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Winning Teacher of the Year is Your “Window of Opportunity” PowerPoint Presentation
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Winning Teacher of the Year is Your “Window of Opportunity”

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Winning Teacher of the Year is Your “Window of Opportunity” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Winning Teacher of the Year is Your “Window of Opportunity”. Some people are born into leadership . . . Some people were simply born to lead . . . . . . and some people are chosen by their peers for leadership . . . Congratulations!. You are a Teacher Leader.

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You are a Teacher Leader

and you were thinking but i just want to stay in my classroom and work with my students
. . . and you were thinking, “but I just want to stay in my classroom and work with my students . . .”

. . . but your name is in the paper. Your picture is on the wall. Now, the parents, the PTSA, the District Office, the School Improvement Council, the School Board, the press, the administration, the legislators . . . they all want to know,

“What do YOU think about education?”


In the coming year you will be “The Teachers’ Voice” and you have the opportunity to be an important force for education.

some activities from this year
Some activities from this year . . .
  • Hosted speakers to enhance our understanding of educational issues
  • Created a county-wide Teacher of the Year selection process
  • Helped organize the Georgetown County School District’s Night at the Ballgame
  • Empowered teachers by working to create the “Show What We Know” professional development days
georgetown county teacher forum
Georgetown County Teacher Forum
  • give recognition to the district wide teachers of the year
  • give teachers a voice in educational issues at all levels
  • attract and retain the most effective teachers for our students
  • impact the professional development of teachers in our district.

The Power of a Leader

True leaders are not those who strive to be the first,but those who are the first to strive,and who give their all for the success of the team.

True leaders are first to see need, envision the plan, and empower the team for action.

By the strength of the leader's commitment, the power of the team is unleashed.