relationships Several areas In short – these opportunities arise anywhere we are at any time.

  49. Servant Leadership Some key thoughts as we close – in everyday terms Servant Leaders aspire to be great only in their service to others are committed to serving others with ; humility; sincere concern; a generous, forgiving and giving heart; and self-discipline relate to others by investing, empowering, caring for, and consulting others are willing to sacrifice personally for the well being of others constantly work on their beliefs, thoughts, and Servant Leadership skills

  50. Servant Leadership After all – that is what Jesus has done and continues to do for us.