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PLM Summit Meeting February 28 – March 1, 2005 PowerPoint Presentation
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PLM Summit Meeting February 28 – March 1, 2005

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PLM Summit Meeting February 28 – March 1, 2005 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PLM Summit Meeting February 28 – March 1, 2005 Introductions Agenda Review Bob Grossman President, R. Grossman and Associates An independent consulting firm specializing in electronic security products and projects Bob Grossman President, R. Grossman and Associates

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Presentation Transcript
bob grossman

Bob Grossman

President, R. Grossman and Associates

An independent consulting firm specializing in electronic security products and projects

bob grossman4

Bob Grossman

President, R. Grossman and Associates

An independent consulting firm specializing in electronic security products and projects

r grossman and associates

R. Grossman and Associates


American Fibertek


SyPixx Networks

Visionary Solutions



Bristol-Myers Squibb

Foxwoods Casino Resort

Mystic Lake Casino

U.S. Postal Service

U.S. Forest Service

bob grossman6

Bob Grossman

  • Tyco/Sensormatic
    • Director, Product Line Management
    • Senior Manager, Technical Services (Tech Support, Applications)
    • Senior Project Manager, Advanced Systems Design
  • Vicon
    • Vice President, Technical Services, Inside Sales, Customer Services, Product Line Management
  • Bally’s
    • Communications and Electronics Manager
    • Entertainment Technical Director
  • Start on time
  • Participation from all
  • Laptops OK if you can pay attention
  • Phones and pagers off
  • Scribe documents action items
  • Timekeeper keeps us on schedule
  • Collector keeps track of follow up material
  • Group dinner tonight, time permitting
plm group
PLM Group

A focused team of professionals, working together to specify a portfolio of products. Each product does exactly what the customer needs, and the collection is greater than the sum of it’s parts.

Product Line Management

plm responsibilities
PLM responsibilities
  • Evaluating available technologies
  • Defining market needs
  • Determining likelihood of success
  • Defining product specifications
  • Communicating product status
  • Managing deadlines
  • Product launch responsibilities
  • Sustaining and eliminating products (refreshing product line)
evaluating available technologies
Evaluating Available Technologies
  • Outside our own industry
  • Products ahead of the “commodity” curve
    • Consumer DVR’s
    • Digital photography
    • Personal computers
    • Broadcast television
    • Voice recognition
    • Telecommunications
evaluating available technologies16
Evaluating Available Technologies
  • Report Card?
  • We focus on our own industry
    • Trade Shows
      • CES, NAB, InfoComm, PC Expo, AES, Comdex)
    • Trade Publications for other industries
    • Specialized Consumer Publications
    • General Interest Publications
defining market needs
Defining Market Needs
  • Not “What the customer wants.”
  • What the customer will buy.
  • Familiarity and Innovation together
    • Avoiding “me too” products
  • Technology products are generally “top down”
defining market needs18
Defining Market Needs
  • Report Card?
  • Few internal resources
  • External Resources have strong bias
    • For and Against
  • Personal Resources
    • Dealers and end users
    • Friends and associates
    • Fellow PLM Team Members
determine likelihood of success
Determine Likelihood of Success
  • Can we reach the target customer?
    • Do we have the appropriate sales channel?
    • Is the sales channel interested?
    • Is the market already well served?
  • Why will they choose us?
determine likelihood of success20
Determine Likelihood of Success
  • Report Card?
  • Good idea versus practical idea
  • “BS Filter”
define product specifications
Define Product Specifications
  • Features, Form Factor, Functionality
    • Driven by previously mentioned factors
    • Clearly defined
    • Cost/Benefit Analysis
    • You can’t please everybody, but you can please nobody.
define product specifications22
Define Product Specifications
  • Report Card?
  • More focus on installability and usability
    • Radio Shack test
    • Interconnectivity
define product specifications24
Define Product Specifications
  • Report Card?
  • More focus on installability and usability
    • Radio Shack test
    • Interconnectivity
  • Products must be smarter than our customers.
  • Know your target market
communicate status and manage deadlines
Communicate Status and manage deadlines
  • Clear map of progress
  • Buy in from constituents and customers
  • Adherence to a Strategic Plan
  • Consistent Message
communicate status and manage deadlines26
Communicate Status and manage deadlines
  • Report Card?
  • Departmental Documentation
    • Short Term – Release plan
    • Long Term – Product Strategy
  • Streamline Paperwork
    • Documents people want to read
    • Predict essential information to avoid last minute scrambles
  • Change emphasis
    • From “CYA” to “inform and build consensus”.
product launch
Product Launch
  • Assist groups in launch of product
  • Ensure the product is available
  • Ensure that others follow through as required
    • Training, support, applications, marketing
  • Trade Show Participation
product launch28
Product Launch
  • Report Card?
  • Personal stress level
    • There’s got to be a better way
  • Tighter links to other groups.
sustaining and eol
Sustaining and EOL
  • Ensure longest possible salability of product
    • Drive feature enhancements, cost reductions
    • Continually evaluate vendors
  • Eliminate Products that no longer make sense
  • Report Card?
  • Formalize Process
mixed product lines oem and internal development
Mixed Product Lines(OEM and Internal Development)
  • How do we reconcile a mixed product line?
  • Horizontal (product based) and Vertical (specialty based) tasking
    • Vendor relationships
    • Glueware
redistributing product lines
Redistributing Product Lines
  • Are we all handling the product lines we want to handle?
  • Do we all have the right amount of work?
  • Should we periodically switch off product lines to cross-train and bring experience gained in one product line to another?
identifying needed resources
Identifying Needed Resources
  • Do we have the right people in the right places?
  • Where do we need to add people to ensure success?
communications issues
Communications Issues
  • How can we work effectively as a group while spread out across geographies?
  • How much communication is needed?
  • Are we wasting time overcommunicating?
market overview
Market Overview

Electronic Security Market

Demand/Sales ($US Billion)

market overview37
Access Control


Systems Integration


Fire Alarm

Burglar Alarms

Home Automation Biometrics

Central Station Monitoring

Market Overview

Electronic Security Market

market overview38
Market Overview

Electronic Security Market

Revenue by Type of Business

Source: Security Sales & Integration, January 2005

market overview39
Market Overview

Average number of annual installations (per dealer)

* Commercial

Source: Security Sales & Integration, 2004 Annual Business Report

market overview40
Market Overview

Decision Makers

Source: Access Control & Security Systems Integration Magazine, December 2000

market overview41
Market Overview

Top End-User Security Issues for 2005

Source: J.P. Freeman, 2005

market survey
Market Survey

When choosing a new product to install, what factors are most important to you?

Source: Security Sales & Integration, June 2002

market overview43
Market Overview

Actual and Projected IP Camera Adoption by Manufacturer and End User

Source: J.P. Freeman Co. 2004

market survey44
Market Survey

What features do your customers demand the most?

Source: Security Sales & Integration, February 2005

market survey45
Market Survey

If you could improve one thing about your primary security equipment vendor, what would it be?

Source: Security Sales & Integration, February 2005

market survey46
Market Survey

How neutral do you believe your distributor is in recommending products?

Source: Security Sales & Integration, February 2005


Market Opportunity

IP Functionality





Market Opportunity

  • IP Functionality
    • Hybrid Systems
    • Clustered Architecture
    • Performance moving up the user pyramid
    • Integration is an issue for customers

Market Opportunity

  • Integration
    • Many use lowest common denominator (“it works”)
    • Sell related systems
    • Bundling works!
    • Applications support

Market Opportunity

  • Infrastructure
    • IP or UTP?
    • Is coax fading?
    • Fiber Optic back to a specialty.
    • Wireless

Market Opportunity

  • Inexpensive
    • Tremendous market at low end
    • “Good Enough”
    • Applications assistance
    • Confidence in product