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Presented By Tina Stoecker AIFD PFCI

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Everyday Inspirations. Presented By Tina Stoecker AIFD PFCI. Design…Service….Sales. Simple accents that add pizzazz to the bread and butter designs . Imaginative ways to increase your sales of Everyday Inspirations . Suffering from Slow Sales?. Banding.

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presented by tina stoecker aifd pfci

Everyday Inspirations

Presented By

Tina Stoecker AIFD PFCI

design service sales
  • Simple accents that add pizzazz to the bread and butter designs
  • . Imaginative ways to increase your sales of Everyday Inspirations
  • Process of using a decorative material like ribbon or wire to encircle a stem or stems in one or more precise rings. (ACCENT)
  • DECORATIVE process of interweaving three or more strands of fiber, ribbon or foliage.
  • The process of rolling back the petals of a flower, such as a rose or tulip, to create a larger or more open appearance.
  • Completely encircling a

flower, a bouquet or the

edge of a container with

foliage or other decorative

materials, creating a

finished appearance.


The process of CLUSTERING rounded or dome-shaped flowers or

other materials into a tightly organized PATTERN of placement in a

composition. Clusters may range from low, tight groupings used for

basing to taller more prominent

mounds. The result is a

cushion base which

resembles clouds, pillows

or rolling hills, with depressions

in between. Pillowing

emphasizes the colors,

textures and shape of the

whole group rather than the

individual flowers.


Using linear branches or

flowers to showcase the

materials within. Framing

outlines and defines

Space and typically

calls attention to the

Focal Area.

direct mail
Direct Mail
  • New Account Letter
  • Post Cards
  • Catalogs
  • Birthday & Anniversary Reminders
  • Holiday Reminders
new account letter
New Account Letter
  • Creating Customer Loyalty
  • Started in 1989…single most business building direct mail.
  • Keeps them away from the Yellow Pages
  • Always reminds them to purchase flowers
  • Highlight Special Services
  • Activation stimulated by special offer.
  • 70 sent out weekly
  • 2% Purchase immediately!
  • Send within a week
anniversary birthday reminders
Anniversary & Birthday Reminders
  • 42% Response Rate
  • Mail Merge Letter – Postcards Failed
  • Return Address
  • Date Under Stamp
  • Create for the Year
  • 9 Days Optimum Timing
holiday reminders
Holiday Reminders
  • Mail Merge from Order Data Base
  • 37% Response Rate
  • Early Order Incentive
  • 14 Days Out

Layering light or

delicate materials

such as bear

grass, plumosus,

metallic threads,

angel hair…etc

over or in front of

other, more solid components of a design.


Positioning like materials

in a stair-step fashion,

creating spaced


Terracing is used to achieve

depth within a composition

and is frequently employed

as a basing technique.

  • The close placements of one material directly behind or beneath the primary material, giving a three-dimensional appearance and enhancing the sense of depth. Shadowing results in the suggestion that the first material I being echoed or reflected by the second.

The functional process of tying or securing materials together with a binding material such as wire, ribbon or string. Binding may also serve a decorative purpose.

email marketing
Email Marketing
  • Birthday & Anniversary Reminders
    • Inexpensive Way to remind
    • Easy Link to order 24 Hours
  • Monthly Special
    • Catchy Phrasing
  • Quarterly Newsletter
    • How To’s
    • Offer Special Only Available thru email
    • Short ….Very Short
email campaign everyday
Email Campaign Everyday

24.6% Open Rate

Generated 17 Orders

email newsletter
Email Newsletter

34.1% Open Rate

Generated 32 Orders

email holiday
Email Holiday

32.8% Open Rate

Generated 65 orders


Identical materials arranged within a specific

limited area, with each material maintaining

Its individual identity.

Some amount of

SPACE typically exists

between each

separate group


The process of turning or directing a flower head in a particular way so as to increase interest and visual movement within a design.


Placing one or more

materials over or around

the others in a

composition, lightly

enclosing the materials

within. Sheltering creates an impression of

protection and gives greater depth to a



Covering a single stem or

a bundle of stems from

end to end with a

decorative materials

such as ribbon, raffia or



The process of isolating like materials within their own specific area(s).

everyday inspirations

Everyday Inspirations

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