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Presented by. IN THE BUSINESS OF. SAVING LIVES. No . 1 KILLER of children in developed countries. WHAT MAKES US RELEVANT. 1 in 6 Singaporeans are diagnosed with a blood disease such as leukaemia or lymphoma every day. STRIKES ANYONE irrespective of general health, age or race.

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  3. No. 1 KILLERof children in developed countries WHAT MAKES US RELEVANT 1 in 6Singaporeans are diagnosed with a blood disease such as leukaemia or lymphoma every day STRIKES ANYONEirrespective of general health, age or race

  4. 1 in 4chance a sibling can provide that life-saving match WHAT MAKES US RELEVANT SURVIVAL LOOKS BLEAKmany patients require a bone marrow transplant to survive and this means finding a matching donor 1 in 20,000odds of finding a match in the general population

  5. BMDP builds and manages SINGAPORE’S ONLY Register of volunteer donors and provides a 365-day service to the local transplant hospitals to find the donors their patients need to survive

  6. BUILD AND MANAGESingapore’s ONLY Register of volunteer donors WHAT WE DO FIND DONORSwork for the local hospitals finding a matching donor for their patients COUNSEL AND INFORMATIONfor patients and donors on Bone Marrow Transplants

  7. DONOR ADVOCACYfrom Confirmatory Typing to Blood Stem Cell Harvest TRANSPLANT SERVICES MATCH PATIENTS WITH DONORS365 day service to the transplant hospitals to identify a donor - locally or in our global network – for patients GLOBAL COURIERSvolunteer couriers providing door to door delivery of Bone Marrow and Blood Stem Cells

  8. THE SEARCH PROCESS International Register Pushing Search Out Globally Returning Results A MATCH IS FOUND LOCAL TRANSPLANT HOSPITALS Search Requests BMDP Register • Confirmatory Typing • Donor Harvest • Donor Workup • Activate international Couriersto hand-carry stem cells to the hospital BMDP manages 45 requests each month

  9. RAISE AWARENESSwhy Singapore needs a donor register BUILDING THE REGISTER RECRUIT 5,000 DONORS A YEAR the more donors on the register, the better the chances of survival for the patients PARTNER THE CORPORATE SECTOR help us reach a defined audience and host donor recruitment drives

  10. THE BONE MARROW DONOR PROGRAMME receivesNO GOVERNMENT FUNDING TRANSPLANTSare becoming the preferred treatment for these common diseases so OUR WORK IS ABSOLUTELY VITAL PLEASE HELP US –play your part to SAVE LIVES


  12. FUNDRAISINGPartner us for staff engagement activities with a community focus CORPORATE SPONSORSHIP ADOPT The BMDP as your preferred charity Local Relevance, Global Impact SPONSOR Our Annual Fundraising Gala – celebrating 20 years in 2013

  13. CORPORATE SPONSORS Young NTUC Drew & Napier Google


  15. VOLUNTEERwe need more volunteers to help our donor recruitment PERSONAL COMMITMENT SIGN UP AS A DONOR and bring some friends BE A “FRIEND OF THE BMDP” become a REGULAR financial sponsor


  17. Its perfectly natural to be afraid but when it comes to saving a life, THERE'S NOTHING TO BE AFRAID OF. Saad, 26PATIENT’S BROTHER

  18. IT’S A GIFT OF LIFEthat she gave to me. Ng Yi Yong, 31PATIENT

  19. After the procedure, your life is back to normal but to someone else, YOUR DONATION HAS CHANGED THEIR LIFE Shalini Nair, 26 DONOR

  20. There WON'T BE A SECOND CHANCE FOR THEM to find another donor. Most of the time, It’s just you. Ng Chin Sheng, 33DONOR

  21. www.bmdp.org

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