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Singularity University Summit Europe Presentation PowerPoint Presentation
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Singularity University Summit Europe Presentation

Singularity University Summit Europe Presentation

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Singularity University Summit Europe Presentation

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  1. What is Singularity University (SU)? What is Singularity University (SU)? Singularity University is a unique interdisciplinary, international and intercultural experience, which challenges current and future leaders to use transformative, exponential technologies to address grand challenges. Singularity University’s campus is based at the NASA Ames Research Park in the heart of Silicon Valley.

  2. What is the SU Summit Europe ? What is SU SUMMIT EUROPE? Singularity University will spark a public discourse on the role of technology in the future

  3. ? What has changed … what companies have emerged? The Singularity University (SU) Summit Europe will bring the best of the SU classroom: showcasing what has changed in the world of exponential technology and what companies have emerged from SU Labs over the last 12 months.

  4. Preliminary Program How exponential technologies impact your business? Day 1 Day 2 Accelerating Societal & Economic Disruption In a world of shortened product cycles, how do legacy enterprises and governance structures cope when technology is accelerating away from us? The Future of Medicine and Healthcare Breakthrough developments ranging from 3D printing to organ regeneration, from point- of-care lab-on-a chip diagnostics to large-scale bioinformatics Breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence & Robotics Robotic surgery, autonomous vehicles, personal robot assistants – how new breakthroughs are expected to transform various aspects of your company or industry Future of Security & Technology Convergence Criminal applications of robotics, evil A.I., bio-hacking. Are you going to be a disruptor or you will be disrupted? How can you leverage exponentials to pivot in your business?

  5. Preliminary Program Why you should attend? ▪ Locate the biggest market opportunities for your business Locate ▪ Learn where emerging technologies are converging and apply an inter-disciplinary framework for understanding new developments. Learn ▪ Investigate the implications of disruptive technologies and their impact to your industry Investi- gate ▪ Understand the critical concepts that will enable you to keep pace with the biggest ideas in transformative technologies over the next few years. Under- stand ▪ Explore the key breakthroughs in each technology space you should watch for in the next decade. Explore

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