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November Fitness Challenge

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November Fitness Challenge - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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November Fitness Challenge By the Advanced Exercise Physiology Class David Rogers Traci Stone Nick Drey Erica Davis Andrea Kjar Brenda Dozler What is the November Fitness Challenge?

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november fitness challenge

November Fitness Challenge

By the Advanced Exercise Physiology Class

David Rogers Traci Stone Nick Drey

Erica Davis Andrea Kjar Brenda Dozler

what is the november fitness challenge
What is the November Fitness Challenge?
  • The Advanced Exercise Physiology class would like to see all faculty and staff members in the School of Natural and Social Sciences increase their levels of physical activity
november fitness challenge overview
November Fitness Challenge Overview
  • Each participant will keep a daily log of physical activity
  • Weekly totals will be collected and posted
  • Prizes will be awarded at the end for several categories
  • Participants will develop new habits or strengthen current physical activity habits
when is the november fitness challenge
When is the November Fitness Challenge?
  • November 1st through November 30th
who can participate in the november fitness challenge
Who can participate in the November Fitness Challenge?
  • Any Natural or Social Science faculty or staff member
  • This includes
    • full time faculty
    • part time faculty
    • adjunct faculty
    • professional staff
    • support staff
    • graduate assistants
how do i log my activity
How do I log my activity?
  • Daily log sheets will be e-mailed to all school employees
  • You may record your activity using the computer or print a hardcopy and record manually
  • Each Friday you will e-mail / campus mail your log sheets to
fitness log sheet





Fitness Log Sheet

NAME ____________________ DEPARTMENT ____________________

what counts as physical activity
What counts as physical activity?
  • All school employees will be e-mailed a complete listing of acceptable activities along with each activity’s point value
  • If you have an activity that is not on the list, Tammy Evetovich will be responsible for determining what the point value will be, if any.
why should i participate
Why should I participate?
  • decrease stress
  • increase energy levels
  • decrease blood pressure
  • decrease cholesterol levels
  • strengthen the immune system
  • increase concentration levels
why should i participate cont
Why should I participate? (cont.)
  • increase metabolism rate
  • increase bone density
  • increase strength
  • decrease risk of injury from falls
  • lose weight
  • look better
  • feel better
why should i participate cont11
Why should I participate? (cont.)
  • clothes fit better
  • time for yourself
  • time to socialize
  • get away from the daily grind
  • try new things
  • meet new people
  • start a new hobby
prize categories
Prize Categories
  • Team with highest total number of points
  • Team with highest percentage of participants
    • total participants / total eligible participants
  • Overall individual with most points
prize categories cont
Prize Categories (cont.)
  • Full-time person with most points
  • Part-time person with most points
  • Adjunct person with most points
  • Staff person with most points
  • Graduate Assistant with most points
  • Most points for a previously sedentary person
suggestions to get started
Suggestions to get started
  • Check with your physician if you have any questions before starting an exercise program
  • Health history
  • Par Q (on-line)
  • Suggested progression program online if you are previously sedentary
where can i get started
Where can I get started?
  • WSC Rec Center
    • Indoor track
    • Free weights
    • Nautilus weights
    • Steppers, elliptical runners, bikes
    • Swimming Pool
    • Racquet ball courts
    • Basketball / volleyball / pickle ball / badminton courts
    • Evening aerobics classes (water, step, yoga)
where can i get started16
Where can I get started?
  • Personal Trainers
    • Practicum II students (Kelly Heithold – 375-7304)
  • Senior Wellness Program
    • 55 years and older
  • Noon Hour Aerobics
    • Practicum II
    • 12:00-12:50 Mondays and Wednesdays