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Servant Leadership

Servant Leadership

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Servant Leadership

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  1. Servant Leadership

  2. So many people are suffering for want of good leader throughout the whole world. Morning Talk -- April 25, 1977, Bombay

  3. Leader means authority. His instruction is followed, and actually it happens. That is leader. December 16, 1973, Los Angeles

  4. You can become perfect if you follow a perfect leader. That's all.Morning Walk -- March 16, 1976, Mayapura

  5. Although we are imperfect, because we are following the perfect, our proposition is perfect.Morning Walk -- December 12, 1973, Los Angeles

  6. Qualified leaders. That is wanted.Morning Walk -- January 7, 1974, Los Angeles

  7. Leader means better qualified man to lead others. That is leader. Morning Walk -- January 7, 1974, Los Angeles

  8. A leader means one that if someone follows him, he's benefited.Morning Walk -- July 9, 1974, Los Angeles

  9. Roles of a leader • Example • Support • Inspiration • Guidance • Training • Challenge • Action


  11. Everyone is trying to keep his position by hook and crook. How he'll think of the people? How they will be happy? He is thinking of his own happiness.Room Conversation with Dr. Theodore Kneupper -- November 6, 1976, Vrndavana

  12. Our business is to raise ourselves to the highest status of life as preachers of Krsna's message, and one should behave himself rigidly, then he should instruct others. Letter to: Name withheld -- 17 December, 1972

  13. Two things: Be himself exemplary, then teach others to be exemplary. Letter to: Name withheld -- 17 December, 1972

  14. Only those who are above suspicion can judge others. One must himself act in such a way that he is always above suspicion. Then he can judge, then he can preach.Letter to: Name withheld -- 17 December, 1972

  15. One who is not following himself, how he can instruct others?Letter to: Name withheld -- 17 December, 1972

  16. Yad yad acarati sresthas tat tad evetaro janah [Bg. 3.21]. If the srestha, the leader, is ideal, then others will follow.Room Conversation with Mr. Tombe (M.L.A.) -- December 25, 1976, Bombay

  17. If the leader is not ideal, if he is not in the awareness of things, then people will be misguided.Room Conversation with Mr. Tombe (M.L.A.) -- December 25, 1976, Bombay

  18. Criteria • The four leaders of the human society, namely the sannyasis, the brahmana, the king and the public leader, must be tested crucially by their character and qualification. Before one can be accepted as a spiritual or material master of society, he must be tested by the above-mentioned criteria of character. SB 1.17.41

  19. Our leaders must be very good. Conversation on Train to Allahabad -- January 11, 1977, India

  20. We must have a solid foundation of chanting and following the regulative principles. Then one is fit to lead others.Letter to: Jagajivana: -- Vrindaban 6 September, 1974

  21. He is leader. ... One who is perfectly following ... Room Conversation -- November 2, 1977, Vrndavana

  22. Leader means one who has become first-class disciple. Room Conversation -- November 2, 1977, Vrndavana

  23. To become leader is not very difficult, provided one is prepared to follow the instructions of a bona fide guru.Room Conversation -- November 2, 1977, Vrndavana

  24. Real leader means who does not commit mistake, who is not illusioned, who does not cheat and who has no imperfect senses, who has, or, other words, one who has got perfect senses. So if you say, "How it is possible for the conditioned soul?" "Yes, it is possible if you follow the perfect." Morning Walk -- December 12, 1973, Los Angeles

  25. Tamala Krsna: Srila Prabhupada, what are the qualifications of a perfect leader?Prabhupada: No mistake, no illusion, no cheating, no imperfection. Morning Walk -- March 16, 1976, Mayapura

  26. By becoming a servant of the senses, one becomes a great material hero, and by becoming master of the senses, he becomes a gosvami, or spiritual hero.SB 4.25.25 P

  27. In the Srimad-Bhagavatam it is stated that when a woman comes to serve you, you must be very careful, especially for sannyasis and brahmacaries.Letter to: Name withheld -- 17 December, 1972


  29. Politics means planning for one's own happiness. That is politics. So in our society there should be no diplomacy, no politics. Everyone should be eager how to do good to others. That is Vaisnava. Morning Walk -- March 15, 1974, Vrndavana

  30. Leader means he must... He's always busy how to make you happy, how to make without any cares, anxiety.Srimad-Bhagavatam 1.16.21 -- Hawaii, January 17, 1974

  31. There must be some leader. But why not the supreme leader, who will never misguide you? He will give you actual path of happiness. Then you will become happy.Bhagavad-gita 3.6-10 -- Los Angeles, December 23, 1968

  32. Those who want to be leader of the society, they should be ideal persons, they should be Krsna conscious person. Then the whole world will be happy.Bhagavad-gita 3.18-30 -- Los Angeles, December 30, 1968

  33. Supreme leader, perfect leader, without any mistake, without any illusion, without any cheating, and without any imperfection of the senses. We have to take direction from such a leader, then our life will be successful.Bhagavad-gita 4.9 -- Bombay, March 29, 1974

  34. Everyone must be a real leader, then people will be happy. Srimad-Bhagavatam 1.15.29 -- Los Angeles, December 7, 1973

  35. The only opportunity of becoming happy is that you preach this Krsna consciousness movement amongst the people, so if the people become educated in Krsna consciousness, and if they decide that "We shall vote for Krsna conscious leader," then there will be happiness.Srimad-Bhagavatam 2.3.19 -- Los Angeles, June 15, 1972

  36. Everyone is trying to be happy. That happiness is not possible, that peace is not possible unless you have got a leader or king like Bharata Maharaja, after whose name this planet is called Bharatavarsa, this Bharata Maharaja. So we have to find out such leader.Srimad-Bhagavatam 5.5.29 -- Vrndavana, November 16, 1976

  37. We want to see everyone is happy. That is our mission.Interview -- July 20, 1972, Paris

  38. Everyone will be happy if they take to this movement. We want to see that everyone is happy. That is our mission. Interview -- July 20, 1972, Paris

  39. We don't want to exploit others. Interview -- July 20, 1972, Paris


  41. That is the business of leader: He must be himself always enthusiastic and inspire others to be always enthusiastic. Then he is real leader.Letter to: Trai -- Bombay December 27, 1972

  42. If under changing conditions I lose my enthusiasm, if I cannot endure the difficulties of my duty, therefore I go away -- then how I can be leader?Letter to: Satsvarupa -- Vrindaban 5 November, 1972

  43. Enthusiasm and patience, these things required.Letter to: Satsvarupa -- Vrindaban 5 November, 1972


  45. Take the best, first-class, perfect leader: Krsna. Then you'll be happy. Otherwise it is not possible. Srimad-Bhagavatam 7.12.4 -- Bombay, April 15, 1976

  46. Here is Krsna, the perfect leader, and they're going this side, that leader, that leader, that leader. Why?Morning Walk -- March 29, 1974, Bombay

  47. We are following Krsna. He does not commit mistake, He is not illusioned, His senses are not imperfect, and He does not cheat. Morning Walk -- December 12, 1973, Los Angeles

  48. The perfect leader is there, His instruction is there, in all fields of life, any field of life. And ultimately spiritual realization.Morning Walk -- March 29, 1974, Bombay

  49. If you learn from Krsna you become perfect leader. But we do not take Krsna's instruction. We manufacture our own ideas. Room Conversation with Mr. Tombe (M.L.A.) -- December 25, 1976, Bombay