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Unit 4 What’s the best movie theater?

Unit 4 What’s the best movie theater?. Section B 1a-1e. 齐齐复习,齐齐笑: 你还记得下列词的 比较级 和 最高级吗 ?. A. calm thick light cool warm quiet wild. + er (the) + est. B: heavy easy tidy dry

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Unit 4 What’s the best movie theater?

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  1. Unit 4 What’s the best movie theater? Section B 1a-1e

  2. 齐齐复习,齐齐笑: 你还记得下列词的比较级 和最高级吗?

  3. A. calm thick light cool warm quiet wild + er (the) + est

  4. B:heavy easy tidy dry busy happy healthy hungry early – er --- (the) est y -- i

  5. sunny rainy cloudy foggy snowy – er y -- i --- (the) est

  6. C: large late nice -- r -- st D: big bigger--biggest hot hotter--hottest thin “双写” thinner--thinnest wet wetter--wettest fat fatter--fattest

  7. Adj. and Adv. good better best well worse worst bad ill many more most much farther farthest far little less least

  8. Adjective delicious dangerous interesting popular beautiful careful friendly more ~ the most ~

  9. 1. good 2. comfortable 3. big 4. happy 5. cheap 6. many 7. difficult 8. little 9. friendly 写出下列单词的比较级和最高级

  10. 1. good better best 2. comfortable more ~ most ~ 3. big bigger biggest 4. happy happier happiest 5. cheap cheaper cheapest 6. many more most 7. difficult more ~ most ~ 8. little less least 9. friendly friendlier friendliest

  11. ⑴没有比较用原级,两者相比比较级, 三者以上最高级。 Very 词后原级, Than句子比较级, The字在前最高级, 碰上of 和in短语,千万别忘最高级。 ⑵ 名称 范围 标志词原级 =1 Very,so比较级 =2 Than最高级 =3 In,of短语

  12. Warming up • Which is the closest river from our school? • What is the longest wall in the world? • Which season is the hottest in Longhui? • Which is the heaviest animal on the land? • What is the best movie theater in Longhui? • which is the most difficult subject for you? close-closer-closest heavy-heavier-heaviest long-longer-longest good-better-best hot- hotter- hottest difficult -more difficult -most difficult

  13. Brainstorming …is the best/worst actor/athlete/singer/performer …is the most boring TVshow/person …is the most delicious food …is the quietest/loudest person …is the funniest person …is the most creativeperson …is the serious person …is the… I know.

  14. fat  thin thin

  15. tall tall short 

  16. small small big 

  17. 1a Write these words and phrases next to their opposites in the chart. funniest most creative quietest best most creative quietest best funniest

  18. 2 Talent show Who do you think is the …performer? 1 3

  19. talent n. 天资;天赋 e.g. a school talent show 一场学校的才艺表演 Who is got talent? 谁有天赋 America’s Got Talent 美国达人秀 China’s Got Talent 中国达人秀 talent

  20. 1c Listen to people talking about the school talent show. Match the pictures with the performers. 演员;演出者;演奏者 d a e c b

  21. 1c. Match the pictures with the performers. Names Eliza Vera Steve Dennis The math teachers Vera 5.________ Steve 1.________ The math teachers Dennis Eliza 3.________ 4.________ 2.________

  22. The funniest The most creative The worst The loudest

  23. Who was the best performer? Eliza was the best performer.

  24. 1e Ask and answer quickly A: Who was the best performer? B: Eliza was the best performer. A: Who was the funniest performer? B: Steve was the funniest performer. A: Who was the most creative performer? B: Vera was the most creative performer. A: Who was the worst performer? B: Dennis was the worst performer. A: Who was the loudest performer? B: The math teachers were the loudestperformers.

  25. Show yourself bravely! I could be ordinary. I could be the one. 我可以是平凡的. 我可以是任何人.

  26. Talk about the school talent show. Who do you think was the … perform. Talk Show best excellent great funniest most creative worst terrible loudest In last week’s school talent show, I think Eliza was the best performer, she is an excellent piano payer, she is great. Steve with the dog was the funniest. Vera was the most creative, I don’t know many people who can play the guitar upside down. I think Dennis was the worst performer. He was terrible. He can’t juggle at all. And the math teachers were the loudest in the show.

  27. Best In Class Who is the most serious teacherin our class? Who is the fastest runner in our class? Who is the loudest singer in our class? Who is the most interesting writer in our class? Who is the most talented dancer in our class? Who is the worst at P.E. in our class? Who is the best chess player in our class?

  28. 一. Choose the best answer. 1. Paul is very _______ . He is ________ than his brother . A. heavy --- heavier B. heavy --- heavy C. heavier --- heavier D. heavy---heavyer 2. It has the ________ clothing store in the town. A. goodest B. gooddest C. best D. better 3. This ruler is ____ than that one. A. long B. longer C. the longest D. longest 4. This book is ____ of all. A. cheapest B. cheap D. cheaper D. the cheapest 5. He is much ____ than his brother. A. taller B. tall C. the tallest D. tallest 6. Li Lei is ____ older than Lucy. A. quite B. very C. much D. more

  29. 7. This is one of ____ films of this year. A. more exciting B. exciting C. the most exciting D. most exciting 8. The weather in Beijing is colder than_____. A. in Guangzhou B. Guangzhou C. that in Guangzhou D. that from Guangzhou 9. Tom is ____ of the two boys. A. taller B. tallest C. the taller D. the tallest 10. Of my parents, my father looks_____. A.old B. older C. the oldest D. the older 11. This watch is ____ than that one. A. much expensive B. expensiver C. more expensiver D. more expensive

  30. 二. 用括号中形容词的适当形式填空。 1. I am very _______. But Tom is ____________ than I . Frank is _________________. (tired) 2. Which is _____________ (difficult), physics or biology ? 3. This book is ________ than the other two . It is ____________of the three . (easy) 4. In summer it’s _______ (hot) in Wu Han than in Beijing . 5. The Chinese people have a much _______ (good)life now . more tired tired the most tired more different easier the easiest hotter better

  31. 三. 填空: earlier 1. Lily gets up __________ (early) than Lucy. 2. Which goes ______________ (slowly), Tom or Jim? 3.This book is _____________________ (interesting) than than one. more slowly more interesting 4. She works ____________________(careful) in her school. 5. Who goes to bed ____________ (late) Jim, Tom or Jack? 6. I think turkey is ______________________ (delicious) of all. the most carefully the latest the most delicious

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