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precipitation n.
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  1. Precipitation By,Haley P., Connor, and Luis

  2. Clouds • Clouds are made by precipitation.To form a cloud you need water.You can find lots of different clouds.There are many different types of clouds.

  3. Sea “If there was no sea then there would be no precipitation and if there was no precipitation there would be no water.” That’s why the sea is important. The sea is very important. The sea is great in many ways. The sea has a lot of living creatures. An Angeler fish has a light on its head to attract and hunt prey. There are more than twenty thousand fish in the sea. Some fish have a cartilage for their bones and some fish have regular bones for their bodies.

  4. winter Winter is precipitation. Our opinion is that winter is fun. Snow can make an avalanche. The most dangerous avalanche is the slab avalanche. The slab avalanche happens on mountain tops. The avalanche can stay in place but if it is disturbed, it will fall. It has some properties of a liquid and some of a solid. Winter can be very dangerous.

  5. Snow • Snow Is frozen water. If it is 30 degrees or lower water freezes. Snow crystals turn in to snow flakes. When someone sits or lays on very hard ice it does not break and it is very uncomfortable. There are no snow flakes alike. Once a snow flake comes to earth it starts losing its shape. When it is warmer the snow flake is softer. When it is colder it is harder and a little spiky.There are different kinds of avalanches. You can do different kinds of sports with snow. You can not have an avalanche without any snow. Snow is found in many places but not in the desert.

  6. Water Water is sticky liquid.Have you ever wondered how water helps you live? Well it helps you live because it is a liquid. Did you know that there is a type of water called groundwater? What is fresh water?Fresh water is salt water. It comes from oceans all over the world. Water keeps you healthy and moving and it also helps you live. Water is great for you. Water can make floods happen. Water can destroy paper.

  7. Water cycle After it rains, water goes in the drains and through the pipes and then it goes out into lakes and the ocean. When the sun warms the water, it evaporates and rises as water vapor into the clouds. Then the clouds start to get heavy and when the drops get too heavy, they fall as rain. Then the water cycle starts all over again! That’s why it’s called a cycle!

  8. Rain • Some rain is very dangerous, like hail. Water evaporates it goes in to the clouds after it evaporates and falls as rain. Water can travel from place to place on Earth. Water is very important.

  9. Floods • Floods happen with water. Floods happen when the earth does not have enough room to absorb all of the rain that falls. Some floods are good. Floods can poison people. They are common in the spring. Dams hold back water from lakes and keep the land from flooding. Dams help us so that there will not be floods.

  10. Hail • Hail is frozen water that falls from clouds. Thewater gets frozen in the clouds and then it falls as hail. Hail can be big sometimes when it storms. Hail doesn‘t just fall, it destroys too.

  11. Ice Ice is made by water and when it is frozen it is called ice. Sometimes when ice falls it destroys.

  12. Storms • Storms are very dangerous. Some storms can cause thunder and lighting.

  13. We hope You likedour Precipitation Project. We really hope you enjoyed it. BYE! Haley P., Connor, and Luis